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Humanity's Final Battle: The Stronghold
Posted By: Imperorator_Jon<darthbalfy@Yahoo.com>
Date: 17 March 2006, 10:39 pm

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Authors Note: Woot Woot! second part. I hope I get a post for this... seeing as nobody did before.... Eh. I hope you enjoy and read deep!

      The dropship exited into the atmosphere without a sound. The dropship was bleeding off air and had severe damage to the guidance and it's engines were failing with sputters as they lost power. The entire group was braced for impact with their weapons secured overhead. The dropship began to screech through the atmosphere and Edward felt the invisible restraints of gravity push him into the seat. The entire dropship began to rattle as the armor slagged away from the extreme heat. The planet Earth was below them, craters and lights flashing low below them. Edward struggled with the controls and had little effect. Seeing the failure of controls he decided to randomly push buttons on the console. The console flashed alien runes and Edward knew they were neither Human nor Covenant. The runes flashed and Edward pressed them as they flashed. He saw a flashing light apear on a pannel in the dropship and saw the small pannel eject out a pad that seemed simple enough. He quickly stashed it into a pocket in his belt and aimed the dropship as close to where the pannel indicated as he could.
      The dropship screamed through the ground and through a frozen mountain. The artic visible outside. Edward felt dazed as he walked out the back compartment and opened his eyes to an unspeakable horror. The entire compartment was covered in blood and it seemed only three Sanghelli and two humans survived. The rest had metal either sticking into them or parts of their bodies missing. Weapons and ammunition were laid out uppon the floor and the exit/entrance to the dropship was wide open. Edward slowly called out to the only people seemingly alive "Are you okay?" and recieved only grunts and moans from the three Sanghelli and two Humans. One of them, a cleanly shaved sergeant had gotten enough strength to get up and begin to gather weapons. The rest followed shortly and picked up some weapons and gear each. Two of the Sanghelli sported Carbines while the other picked up two plasma rifles from the corpses of his fallen bretheren. They all stocked up on each type of gernade and prepared for a long trip. The sergeant picked up a BR55 and a handful of clips. The other human grabbed a single plasma sword and both humans sealed their suits up. The Sanghelli did similar by hitting a switch on their chests that caused a small flash and they apeared normal again. The entire group began to grumble amongst themselves. He felt a small vibration at his side where he placed the pad.
      He opened the pouch it was in and took out the pad to see what was happening. It flashed in large bold letters:Language Identification Complete. Begining tracking. Activating sensors. Target aquired. Activating connection system. Connection complete. Defense Base Alpha activated. Sensors Pinging Destination.
      What the hell? Was his first thought. He decided to check out whatever that place was and quickly rallied the people "I have found us shelter! There is a base to the," he quickly checked the pad "North of here that will provide us refuge. So quickly gather whatever you can and we will go." With that they set off wordlessly towards the destination. They continued for miles silently without so much as a grunt and when they reached an almost endlessly high glacier of ice they stared at the front of it and were amazed. For at the front of that glacier was a massive glowing wall of energy, and inside of that was a massive and spanning city built into it. The city was filled wit mechanical activity but did not apear to have any people inside of it. The group carefully walked forward and covered each others backs. They eventually reached the wall and the pad thrummed again. The wall instantly disapeared. The group cautiously advanced and continously walked forward clockwise. The group continued forward and took in the sites carefully. They passed large buildings and continued towards a massive building in the center that seemed like a miniature spire. They continued onward past excavation sites that seemed to be endless towards the bottom, showing the city was also underground. It was a true marvel. The group eventually went to the front of the main building and saw something they didn't see before. A large domed top with a slit on the top. Edward tapped the left of his helmet with two fingers and saw a large barrel sticking out of the dome. It apeared that the spire was a massive weapon platform. But for something of it's size the weapon must have been more powerful than it looked. The entire group entered into the building and didn't look back.