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Rogues Chapter One
Posted By: Henshore1<toemouse1@mac.com>
Date: 25 August 2009, 11:29 pm

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Rogues Chapter one

//UNSC Base 'High Ground' - July 7 1100 hours

As the plasma approached private Jenkins head he turned in time to see the pinky glow hit his face. One by one the marine watchmen fell from there lookout towers some 200 feet to the floor without sound, but the violet energy trails left by the jackel snipers gave away their deaths as the alarm was raised. The base was put into high alert. marines filed out of the barracks as orders were barked out by their superiers, they lined up on the yard as sargents gave instructions totheir groups. after a second or two they made there way to their stations. Next to fifty of them climbed the ladders to mounted turrets, nearly a hundred ran to the armory. There they picked up anything they could find. Sniper rifles were to the left of the door, those disapeared in seconds as the owners jogged to the four main sniper points around the base. Assualt rifles were delt out like leaflets and battle rifles the same. Grenades were little so only the higher commanding took them. Ammo was spread on tables, Their owners lined the main wall and gates. two warthogs rolled out of the garage, 50mm chain guns on the back. Five mongooses came out aswell, spankers mounted. The two kind of vehicles waited, waited for the gates to be opened. Every one was in place, waiting. Waiting for movement. Silence consumed the base. Five minutes passed, wind moving through the trees. A bird took flight from a bush, this was enough to secure the enemy's victory, a single marine lost it and jumped over the wall. Blind firing he ran all the way to the beach, he halted at the site of two hundred elites rising from the water like mist. A few needles later the marine was dead, a war cry erupted from the alien species. The two hundred elites ran at the base, armed with carbines, they pinned there reticles on the mounted turrets. The brave elites took out almost forty turrets before they were all cut down by the humans. One hundred more elites rose from the water, they were armed again with carbines and the occational beam rifle. They were accompanied by four ghosts. Grunts rose out with a splutter and started to bark at the elites, they also ran towards the base with hearts of hatred. Bodies were now everywhere, aliens cut down whilst running and humans fell from their perches on the wall. The battle had only lasted a few minutes but the alien force had already taken out the remaining turrets and turned there attention to the marines gaurding the wall. The gates opened and the warthogs thundered out. The one plowed through seven grunts before it was stuck by a brute, who had also recently came out of the water. The second did not get far before it was ripped apart by a brute chopper. Mongooses' engines roared out, there was a gasp of excitement as the marines gaurding the wall saw the sight of rocket launchers being loaded by the marines on the back of the mongooses. This was cut short as one wraith rose from the water. The chase was on. Wraith vs rockets. This outcome would determin the result of the battle. The rockets would rip through the infantry and vehicles, but the wraith would do the same to the humans. The mongooses burnt in flames, a few seconds after the immense plasma bolt had hit them. More plasma ripped through each of the marines chests and in minutes the epic battle was over. The snipers had been sniped, the gunners had been mown down by ghost fire. High ground was now property of the alien force.

// UNSC Base 'Zanzibar' - July 7 1035 hours

The mounted turrets slowed as the last of the elites were killed in the water. They had never got past the beach, or so the UNSC thought. One spec ops elite had past under the radar in the middle of the previous battle at Zanzibar. The battle had lasted the majority of the morning, the turrets had ripped through the infantry and the lone scorpian tank had sent enough canistor shells to make sure that the covenant vehicles were history. But this specs ops elite had snuck around to the left and had used a salvaged brute jetpack to scale the cliffs surrounding the human base. As it activated it's active camoflague it got rid of the jetpack and crawled into the ventilation pipe that had been dug into the rock. Inside it was a battle to see, but elites are known for their microscopic hairs that line their body that can pick up vibrations, this lead him down the pipe till the end. This is where problems would begin, at the end of the pipe there was a fan. Would rip straight through his low tech armor he had requested. However the clever elite had known about this fan from the start, this why he had requested the low tech armor. The armor maybe lower tech and not as protective, but it was lighter so he could move faster and be more agile. If he could dothe job silenty and quickly there would be no need for armor at all. No shooting would be needed. The reflexes of a Spartan are incredible, the reflexes of an elite are just as good. He focused on the rotation of the fan untill he was happy, closed his eyes, and stuck his hand out. In one swift movement he lifted his hand up, pulled it back with the fan fimrly in his hand motionless. Another step complete. The elite allowed himself a smile of satisfaction and carried on. He peered out side and noticed the two gaurds on patrol, or who were at least ment to be on patrol. They were looking out to the beach talking to eachother about the battle. The elite double checked his camo and stepped out. He crept behind them and in one move broke both of there necks. He pulled both of the bodies to the ventilation pipe and stuffed them inside, neatly replacing the fan and the grill cover. Silently he walked to the engine room. Stupid humans had left It ungaurded. In no time at all the elite had hotwired the UNSC computer system and had overided all passcodes. He new it was a suicide mission, he could have blew the damn base up there and then using the computer system, but if he was going out- he was going out with a bang, a big bang. The elite ordered the computer to start up a complete base lockdown. Every one would be trapped exactly where they were and they would not be able to do a thing against it. Next he blocked all communication and then started planting the covenant explosives. The explosives had been specifically designed for this mission by brute scientists back in covey territory. They had the fuel tank of a chopper and the ammount of plasma a wraith would launch, these mini explotions combined would form one giant red cloud of destruction. In no time at all they were set up, there had been no human resistance so far, the spec ops sent out his last message and pressed the button. Five minutes later on a covenant cruiser the message was received: "Zanzibar is ours". One more to go.

//UNSC Base 'Stand off' - July 7 1217 hours

"mark that wraith, hells a comin' in seven," shouted sargent kings
"on my way sir," the humans were losing. Same story as the two bases this morning. In minutes it would be over, unlike zanzibar and highground, nothing had to be salvaged here. Suicide grunts and honourable elites had been sent to take out the aa guns, wraiths had been sent out as reinforcements. The aa guns were no more. Banshees darted through the sky. The hornets were launched and pelicans were being loaded for retreat. The hornets would buy them some time. 
"on your six daniels, watch that one. I think he's got a lock, evade! Evade! DAneils!" another hornet went down. This battle would be short lived. The banshees passed through the shield with no aa guns to stop them. Hornets were dropping like flies as explosions sounded. thick plasma bolts came from the banshees, these burnt through the shield reactors that had been stolen years ago. A covenant 'glasser' as they were now called apeared in the sky. It was over. The retreat was given up. The humans new it was time to except death. One poor marine ran out into the battle outside to an elite and shouted "peace! We only have minutes left. Let us not fi..." he was caught short by plasma in the shape of a sword being thrust into his stomach. A couple marines shot them selves. Those few minutes were the longest of their lives. Soon enough the energy from heaven burnt through the base and later all that remained were smolders of corpses. Bones and bricks. Humans and covenant.  The last step of the days war was over. Three human bases had been taken off the map. Victory.

//UNSC Base 'Earth Command' - July 7 1725 hours

"sir, reports of stand off, just came in"
"glassed sir, nothing left"
Oh my goodness, those son of a.." general allworth struck the table with his fist. The mahogany antique creaked as it took the blow, a glass of whiskey fell off the table and smashed on the floor. General allworth was an old man, stubble and a distinct scar running accross his mouth. This man had a face of experiance, not all of it good. "any contact with the other bases yet?" 
"no sir, they will need a full on Spartan lead assualt to take back. Nothing was left at stand off, but the other two are gaurded heavily by the enemy."
"no information on experiment 61 were left there, correct?"
"as far as I know sir."
"not good enough, I want it triple checked that there is no evidence what so ever. If they find out what we are hiding, what we are working with, we are done for."
"I understand that sir, but.."
"no buts! I wAnt that done now!"
"Yes sir, right on it."
"good, when you go do that, bring in colnel donald."
"Yes sir right on it." the lower rank left the room, the general took a deep breath of smoke and exhaled. There was something he loved about making the luitenant scared. Soon enough the colnel showed up and took a seat.
"you called for me general?"
"yes, security update on the labs at cape horn."
"what about them sir?"
"are they any bloody good?"
"sir, with all respect, without being able to go down into the lower areas defence is poor. Four turrets is all there is lining the top. There is a ten man squad of marines, but they won't do anything to a insurgent attack."
"it's not insurgents I'm afraid of colnel, ever since the destruction of the ark, the elites joined forces with the covey again."
"yes I know of that, but they left for distant galaxies sir."
"apparently not, thAt is why the importence of those lab's defence is so great."
"why sir?"
"there we are researching means of wiping out all other races once and for all. We thought we had kept this secret, but due to the attacks this morning I highly doubt it's secrecy now."
"means of wiping out all races sir?"
"all other races, yes."
"how would this not wipe us ou.."
"that is none of your business, what Spartans groups are free?"
"well sir, there are a number of attacks still at large..."
"no sir, they are in the harvest regi.."
"I don't care of reasons colnel, i want results, bravo?"
"no sir, the only spartan groups ready are Echo, gol.."
"send echo to cape horn labs asap."
"they are one man down remember? That's the group we had a little trouble with.."
"send the new Spartan iv Ryder."
"he's barely come out of camp sir, is it even wise to.."
"don't care, shut up. send him and echo asap."
"yes sir, can I discuss with you the fact of.."
"no! Do you know the meaning of asap colnel?"
"well yes, but.."
" I asked you a question,  do you know what asap means?"
"yes, but.."
"well do you?"
"yes, but i really think that.."
"I don't know if you do know! Prove it!"
"prove what?"
"oh my goodness, get your rear out of my office colnel!"
"sir yes sir" the colnel ran out the room. Allworth smiled and returned to his laptop. Solitaire was the best way to pass time. 

//UNSC Base 'wasps nest' - July 7 2140 hours

Captain Stevens was a Spartan iv. The Spartan iv project was carried out exactly the same as the Spartan ii. Stevens right hand man luitenant Conway stood next to him, their orders were simple for once. Pick a few weapons and head to the pelican outside. But for team echo every had to be perfect. Conway was polishing his Sniper Rifle, Stevens still trying to pick his weapons. Conway had taken his trusty rifle and a magnum, his trusty side arm. Stevens was thirty six and the sort of person who didn't like 'basic' he like to be prepared for any thing. He chose two smgs and placed them on his thighs, a single battle rifle and snapped it onto his back, and his modified shotgun from home on his back also. It was similar to your standard shotty, just took more ammo and packed a bigger punch. Stevens took a couple of grenades and can off bio-foam. His specialties were leading, engineering/inventing and medical. Stevens always had had a taste for blood, whether he was clearing it up or making a mess of it with a magnum, he loved it. Stevens liked everything to be planned a step before, but he loved complications, that was were excitment would happen. Conway was thirty one and on the other hand stuck to simple stuff, he liked everything to be placed out speclessly clean and in order. As he wiped Dow the scope he remembered all the headshots he had got with this baby.  Once he was sure his rifle was perfect he picked up a trip mine and a pocket computer. His specialties were sniping, computing and piloting. He was an excellent pilot and he knew it. He snapped his helmet shut and opened up a comm with Stevens
"I'll be in the cockpit sir, hope that Ryder guys gonna be okay."
"me too," Stevens stood up," if not I'll sort him out."
"yeAh I know you will." he laughed.
"I'm coming now anyway, I wonder what's so great about this lab"
"I'm sure we will find out, now lets go before the pilot comes back from the loo. I want to drive us there, not him."
"that's you're problem conwAy, you don't trust anyone but me or Henshaw."
"well, now that Henshaw dead I just trust you sir"
"lets get to the pelican. Rather be there sooner than later"
The hangAr door opened as Conway pushed the switch, they walked past the warthogs til they got to the pelican. It was night and the pelican's lights cut through the rain, they both got in and before the pilot got a chance to flush the loo they were off. The pelican rose through the air and as the main thrusters kicked in you could vagily hear conways "yehaw" and they flew off into the distance.