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Rise of the Imperium: Part 5
Posted By: Imperorator_Jon<darthbalfy@yahoo.com>
Date: 16 June 2006, 1:50 am

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      Joseph ran up the stairs and fired another burst. He saw Norse leap forward into the groups of SWAT teams holding up. The Sanghelli warrior quickly cut into the swarms, and Joseph saw two SWAT members aim at Norse. He saw the shooters and knew he was too late to move of his own, but not late enough to see them. Joseph was not in that situation however. He quickly snapped his rifle up and a burst from the MA5B gutted the two officers. Joseph reloaded and saw Norse leap over his ducking form, cutting down another officer. The two worked in unison with their fellow Seperatists to clear off room after room. The main method was a salvaged gernade thrown in and a quick sweep of the room after the detonation.

      Joseph knew he was nearing the central offices, which were near the structural defect on the building. The Seperatists quickly approached the offices, and encountered more and more resistance. Joseph knew he only had a few more minutes before the military arrived. He quickly threw a baby-blue orb of death from the few he had on hand, landing it on a SWAT officer, who promptly screamed and ran to his friends to remove it. The fool only helped in his friends' death.

      Joseph quickly prepared to clear an office, when he heard a sudden burst of gunfire, he already was opening the door. So much for working as a team he thought as the others took cover and returned fire. Joseph entered into the office and saw the spectre of his dreams.

Inside of the Station Cheif's Office
       Joseph looked at a mildly-obiese man who had thinning gray hair and eyes filled with fear. Joseph saw the former spectre's eyes dart to the colt on the table. Joseph felt enraged, this man, no monster that slaughtered his mother and father, this monster had attacked, without reprimand, the closest family he had. This monster was also one of the things that caused such vile corruption on Crete.

      Joseph's hand shot out to the gun and the pistol flew off of the table and into his right hand. The man's eyes went wide with terror as the pistol sailed through the air. Joseph stared with disintrest at the new ability, he may have been able to control the minds of the weak, but he hadn't been able to control objects on command yet.No! Focus on the rat bastard in front of you! he mentally corrected himself.

      Joseph stared at the green eyes and knew in an instant that this was the man that killed his mother and father. Joseph discarded the pistol, the gunfire ending with Norse and the other Seperatists entering into the office in silence. Joseph stared at the man, his eyes filled with hate and rage. He wanted to make the fat bastard pay for all the hurt he had caused. Joseph walked up to the large man and looked him right in the eye. "You rat bastard, you know who I am?" he said, venom in his voice. The fat man nodded, looking like he might urinate himself at any time.

      Joseph's right hand went over the man's throat, leaving him to gasp for air. Joseph let go as the monster neared unconciousness. The fat man gasped and let out the first words since Joseph entered. "I killed your parents, yeah. They were innocents, but guess what buddy?" Joseph felt a new urge to end the monster's life with the handgun he had taken. "I not only killed them and enjoyed it, but your next. Even if you kill me, the goverment will know it was you!" Joseph had enough of this prick. He grabbed the officer, and after pistol whipping him with the butt of the gun a few times, placed the man in handcuffs.

      Joseph personally took the man to the beam where the explosives were set up, all the while, the man begged for his life. Joseph finally cuffed the man to the beam and gave him a punch in the Solar Plexus for revenge. "I should have killed you with a claymore, but I am going to show you mercy you didn't show my parents. I will let you die crying and torn to shreds by the plasma charge. Du Hast Mother Fucker" were Joseph's last words before he and the others promptly made their getaway. Joseph gave a smile and thumbed the detonator as the small ring of modified LRVs moved down the tunnel. There was a deafening roar and the tunnels held as the station collapsed.

      The group didn't waste a moment to spare when they returned. Polsh looked expectantly and the entire complex began to party at the victory. Joseph quickly led the party to the large house he stayed at when his parents were killed. The family was more than happy to let the group in, not only at the news of the monster's death, but also at the sight of their equivalent of a son.