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Epitaph of Destruction, Chapter III: Meeting
Posted By: Insomnia<karsinogen@gmail.com>
Date: 19 July 2005, 3:27 am

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Ninth Age of Reclamation, The Avatar of Wisdom/ On Planet Kanaii, Council of Masters Headquarters, Esymarco System

      Thunder and lightning roiled overhead as the black storm swept across the bulbous tower of the Council of Masters headquarters on the jungle planet of Kanaii. The dense jungle landscape was present around the tower, since the structure had a clearing of trimmed grass and elegant plants that lined the rows of a marble walkway that led to the spotless purple bulding that was protected by a planetary shield, which encompassed the entire planet and its cities.

      However, Overseer 'Omnamamee and two of the guardians had enough authority to pass the planets shield system, and its accompanied small forcefield of Capital Ships that orbited above, that spanned from every Covenant held planet in the Galaxy.

      The Phantom dropped off its passengers, the Overseer and two guardians in black clad armor, with silver trim in secondary areas of the brilliant armor. They began a quick paced walk through the torrential rain that ensued. Identification was shown to the two sentry outside, and the doors opened.

      Inside the complex was warmth, familiar faces, and the efficient waterproof roof shielding the structure from the downpour outside. To 'Xafomee, this was home, even though it was a military headquarters.

      'Omnamamee ignored every sign of respect the gold-clad officers gave him and continued his walk to the meeting room, which was made of fused glass, from the worlds conquered from their legions. The table in the centered hovered exactly one unit off the ground, and padded chairs were organized across the room.

      'Xafomee escorted the Overseer to his seat, listening to the downpour hitting the ancient glass above as three officers entered the room in pure white armor. Armada Commanders the Black Field Marshal pondered as they took their seats silently. They murmured to themselves over why they were sent to this meeting. Armada Commander 'Naromee had a particular dislike for anyone that was in command over him, despite his excellent tactics which kept him on the board in the first place.

      Armada Commander 'Sternomee was clean, sharp, and a well-kept officer that obeyed rules to the highest of traditions, but when battle began, he became very overworked over different things, throwing off his skill. The other high ranking officer, Armada Commander 'Qwendaromee had a particular hate for other races than the Sangheili, which got him in trouble alot.

      An officer in ruby red armor entered, the Command Field Marshal, head of the Covenant Ground Forces talking to his Sapphire armored counterpart, the Naval Commandant of the ship based forces overhead, and every Covenant ship in space.

      Countless other high ranking officers, including Ver 'Kateramee, who had been promoted to Grand Field Master for his work on Earth, entered as the downpour rang on the glass overhead in a single note that kept 'Xafomee at high alert.

      'Omnamamee mentioned to the Guardians. "Keep an eye on them. Their greed and power makes them heretics at times." He whispered.

      'Omnamamee began the meeting as the light in the room dimmed, only lit up by the white lightning outside and the inevitable crack of thunder following it. A hologram flared to life, and displayed three Covenant ships patrolling the Tau Ceti system edge.

      "Council of Masters. You have been gathered here because of a threat that is not native to our galaxy. They have shown their strength, and in turn, we shall give them a war-"

      The overseer was interrupted by the rude and arrogant 'Naromee. "You think of them as an honorable foe? What are you thinking?"

      'Xafomee felt a dragon of hatred build inside of him and gulped it down, submitting it. He stepped forward, shooting a glance dangerous glance at the fool that could have broken a ship's shields. The silver glint on his helmet accompanied by the leviathan black made the nervous officer sink down in his seat.

      The overseer continued as if he didn't hear the comment. "They have ambushed three ships one hundred and twenty cycles ago." The hologram changed to a circular ship with tentacles floating attatched to its core. A black vacuum appeared on its surface as a plasma torpedo approached it -
And the gaping black mouth enveloped the red superheated vapor in a single motion.

      "This is its protection," he said as the hologram changed to zoom in to the ship. Little worm-like creatures spread out across its surface seemed to generate the vacuum. "It is very formidable, and we must work at its weakness, which our Hurag-"

      'Omnamamee was cut off midsentence again by the same troublemaker who thought embarrasing himself once was not enough.

      "So, you think they are superior to us in every way? By the gods, you are a fool." He snorted.

      "That is enough you scumbag. I will have you killed if you dare to insult me in front of my lesser ranking officers."

      The other laughed. "You think that will work? The priest thinks I am too high of a rank to dispose of you insignificant coward. How dare you command us like this, when you are less of an elder than we are?"

      'Xafomee's dragon of rage succumbed again, but if it happened again, he would let it loose.

      'Omnamamee pretended that never happened as he continued with his briefing. "This threat will be dealt with like they dealt with us. We were caught off guard and we will do the same to them."

      Grand Field Master 'Kateramee asked a question. "What do these aliens call themselves, and why did they attack us?"

      'Omnamamee replied. "A spy was sent in the same region where the attack was made. The ship was there, and they transmitted a message to the debris of the ship, which was picked up." He jestered to the hologram.

      "We are the Yuuzhan Vong, the Wrath of the Gods." The voice emanated cold and harsh, laden with hatred.

      'Naromee replied harshly. "This is not possible. You made this up to keep us occupied, you heretic!" His stubborn finger pointed accusingly at the overseer.

      'Xafomee's dragon of rage escaped and let loose like a wildfire in his mind. 'Xafomee jumped and threw the other onto the ground, than raised him into the air, by the neck. His Energy Sword came to life with a flick and pointed at the heretics neck with utmost precision. 'Xafomee whispered harshly at 'Naromee. "You shall not ever insult the overseer like that again, and I will make sure you will not!"

      He flicked his blade off and walked over to his position flanking the Overseer. He nodded to him.

      "Begin preparing your fleets, all of you except 'Naromee. 'Eneremee will take your place you heretic."

      Two sentries at the door took the writhing Sangheili away as the meeting ended with utmost intensity.

      The Covenant Prepared for war again.