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The Rise of the Imperium
Posted By: Imperorator_Jon<darthbalfy@yahoo.com>
Date: 13 May 2006, 5:57 am

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      As humanity eventually rebuilt from the Covenant Wars, two major factions enveloped humanity. The first faction consisted of the inner systems that consisted of Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Ect. Those were known as the Alliance, based on the origional alliance between the rebellion and humanity. The outer systems such as Harvest were part of the group known as the Coalition. They chose that name because of their diverse languages, they consisted of the Covenant that were hard-core fanatics for their race.

      The two factions were content to grow and wait, but eventually, as with all discontent, the debates turned into small skirmishes. Then, after a direct attack on Earth, a full-scale war. The battle was known as the Coalition wars and both sides had fought so long that it was deemed the one-hundred year war. In the end, both sides took heavy losses and the Coaliton won after using nuclear weapons to turn Earth into a wasteland.

      The Coalition mostly consisted of lawness planets and the galaxy became divided into warlords and the Covenant became standard troopers once again. Their natural instinct for combat making them perfect warriors. Little did the warlords that there was a person controling the conflicts and the covenant. That man had been considered a genius of his time.

      Alas, that man, who was Joseph Brandenburger, had both of his parents killed by the Coalition for "planning rebellion". The main reason, they had parked in the wrong market where a believed terrorist meeting was going on. The meeting was actually the building across. When Joseph heard this, he swore to himself that he would never forgive the Coalition and make it his will to forge his own empire. With that, he set out to make his agenda the only way he knew how in the goverment.

He would use criminals and political means to gain power.
This is that man's story of conquest.

At age twenty-eight
      The dark-robed form of an unnoticed person walked through the crowds of lower-russia on planet Crete. He was flanked by two men in ornate red clothing that had a T-slit cover. The two men seemed unarmed, but any good theif would know not to try and steal from that man. As had many criminals that met an Plasma Pistol at the forehead.

      The dark figure continued down a back alley way and six lanky figures came from both sides of the alley way. The hooded man lowered his hood, he revealed a white face with a fierce, but still comforting, features. His hair was jet-black and his eyes a deep, piercing red. He said in a calm and unpanicked tone "Do you have the money?" the tallest and lankiest man came from the shadows. His face was razor-sharp bone, he appeared as white as a ghost. Definately a cardimine abuser. He really only funded the govenors he was trying to overthrow. The politcal figures on low-end worlds always were involved in drug trade. The lanky figure asked "Do you have the guns?" Joseph then said to the man "I do." he opened a large suitcase and it revealed three M90 shotguns, two S2 AM sniper rifles, a single M19 SSM rocket launcher, and to top it all off, ten BR55s. The lanky man said "Now the bullets!". Joseph complied and a seperate suitcase revealed hundreds of rounds stocked into it. The lanky figure said "I don't know where you get these guns Joey! Heheheheh!" the lanky man's eyes flickered, he was definately high off cardimine. Joseph was able to obtain the weapons, however, because he stumbled onto an abandoned Alliance base. It was loaded to the brim with food and bullets, hell, he still hadn't figured out how big it was. He had lived in it since his parents died to boot! It was just him and his earliest friends he made. He had made plenty of friends, his charisma showed that, but his first friends had become his guardians, or as he put it, his Royal Guardsmen.

      Joseph then said "Now, do you have the money as agreed by Leon?" The lanky man laughed and the other five figures approached. One Sanghelli, three Ungoggy, and a single Lekgolo. The lanky man then stopped laughing and said "You really are oblivious! This is a setup you dumbass! Now, as with all setups, we would like to thank you on behalf of Govenor Hijat for being such a good dupe for us!" The Sanghelli then broke in "This is not honorable! We should fight him on fair grounds! Not in a double-cross! I will have no part in-" the Sanghelli was cut off as the lanky man shot the blue-armored warrior in between the eyes. It landed on the ground with a thump and stayed dead.

      The two Royal Guardsmen circled Joseph as the five aimed at him. Joseph had found at an early age that he was special. In more than one way in fact. He was not only charismatic and a genius, he found that he could manipulate people and things to his will. He could even tell when something was going to happen, granted it was usually when a person was going to pull a double cross or when and where a bullet or beam would strike. He also found that if he concentrated his will enough, he could even move things with his will. He saw both Royal Guardsmen reach into their black robes and pull out staffs. The lanky man laughed at the meele weapons and fired a bullet at one of them. He screamed as the Royal Guardsmen sliced his gun-wielding right arm off. The ungoggy opened fire with plasma rifles and it seemed as if the Royal Guardsmen weaved between the shots and took off two of the Ungoggy's heads with a single swipe. That left the Lekgolo and the remaining Ungoggy.

      Joseph was no fool when it came to talent, he had only chosen those who also shared abilities like his to become Royal Guardsmen. He stared at the Lekgolo and Ungoggy "Tell your fellow people that I may wreap revenge, but I am merciful. Tell them that they can always have help when needed." The Lekgolo and Ungoggy both realized that they were the only ones that didn't fire a shot at the ambush. They both told of the ambush and Joseph gained fame in the Covenant circles.

      Now, you must understand, Covenant were treated like animals. Slaves even! They sometimes were just killed because they got in a person's way! When the tale of a person that actually spared and helped the second-class citizens, he became quite a popular figure to the Covenant. He also became known in human circles for the mysterious "accidental discharge of a weapon inside of a fuel factory" where Leon and his entire gang of drug-users were killed in the explosion and fire.

       Please give constructive critisism. I would appreciate any comments. I have decided to go a new angle for stories. So if I get some positive comments for this thing, I will consider a sequel.