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Epitaph of Destruction, Chapter I: Conversation
Posted By: Insomnia<karsinogen@gmail.com>
Date: 1 July 2005, 3:49 am

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Ninth Age of Reclamation, The Heart of Will/ On Holy Planet "Esymarco", City of the Prophets

      'Omnamamee's shuttle made it's way onto the surface of the holiest planet in the galaxy, flanked by three Seraph fighters. The shuttles authority codes allowed immediate passage through the barrier of an estimated five thousand warships. The odd shuttle entered the troposphere of the planet as 'Omnamamee finished meditating among himself. The Priest of the Covenant is not very forgiving, and the slightest bit of news that he doesn't like means 'Omnamamee's life.

      'Omnamamee cleared the gravity lift of the shuttle, with two Special Operations soldiers in pure black armor. The only reason the Guardians did not occupy him is because they were too worn out, and 'Omnamamee's guardsmen needed to be at the top of their game.

      'Omnamamee's Armor glinted in the golden sunlight a shiny Platinum. A marble statue of an ancient prophet, the first priest of the Covenant stood with his arms raised in glory. 'Omnamamee cracked a smile as he recognised the power the Covenant had grown into, too powerful for anything in the galaxy. 'Omnamamee finished thinking when an Honor Guard Captain with two Honor Guards flanking him approached 'Omnamamee. "Greetings Overseer. I see you are here at Andadriüm, the capital of thre Covenant. State your buisness."

      'Omnamamee retorted quickly. "And I have to be questioned by a Captain like this? Mind you that you are a lesser in my eyes Honor Guard, despite the Decree of the Prophets. I will have you removed from rank if you speak in such a tone again!" The Overseer stepped towards the White Armored Captain, looking more deadly and his tone growing more menacing every second.

      "Heresy! I You Speak of the Prophets as if they are a lesser to you!" the Captain snapped back.

      'Omnamamee began laughing. "Captain, you really think I am a heretic? I led the Operation and Destroyed the Human race you pathetic infidel! I will have you hanged right now if you say another word!" 'Omnamamee snapped raucously.

      The Captain's inner strength came to a grinding halt. "My apologies Overseer. Forgive my irrational behavior, for I should not have acted in such a way being a Captain of the Guard of the Temple. Come, we shall see our glorious Priest now."

      'Omnamamee followed, and turned to one of his Guards and whispered, "If he does anything like that again, kill him."

      'Omnamamee observed the great statues and views of the Great walk to the temple of Andadriüm. The walkway was paved with glazed asphalt, in a shiny maroon color, smooth, and spotlessly clean, reflecting every action the Overseer did unto the reflective walkway. On both left and right, Sangheili Honor Guards of the Temple stood still, and their posture was perfectly rigid, perhaps because 'Omnamamee's authority was so powerful.

      The outside of the walkway was forbidden to every member of the Covenant, except the Priest. The great plains of Nan-Dhazdüm, a green prarie with lakes shining a brilliant blue, and Hagemini Trees sporouting plump Granda Fruit, the greatiest delecacy in all of the Covenant, in a golden layer in the shining green leaves moist with early morning dew. It was said on these plains that the Forerunners blessed the First Priest to overrule the Covenant in their stead.

      In the sky, Hundreds of Covenant warships drifted in low orbit , some docked with Gravity Lifts in Andadriüm, some in other cities, bust most orbiting the planet in an erraneous manner so that nothing that was not Covenant could hope to get through.

      'Omnamamee reached the location at last, a great door lighted by a bright red light, signaling the door was locked. The Honor Guard Captain pressed a series of codes into the holographic terminal, and the light that was red turned into a grass green. A massive rumble occured, and the doors slid apart soundlessly.

      As soon as he set foot in the chamber, he was awestruck with intracacies. Exotic plants, kinds he had never seen before, stood in ornate rows in pots. A blue chandelier, lit by bright blue electricity and plasma, was on top of the temple, providing lots of light into the the air.

      After being escorted into the council chamber, upon seeing sight of the being, 'Omnamamee bowed as low as he could without even looking. The Honor Guard Captain however, announced his prescence. "My Lord, Overseer 'Omnamamee has arrived."

      The High Priest of the Covenant, in White robes with Platinum underobes and Headpiece turned. The High Priest of Salvation was dressed in the finest clothing that any living being could ever hope to see, and the Priests face turned into a frown. "Guards, remove him, and kill him for speaking out of turn, Parade his corpse throughout the city, and let them know what happens when you speak out of turn.

      'Omnamamee tried as hard as he could not to look back, and smiled as he heard the heretic-like Captains pleas for mercy strewn across the chamber until he far away, and the door shut.

      "Overseer 'Omnamamee, rise my friend, and come closer," The Priests booming voice demanded, and 'Omnamamee obeyed, and came until he was thiry paces away from the grand throne of the Covenant. "Now tell me, why have you come here, and what have you to report to me?"

      'Omnamamee was quick to repond. "My lord, we have destroyed Earth, and the Human race. The High Prophet of Truth was there in the Forerunner Ship, the Ark I believe it is, and started attacking us. I deemed him as a Heretic, and he would not Surrender. We destroyed his Ship and the Ark, and recent intellegence confirms that we have destroyed the Sacred Icon to the Second Halo ring we discovered. However, I felt it had to be done. The Jiralhanae have been destroyed completely. I await my punishment with faith and honor."

      The council of the Temple screamed for 'Omnamamee's blood with outrageous vigor. He ignored them. "Truth would have killed all of you if he had the chance," 'Omnamamee barked. The Council still screamed.

      The High Priest of Salvation stood from his throune, his robes covering his legs and feet completely. "You will not be Punished Overseer. I see it that you have done great things to the completion of our Covenant, and you have destroyed Heretics that have been unknown to me for ages. High Charity and its fleets are in smolders then?"

      'Omnamamee replied. "Yes Excellency. The Parasite traveled there in a Human Ship. We destroyed it, and the Rebel Ships there. Also, our second Halo is still intact. The Demon, the one who killed the High Prophet of Regret, was aboard the Ark. He was also killed."

      "Hail the Victorius Dead!" The Priest said. "We have killed the Demon, and peace has been restored throughout our Empire. 'Omnamamee, go and Destroy the Jiralhanae homeworld and their traitorous race, and our Covenant will be nearly complete. Then we will continue searching for more artifacts. Let us commence!"

      "Yes my lord." 'Omnamamee said as he walked out of the Temple, the Council still screaming, until the Priest silenced them all with a threat. A great dilemma had been solved, and 'Omnamamee was spared.

      "And 'Omnamamee, do not fail me again." The Priest warned.

      'Omnamamee returned his warning with a low bow.