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Humanities First Hope part 2
Posted By: Imperorator_Jon<skioto311@yahoo.com>
Date: 13 September 2005, 1:57 am

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Authors note: making a part two hope you like it
Area: above unknown planet in orbit.
Time: 5:67 P.M.
       I was in the small shuttle when 12 \'\'Locust\'\' fighters that were flood versions of fighters started to fire \'organic\' shells made of metal fragments and held together by a strange organic glue. I then saw three of the highly classified \'\'Twinblade\'\' fighters break from the massacre on the flood and destroy the Flood fighters with their plasma cannons and Auttocannons that fired shells the size of your arm and could rip through almost anything. I then recived a transmition that read: attention Admiral Zankl we request that you land in hanger alpha. The fighters then entered formation and lead me to the hanger. The inside of the hanger was bustiling with Unggogy repair crews and Sangheli and Human search teams. I then proceded to the teleportation pad that was a new technology from all seven Halos being scavenged and having their technology copied and improved. I set a course for the bridge and had Page go to the Medical base in the ship. The bridge was filled with control pannels and one extremely large tac-holomap that displayed the battle with my ships as yellow and enemy ships as red with types and classifications on them.
       I jogged to the command chair and took control from the ship captain. I then checked for the system check and found that of the three hundred fighter bays 260 were operational and the rest were under repair or were forced to be shut off due to continous boarding attemps. I then saw that all 2,953 Plasma cannons were online and in full operation against the flood Battleship I was engaged with. I then saw that all munition facilities were in full operation and creating the new pinch-fusion missles that were amazing against flood ships because they keep on burining sections of the hull so they cannont be repaired until after a long time. I then checked and saw that all 47 reactors were online and suppling ample power for the ship.
       I then prepared to check the status of the battle and then saw 12 Flood battleships jumped in and were engaging the ship. I then had all of the pinch-fusion missles targeted on the new cluster of targets. When I fired and the missles hit there targets a miniature sun appeared over the Flood side of the battlefeild which vaporised most of the ships but the massive shockwave litteraly ripped the unsheilded vessals to shreds. I then activated another handy little feature that launched millions of small repair drones that started to repair the fleet from the wrecks they were. The fleet was soon repaired and when I activated the slipspace engines a sudden error appeared on the small screen meant for maintinance : Warning Fujikawa Slipspace generator sheilding offline please reactivate sheilding to allow Slipspace navigation.
       I then had enginering cancel maintenance on the generators to allow passage I then activated the generators for a second time and was able to travel to the Flood outpost in Jupiters alpha sector. When my fleet arived a massive blob appeared and it looked like part of an orbital platform connected to three different Battlecruisers and one massive orb absorbed the parts of many different ships. The outpost then opened fire but all of the rounds and plasma shots only knocked the sheild to 98% which by the readings from the leaking reactors would take another 10 minutes to fire again. I then prepared to fire three of the pinch-fusion missles which made the station europte in fire but a nearby ship rammed into the gap and it was instantly vaporised. I then prepared to se if there was any weak point and saw that the leaking reactors could be hit from a certain angle.But I had to use one of the remote control fighters and arm it with one of pinch-fusion missles. I then activated the remote view and saw the reactor complex was surrounded by small flood forms that would grow on the pannels covering them. The fighter then collided and I saw that parts of the base were torn off by the explosion and that the reactor was actualy connected to a series of power generators and salvaged nukes that turned half of the enemy fleet into scrap while the remainders were turned into orbiting trails of debris and comets. The Pillar of Auttom 2 was heavily damaged and I had to set it to orbit over Jupiters moon so I could begin repairs.
Area: orbit over Jupiter
Time: 2551, 3:53 P.M.
       After a long period of time the ship was restoked and reamed. I then set off to attack the Flood\'s latest homeworld Reach