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Rise of the Imperium: Part 2
Posted By: Imperorator_Jon<darthbalfy@yahoo.com>
Date: 17 May 2006, 10:14 pm

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Now then, how about we shed some light upon how exactly Joseph Brandenburg, our hero, used the politics and rulers of the fair galaxy to eventually rule it?

      The massive war in the galaxy had caused alot of power vacumes and political problems in the UNSC, the Covenant had it much worse after the war though. They had lost all of their leaders and were completely broken as their "Holy Prophets" had left them with no religion and no sense of what is right and wrong. When the last Covenant prophet had been killed on Earth, the Covenant went into disarray and almost all were either taken or killed by soldiers and people alike. The UNSC found a use for the broken creatures however, they had become slaves in everything but name. The UNSC assigned the Ungoggy, Sanghelli, even Lekgolo, to low-class jobs such as janitors, garbagemen, pencil-pushers, police operators, so on.

      The Covenant, seeing no further purpose, became broken and followed the jobs they were given. There were rebels, however, that rebelled against the oppressive and unfair treatment. They called themselves Seperatists, they used terrorist tactics and murder to try and free Covenant. The UNSC, seeing this problem for their precious "War criminal" servants, decided to label the Seperatists terrorists. The UNSC had apparently seemed content at the murder of dozens of the Seperatist troopers. The UNSC had been unified during the murder of those dozens, but sections had remained to rebuild. Those sections had their chance when the eventual discontent among the UNSC colonies and planets erupted into rebellion. Millions of Covenant became slave-fighters and they resumed their former jobs as warriors. Both sides employed them and the Coalition eventually gained the upperhand and destroyed the Alliance of Homeworld Systems, or just plain Alliance, with nuclear weapons on Earth.

      Earth had become a wasteland and the Coalition became known for it's old ways of handling rebels and political activists, by killing them. Joseph's parents were no exception, they had been killed needlessly and with no reason, however. The police had once again messed up and killed the innocents instead, to cover it up they were marked with "Conspiracy to commit treason". Now then, since the history lesson is over, let us go onto his current life, shall we?

       The hooded form of Joseph Brandenburg entered into a black limosine and was sitting between his two most trusted Guardians. John Harper and Kyle Stanivinch.

      John had been found at an early age, the same as Joseph at that time, as a backstreet brawler. John had fought and fought, eventually, a group of backyard punks lost and tried to kill John, but Joseph saw his talent and interveined with his charisma and special talents. His voice was hypnotic when he convinced the thugs with a short talk "Let me handle him." he said soothingly "I can make him into a real fighter, and you guys can become famous by saying you fought the John Harper." John had told him his name only minutes before and was amazed as the apparent leader of the thugs said "Huh, I guess we would get more buisness if we were famous. Deal!". At that very moment John said "I owe you my life! I will do whatever you ask of me, whatever it is!" Joseph looked at him with a smile and said "Very well, become my Guardian and keep me safe, in return, you shall never worry of death or harm again!"

At Age Thirteen
      Kyle was a different story, however. Joseph had reached his teens and was feeling rebellious, he had faked his I.D and gotten into a bar. John, although he had voiced his protest, obediently went with him. Joseph had walked around the bar and saw a ten-year-old kid smacked across the face after hearing "You freaking brat! I ordered McDuff, not a freaking McGill!". The child landed on the ground and although he did not cry, his eyes showed how deep he was hurt. He got back up and said "Sorry sir! I will get you a new one." Joseph approached the bartender and pointed to Kyle "Who's that?" he asked. The bartender looked at Kyle and said gruffly "You mean the brat? That's Kyle Stanavinch, his father was a drunk that couldn't pay his debts. His wife died giving birth and Kyle was considered an evil child. His father thought he could kill two birds with one stone and sold Kyle to pay off his debts. Baddest deal I ever made. He is a brat, and on occassion, I can almost swear he takes out of the cash register. Oh well, my shift is over." the bartender looked into the kitchen and yelled "Hey Marco! Your shift!" with that the bartender left and Joseph watched as "Marco" walked over the the cash register. Joseph was very good at hiding and the new bartender opened the register silently when the same drunk man that hit Kyle screamed "Slave waiter! Hurry up with that damn beer!".

      The bartender quickly pulled out two one-hundred dollar bills when everybody looked the other way at the drunk man. Joseph noticed however. The Bartender continued his buisness as if he had never done a single thing. John decided there and then was the time to get Kyle, he knew Kyle was a good choice because he watched what Kyle did in the kitchen. Kyle reached into the cabinet and pulled out a small tablet that was marked "Laxitive". He put the drink into the beer bottle and screwed the lid back on. Joseph looked natural as he watched Kyle serve the drunken man his drink. Kyle went back into the kitchen as the drunk man said "I gotta take a crap." and with that the drunk man ran into the bathroom. Joseph and John walked into the kitchen and watched unnoticed as Kyle listened to the man's retching and moaning through a vent. "That ought to teach him for hitting me!" he whispered to himself. Joseph walked behind him. "I see you are quite skilled in hiding, Kyle Stanivinch." with that Kyle jumped and looked at Joseph "Who the hell are you?" Joseph smiled and said "A friend, I know your past. I know what those people do to you, don't worry. I am not one of them, I am here to set you free!" Kyle gave him the look of oh-great-another-person-who-is-a-little-loopy. "Really? How do you plan to do that?" Joseph and John smiled "I can persuade them to let you free." Kyle looked skeptical "What do you want in return?" Joseph gave a smile "I only ask that you make a choice, either become my friend and Guardian, or instead choose to run for as long as possible before being re-captured." Kyle looked oddly at Joseph "Okay, if you can get me free of this slavery, I will become your best friend and guardian." Kyle had no idea of how Joseph planned on freeing him, but if Joseph could pull it off, he would be grateful.

       Joseph walked in front of the bartender with John and Kyle in tow "I want to free Kyle Stanivinch." the bartender gave a haughty laugh "Funny wise guy, no way in hell am I going to let you take the waiter away!" Joseph smiled "Would some photos change your mind?" the bartender had a breif flash of worry and spoke in a cracked tone "What kind of photos?" Joseph smiled and showed the man a photo. It was a picture of the bartender taking money from the register into his pocket. Joseph smiled even more darkly "Watch what happens when I put the photos together and move them real fast!" the photos sped down and it showed the bartender stuffing his pocket with the money. The bartender looked scared "If you never release those photos, your friend can go free." Joseph smiled "I am glad you see my point of view!" with that, the bartender opened a case and pulled out a dusty scroll of paper. Joseph looked at the contract and tore it into pieces. "You're free Kyle." Kyle was the happiest he had been in years. He hugged Joseph "Thank you! I owe you my life! Whatever can I do to repay you?" Joseph smiled as Kyle pried himself away from him. "As long as you are my friend and Guardian, I shall make sure that nobody else will ever harm you again."

Okay folks! I put some light on the covvie system of becoming slaves and gave some insight on Joseph's Guardians.