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The Lost Race: Part One
Posted By: Imperorator_Jon<darthbalfy@yahoo.com>
Date: 4 August 2006, 10:24 am

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Okay... It's been a while since my last fanfiction, so I hope it doesn't fail. If so, I can always try later. I also had plenty of help with Demitri, so a big thanks to him as well.

      Eric Valkston stood in the middle of the field, the orange sun settling on his beloved colony, causing the grain-filled fields to give off a faint glow. God I love this place! The marine thought to himself, giving a relaxed sigh at the calming sunset, his green eyes watching the slowly setting sun. He merely smiled, his dark, slicked-back hair absorbing the sunlight.

      The six-feet two inches tall Lance Corporal leaned against the LRV, his right hand was cupped around a metal can of Birch Beer. One of the local blends. He took a sip from the recyclable can, his eyes watching the calming sun set, it always helped him to relax when he watched the sun set. Almost as calming as watching the large colony he and his fellow platoon of Marines watched over. His two favorite times were when the sun set over the large mill, and when the night finally settled, allowing the many lights of the massive city to turn on.

      As the sun finally passed down, the soldier quietly entered into the large Jeep, which had been modified to ferry food and supplies from the city to the base. He smiled as the engine purred to life, his soda placed into the cup holder of the semi-civilian jeep.

      Eric had a small smile on his face as he drove the green jeep across the paved roads, the trail leading up to the fenced area around the concrete bunker. The Lance Corporal slowed down as he neared the MP paying almost no attention to the gate he was charged with. As the LRV slowed down, the lazy guard taking notice of the green jeep paused at the gate.

      The MP didn't even bother to look up from his sport magazine, he merely flipped the switch to raise the wooden gate. Eric waved at the man in full uniform and continued on his way to the large concrete bunker. As the Marine finally entered into the open bunker, he saw that the usual assortment of mechanics and guards keeping a lazy watch over the garage. The base was well stocked, with mechanics in greasy overalls.

      Eric once again parked his LRV inside of the large hanger, ready to head off for a full night's sleep. His mind knew it was early to go to sleep, but he had off tomorrow and a good night's rest would let him get up early enough to enjoy all of the clubs and bars he always went to. As the Marine wearily headed towards his bunk, he passed familiar Marines and engineers alike, met in his many going-outs from the base. They all had a plan to enjoy the town tomorrow, seeing as it was going to be a nice day. Like it was every day.

      The Marine finally reached his bunk, drifting off to his usual deep slumber, ready to be awoken by the morning horn. He knew it would be another nice day in his paradise.

      A massive siren roared through the large city, the old device faltering in it's rare use. Yet it still came in clear to all the colonists, they all had to head to the ancient "invasion" bunkers, set up when the UNSC they considered separate from was under threat by rebels. Most thought it was a joke, but when the alerts came through, all dropped their drinks and games, running to the old underground shelters.

      This alarm was given tenfold in the nearby base, it's trained soldiers feeling a primal panic at what could cause such an alarm, yet that feeling was soon replaced by years of programmed training that kicked in, causing all able men to grab either a rifle or a vehicle. Little did this colony know that they were soon to be under attack by aliens they knew little of.

      In space, it was a similar situation with the large ship as of yet unnoticed. This hidden ship watched as it's long-time rival entered into the system, exiting from the confusing void of Slipstream, their long-time rivals began to close upon the Humans the ship so closely studied. If the ship gave itself away now, it would ruin all further studies of the species, yet if it let the Covenant explorer ship attack the defenseless humans... The captain nearly shuddered at what the brutes would do to such an intriguing species.

      The captain already knew what to do, it quickly sent out commands for the hidden ship to engage the Covenant before they could do any damage to the defenseless Humans. It may cost it the secrecy it so dearly wanted, but the Humans had to survive.

      On the ground, red sirens flashed as the Marine platoons stationed all over the planet began to enter into perfect readiness, the invasion warning sent by one of the many astronomers of the planet. The small planet had a decent-sized army of Marines for defending against Rebels, which they almost never see.

      Inside of Eric's base, the Marine had quickly donned the form-fitting body glove of his combat suit, readying in minutes from years of repetitive training. The Lance Corporal jogged into the armory, grabbing an M60 automatic shotgun from the rack, the small green screen attached to his helmet showing he was fully set for combat. The tall Marine also grabbed one of the shell boxes, the shotgun slung across his back. The soldier then set at a steady jog towards the vehicle hanger, where the quickest of the Marines had already begun to man and drive vehicles to defend the city and the base.

      Eric quickly jogged into the LRV he had driven in only hours ago, the soda still inside of it's holster. The Lance Corporal had only just started the engine when two other marines hopped into the vehicle, one manning the never-used rack of Argent V missiles, the other hopping into the passenger seat. The Marine wasted no time screeching out of the vehicle hanger, moving with the other LRVs that had begun to move up the ramp into open ground.

      The Lance Corporal was a part of alpha squad, which had the primary task of securing the public roads, with escorting civilians to the bunkers as a secondary objective. Eric had never taken a life, but was more than ready to do so if it was to save the peace of his colony. The Marine merely kept his foot down as the LRV roared into the city, which looked like a ghost town.