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The Final Battle of Humanity Part 1: The Escape
Posted By: Imperorator_Jon<skioto311@Yahoo.com>
Date: 21 February 2006, 5:38 am

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Authors note: I am back after about 5 months, comp crashed and had to get it fixed, and have found many influences and ideas in my wait, so I have decided to submit one of them in this story, Enjoy ya'll

      The last of the covenant ships detonated in a ball of flame and plasma as the massive Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (or MAC for short) round gutted the ship. The remaining dozen human ships were left floating in space as they saw all of the remains and scattered weapons around the earth. Soon after the explosion the idea of humanity winning was finally clear. We won! We finally won! was a cheer throught the entire fleet, along with chants of praise towards whatever gods each human worshiped.
      The entire population of the world cheered as people of all races discovered that humanity had won its battle for survival. The ships fired off hundreds of rounds in celebration.
      But little did people know that they had only won a single battle. A small diversion to keep them away from what was happening in their little galaxy's other planets. The landing parties of Covenenant seemed to vanish as if they were cloaked. Entire ships vanished in a similar way, not by slipspace as they thought to have, but by a means unknown by the humans, or the covenant for that matter.

      At Covenant battle station Final Journey      The entire station apeared to be a pyramid-like structure mounted on top of a massive platform. The flat platform spanding for thousands of miles in every directions, each section filled with hangers, weapon turrets, and repair bays that seemed to be infinitly powerful by themselves. The battleships surrounding it were armed with conventional covenant weaponry, normally plasma torpedos and beam weapons.
      The station was larger than High Cherity, the massive covenant-built homeworld. The fighter craft surrounding it were equally alien, their almost needle-like frames and small engine emmisions almost making them invisible, but the stations jamming abilities and large scale cloaking field made them completely invisble. The station hovered over the massive planet of Mars, collecting the valuable metals and activating systems that seemed to humans like carvings inscribed on metal platforms. Some machines had been disabled by the careless humans. The station's inside had a massive holding facility. Filled with humans and heretic covenant alike. One such prisoner was already laying down the foundations of his, and his fellow comrades, escape.
      Edward Sturm stood in the cell he was in for the past three months. He was captured on a mission to infiltrate and find plans for a rumored covenant doomsday weapon. The plans, and his weapons, were placed inside of a covenant armory close to here, or so said a blue platted sanghelli grunt for some of the human candy he was able to hide in his pack. Little bitch never suspected that the candy was a poisonous tool he was given for an escape, if need be. He still had some left and had an idea of how to get out with it. He planned till this day to escape. He knew an escape route, had plenty of people to help him in escaping, and he knew how to pilot a way out of this hellhole.
      He waited until when the soldiers delivered food to their few prisoners, like they always did before interrogating them. There was always three soldiers that delievered the horrible thing they called food. He put on his best convincing face and took out the candy when the sanghelli aproached "Greetings great ones!" he bowed before them." I come with a gift to the great Sanghelli masters! May this human delicacy prove to your liking" he gave them the posoisonous food and they all ate it. And those things were the smart ones. The effects were almost instant. The guards collapsed before they could raise their weapons. The other guards began to come to the sceen. Now was his chance. He rolled from the cell and grabed one of the dead guard's carbine. The gun was fully loaded and there was only three guards. He fired off six rounds and each one hit a guard square in the forehead after the first pierced the shield.
      He checked for any more guards or any alarms. He field stripped the bodies for weapons and ammo. He grabbed seven plasma knives, ten plasma gernades, and two plasma rifles. It would do. For now. He continued onward and saw the other prisoners stay silent as they realised what any type of notice would cause. The deep purple walls clashed with his gray uniform. He knew it would be over if he was spotted, so when he reached the prison console he used his training to hack through the security systems, with his implanted A.I.'s help of course, to rig the cameras into a loop of normal activity. The A.I. was a new model, completely unintelligent in a way because it only modified and added to the users actions.
       He opened the cells and prepared for the heretic covenant to attack his fellow humans. But they didn't. Strange indeed. Each side worldlessly picked up a weapon from the bodies and readied themselves to fight. A gold armored Elite stepped forward and knelt" We owe you a great debt human. For freeing all of us I will personally protect your people, and in return only ask that you let us go with you.". As one all of the covenant knelt and said as a single chorus "We are in your debt." The humans did a similar gesture by saluting and yelling as a whole "We are with you sir!".
      "I am glad to know that you all are at my side in this time. Now then. Let us free ourselves of this retched place!" The entire swarm of people went into mixed ranks and began to advance towards the armory. The first line of Jahillari and humans charged and killed a group of Sanghelli just turning around a corner. The group disarmed the dead warriors and advanced. The group of thirty five mostly disarmed but still covering their flanks and front.
      The group advanced and finally reached the armory where Edward's gear and information on the station was. He moved in first and found his gear in a small pile, next to a crate marked in covenant runes as: Do not touch He put on his gear and armed his special BR87. Best thing to ever happen to humanity since the MAC gun. The rifle was a mix of covenant technology and human tech. The rifle had armor-piercing smart bullets that had a miniature plasma gernade core in the round. The effect was the round piercing the shield instantly with a detonation that blew the crap out of a covie head. The gun had a lightweight clip of one-hundred rounds, which only weighed a few ounces thanks to the plasma inside of it. The ammunition belt carried about thirty clips and about ten places for gernades. The whole belt weighed only about ten pounds.
      Perfect for his commando work. The suit of armor itself was a new material called durasteel. It was meant to reflect even the high power of a covenant energy rifle. The suit was completely encompassing, to prevent any neat little covenant "surprises". The suit was airtight with an oxygen recycler near the mouth. The entire suit could decompress and recompress automatically and had a three-hundred and sixty minute reserve of oxeygen for space combat. The suit also had a revolutionary feature. Shielding. The shield relied on the "dumb" A.I. inside of the suit instead of implants. The other soldiers and covenant armed with their race's preffered weaponry. The entire group was fully armed by the end of it and Edward found the way through to the closest hanger so they could get a ride out of here.
      Along with the information on how to pilot such a craft downloaded into his mind through the A.I.. Never could get used to having information on command. The entire group began to tactically make it through the hallways. Encountering no resistance at all. This was really getting weird now. The entire place seemed abandoned. He didn't know what was going on, at least until he looked up and saw a camera. Looking straight at him with a rotating movement. Damn. They saw the hacked cameras. The entire group made a scramble towards the hanger, praying as one that they didn't see what they were about to see.
      For inside the hanger was a massive force of covenant soldiers that were ready to prevent the escapees. Just their luck. They began to surrender. But at the last minute the entire force of escapees was saved by a Sanghelli and a Human that ran into one of the aircraft in a last minute suicide run. The two used familiar levers to fire the weapon turrets on the strange fighter to vaporise the captors' ranks. The entire group of escapees ran into a dropship-like vessal that Edward took the pilot seat of. The vessal was large enough to fit the entire group of thiry into the holding bay.
      The dropship rocked as it took off and exited through the hanger before the shield could stop them. The stations fighters began to launch from all over the vessal, an almost impossible feat if not for the amount of hangers and tools on the ship. Now or never. Edward Sturm began to thumb switches as told three of the former prisoners to man stations on the dropship so that they could defend it long enough to somehow escape. But there was a chance. The dropship came with a remarkable system on it. A small scale version of what happened to the Covenant vessels. A device that could send the dropship to Earth. But it needed to survive for a whole minute. Thus the dropships members began to supress their targets with everything on the dropship. The ship rocked as itwas under fire from flak rounds by the fighters.
      The shielding held but it still took a beating. The gunners kept their fire continously as the dropship weaved in erractic maneuvers. The small, needle-thin fighters continued to launch hundreds of even thiner projectiles against the dropship. The dropship weaved until ten seconds were left. Nine, the dropship's shielding failed and a round slammed into the armor. The dropship's course was set for inside the earth's atmosphere anyways. Eight, the top gunner position detonated as a round punctured it. Seven, the position was sealed off by a miniature bulkhead. Six, the fighters tailing them began to retreat as the remaining two gunners increased the intensity of their fire for their fallen comrade. Five, a noticeable gathering of golden orbs began to form at the tip of the stations pyramid. Four, the orbs stoped gathering. Three, the beam soared through space towards them. Two, the beam was only a few hundred kilometers, and closing fast. One, the beam was about to hit! Zero, the beam seared through where they where and vaporised a vessal a few kilometers away.