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Military Police- Protect and Service
Posted By: Helljumper<Pittklipse@aol.com>
Date: 9 July 2005, 3:03 am

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0231 Hours (Military Time), January 4, 2531 (Military Calendar)/ Civilian Police Department Interrogation Room, planet Zeta II, Phonas star system.

      The butt of the rifle impacted the prisoner's jaw, forcefully breaking it instantly. Both the body and the chair it was handcuffed to, fell to the floor. The pain from the blow to the face was intensified by the kick to the stomach that followed. Water filled the prisoner's eyes as they tried to focus on the shiny black Marine issue boot as it withdrew from its attack. He struggled to breathe as a second kick knocked the oxygen out of his lungs.
      Hans' ears rang from the impact of his head hitting the cold concrete floor. Regaining his breath was difficult as he coughed up blood mixed with mucus. Sweat, tears, and blood from a resulting cut to his eyebrow flowed down his face. The prisoner wanted to curse but thought against the idea. Spitting in the Marine's face had caused the pain he was feeling and calling his mom a bitch didn't seem like a good idea.
       Strong arms reached down and pulled Han and the wooden chair he was attached to into an upright position. His head hung low as he didn't have the energy to lift it up. His lungs were struggling to return to their normal exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen. Two fingers pressed against his forehead and pushed his head back. Han's eyes locked onto the Military Police Sergeant standing over him. The navy blue fatigues with black tactical, ballistic armor vest made the muscular Marine look intimidating. The MP slung his MA5B assault rifle across his back and adjusting the M6D pistol on his equipment belt.
      The prisoner directed his focus away from the stern face that looked down on him, and onto the soldier's black armband with the white letters MP stitched onto it. "I already told you I don't know what you're talking about." Hans managed to say.
       "I don't want to hear that bullshit. Now tell me where the rest of you rebels are hiding."
       "I'm not a rebel, I work for a merchant company."
       "Do you honestly want me to believe that load of shit you've been feeding me for the last three hours. It was not a coincident that you were at the terrorist attacks on the planet Esta. We tracked the rebels here to Zeta II and like magic you show up."
       "My corporation does inter galactic sales… It is only a coincident like you said." Hans swallowed the saliva and blood that gathered in his mouth. From the look in the MP's eyes, he knew the lies weren't working.

       Captain Charles McDowell and Lieutenant Colonel Paper watched from behind the two-way mirror at the interrogation in the connecting room. The Battalion Commander stood with his arms crossed, and the Alpha Company Commander could read the frustration in his face.
      "Charlie, these rebels have already made two attacks and from what the local police have heard on the street, they are recruiting. As all the governors of every planet that requested UNSC Military Police assistance, the local politicians are scared shitless of these rebels. Two hundred civilians here on Zeta II are either dead or wounded because of these bastards. I want their location now. I don't care what you have to do to obtain it, just do it."
      "Aye, aye sir." McDowell replied without taking his eyes off the prisoner in the other room. The door to the observation room closed as the Lieutenant Colonel left. "Let's do this." He said to the empty room. Removing his M6D pistol from its holster, he thumbed off the safety and returned it to its holder.
       The Sergeant snapped to attention when his Company Commander entered the room. With a soft at-ease the Marine NCO returned to his relaxed state. The MP Captain marched over to Hans and stopped half a meter away as the Sergeant relocated to the back corner of the room. Folding back the transparent data eyepiece, McDowell took off his black ballistic helmet and tossed it to his interrogation NCO. He ran his hand over his close cut Marine issue haircut as he prepared himself.
       "My commanding officer has authorized me to make a deal with you." The MP officer stared the rebel in his eyes.
       "What do I need a deal for? I'm innocent of any crimes. You need to arrest your lap dog over here," Hans gestured to the Sergeant leaning in the corner. "I am a prisoner and he assaulted me. I have rights."
       "The second my Military Police Battalion touched ground, this planet came under Marshall Law as outlined in the United Nations Colonial Administration code 68. What that means is that all civil rights are suspended until we leave, and we aren't leaving until whoever you are working for is arrested or dead."
       "Let's hear this deal you're offering." The ideals that his employers were preaching didn't compare to the pain the Marine Sergeant had just inflicted on him.
       "Tell us everything you know, and you get immunity to all the crimes you have committed against the UN and its colonies. In addition we'll through in a free shuttle ride to any planet you want."
       "I'll talk."

       McDowell handed the voice recorder over to his interrogation Sergeant and instructed him to pass the information on it over to the Battalion Commander. The door to the room closed leaving the Captain with Hans. "I gave you what you wanted. Take these handcuffs off," the prisoner demanded, not regretting ratting out on his friends.
       "There is just one more thing Hans," the MP pulled his pistol out of its holster. Hans' face filled with fear. "The UNSC doesn't negotiate with terrorist."
       The firing of two gunshots did not leave the sound proof interrogation room.

       Second Lieutenant Porter was the first to jump the meter from the rear ramp of the hovering Pelican unto the roof of the apartment building. The rest of his six men Rapid Entry Force (REF) moved to secure the rooftop as the Pelican pulled off. No one inside could have known that the plane flying close over their building had even stopped for a second.
       The officer motioned for his team to move towards the stairs. According to the information given to him and his men, the rebels were holding up in a two bed room apartment on the tenth floor. His men moved quickly down the five stories of stairs to their objective. Checking his data eye piece, the Lieutenant confirmed that the terrorist were in room 1005. He bought up the structural design of the building and found the location of the room. Signaling to his squad, he followed behind his breach Corporal.
       The six men REF lined up in a stack as they carefully walked down the hallway. The Marine in front carried the four feet long, hardened plastic ballistic entry shield with his left arm and M6D with tactical laser mounted on it in his right hand. The other MPs tucked their submachine guns tight against their shoulders. Arriving at the right door the Marines stood close to the wall. The breach Corporal positioned himself right in front of the door. The commanding officer let his weapon sling across his chest and unslung his M90 shotgun. Pulling back and pushing forward the pump action loaded a round in the chamber.
       The Marines in Porter's unit were ready for this. They practiced this everyday and employed it several times in the field, but the same level of danger never failed. Porter raised the shotgun as the number three position MP readied his flash-bang. The Lieutenant pulled the trigger blowing apart the door's lock. Everything moved in slow motion for him as the breach timer on his display started. The flash bang flew into the room and exploded.
       Porter dropped the shotgun, pulled his sub machinegun into his shoulder, tapped his breach Corporal on his helmet. The six Marines entered the apartment. Weapons fired into anyone who raised a gun against the MPs. The team broke apart as they moved to clear their individual rooms.
       Porter kicked open the door to one of the bedrooms. On the other side a confused man with a bath towel stared at him. Seeing the Military Police band on his arm, the half naked man made a move for a gun on a nearby dressed. He never made it as the team leader kicked the rebel in his chest, sending him to the ground in pain. Porter continued into the room clearing it as the Marine behind him moved to handcuff the towel wearing man.
       Shouts of the word "clear" filled the air. Porter stopped the breach counter at exactly forty-five seconds. Putting on his weapon's safety, he met up with the rest of his squad in the apartment's living room. Three captured rebels were sat on the couch. The breach Corporal came over to his Lieutenant.
       "Sir we took down seven of them, no casualties on our side."
       Porter nodded as he sat on a reclining chair facing the surviving rebels. Two of his men stood over the prisoners, weapons trained on them. Activating his helmet COM, he chose the channel he wanted. "This is ALLEYCAT to Command, the garbage is taken out. Three values found over."
       The reply was brief and Porter recognized the voice of Lieutenant Colonel Paper. "Command to ALLEYCAT, take out all the garbage, repeat take out all the garbage."
       "Roger that Command." Porter was surprised at the comfort of the reclining chair. He would have to get one after he retired. Forcing himself up, he let his sub machinegun hang across his chest and pulled out his M6D. Standing in front of the towel wearing rebel, he placed the barrel of his pistol against the man's forehead.
       "How the fuck do you plan a rebellion from an apartment?"