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Rise of the Imperium: Part 4
Posted By: Imperorator_Jon<darthbalfy@yahoo.com>
Date: 26 May 2006, 9:20 pm

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As the M 12 LRVs went down the abandoned track, Joseph silently slept, his nightmares of long days past haunting him.

Inside of Joseph's nightmare
      "Hey son! You're mom and me and gonna go shopping! Wanna come with?" Joseph looked up and his mother and father, both dressed casually, motion for Joseph to come along. He set down his toy train and quickly hopped into the car. The car ride was uneventfull, but if a regular person was in the car, they would have noticed the father's look of disgust at the recruitment signs of the Coalition. "We're here!" Joseph's mother said in a playful tone. The family got out of the car and Joseph's father split off from Joseph and his mother to go shopping for food. "Come one joey, we are going to get some candy! Sounds fun?" Joseph smiled and gave a nod. As the family did their shopping, Joseph saw his father near the checkout line. As the food was swipped, there was a loud roar and Joseph's mother and father both screamed as men in black suits, the Coalition infantry symbol on their armor, charged in. Joseph's mother, acting quickly, shoved her son into a closet. "Stay here honey! Don't say anything! After the men leave, go out and head here," she said, handing Joseph a hastily scrawled adress, "these people will take care of you!" He then saw a helmetless man with blond hair and green eyes point at his mother. The man was in a sergeants uniform and Joseph's mother quickly slammed the door shut.

      Joseph did as he was told and hid silently in the closet, he heard his mother scream as his father was killed by a headshot from an MA5B. His mother began to run the other way and was cut down by a burst of fire from two men. "Joseph!" she cried "Joseph!".....

      "Joseph!" he felt a familiar tug and awoke to see John shoving his shoulder. "Yes, my friend?" "Good, we are nearing the station. Arm up."

      Joseph quickly searched through the crate in the APC and picked up four M8 HE-DP grenades,two M6D pistols, an M90 and four Plasma grenades. He heard a massive explosion that felt as if hell itself had opened a gateway into the station.

      Joseph and the caravan quickly entered into the station by the tracks, the train's remains in a small clutter at the end of the tracks. Officers armed with almost every type of weapon imaginable began to enter into the station. The strike team of Sanghelli, Kig-Yar, Ungoggy, and Humans quickly set headed through the hallways. Joseph watched as his two Guardians tore through officers. Norse and his fellow Sanghelli cloaked and headed up a seperate path, trying to reach the cells. Norse and his fellow men would try to free the imprisoned Seperatists while Joseph and the main bulk of the strike group would take over the station, after clearing it of all resistance, they would then detonate the building after the prisoners were evacuated.

      Joseph quickly ran up the stair case and saw a pair of armed officers behind an overturned table, he raised his MA5B and fired a burst in between the eyes of the left officer, Kyle quickly ran up and then stabbed the right one in the chest with his pole. The second officer jolted and quickly died from the massive shock.

      Joseph and his two Guardians quickly ran up farther an farther, destroying any resistance they encountered. Joseph finally began to near the upper offices and met heavier resistance. Joseph fired short bursts that ended as headshots into small office cubicles on the floor. There was only one more floor before the main beam could be accessed. Little did Joseph or his Guardians notice a lone officer approach him. Joseph felt the metal of a gun barrel aimed at the back of his head. There was a loud screech and the officer was cut in half, organs spill onto the ground. Joseph then watched as Norse uncloaked, his glowing energy sword sputtering out as it was deactivated.

       Floors above, the second-in-command of the station watched as a specter of his former military days slowly came to his position. The second-in-command quickly ordered the remaining officers to form a last line in front of the upper offices. The SWAT teams had been held back until then and the united strike force neared the office. Joseph had a strange feeling that something of his past was about to meet him, as such, he quickly reloaded his MA5B and put down another officer with a headshot.