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The Fall of New Mombassa Part 5
Posted By: Havoc 101<syrtisminor@gmail.com>
Date: 2 November 2007, 4:22 am

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Sgr. Mitchell, Parker, and the elite all teleported to the bridge of a covenant capital ship. The bridge was large and there were people everywhere. There were elites and humans, and they looked like they were getting ready for a big battle.
They were carrying weapons and equipment through, to, and from the bridge. Mithcell then looked at the bridge's view screen and saw the most amazing thing.
It was another Halo. Installation 07, the last halo ring. It was enormous, larger than any of the other Halo rings. Around it, were many covenant and UNSC ships, all classes. They must all be on the same side with the ship he is on, because they weren't attacking each other. Mitchell turned to the elite, very confused.
"What the hell is going on here?" he asked the elite.
"Yes, allow me to explain. My name is Retre Ownessy and this is my assistant, Yukke, standing next to me. I've brought you here to help us with this important mission. I have searched everywhere for an army like this and I have finally got it. That ring out there, is the most amazing, but most dangerous thing in the galaxy. I've been to its control room. It was larger than the other ring, the one the demon destroyed. The demon was doing the right thing, and today, we will follow his example. We're going to destroy it, together," Retre said to Mitchell.
"I still don't understand why I'm here," Mitchell asked.
"Ah, I know. I picked you because you are special. I looked at a bunch of stolen video recordings from various cities in Earth, looking for the best soldiers. We need the best for there will be flood on that ring. There always is," Retre told him, "Remember, in New Mombasa, how you survived without any fatal damage like everyone else did. Someone is trying to protect you, and I don't know who. Whoever it is has power on an enormous scale. I don't think you're meant to die, yet. Maybe it's because you're supposed to be here," Retre said.
"Okay so what do I do?" Mitchell asked Retre.
"Well, you're going to….," Retre said as the ship suddenly shook violently.
On the view screen, many slip space ruptures formed, and in a few seconds, the largest brute fleet ever seen appeared.
"Sir, forty brute ships just appeared. There cannons have been recently charged, they were expecting us," one of the elites on the bridge said to Retre
"Tell all ships to fire at will. Put the ship on Red Alert. Tell the ships to drop troops to drop troops at these locations on the ring. We must not let the brutes interfere. Sargent, the rest of your team is waiting in the hangar. I picked them up before looking for you. Take a Phantom and follow that group of brute dropships, their heading for the ring," Retre said as he pointed to the veiwscreen.
"Alright, Parker, let's move, double time!" Mitchell ordered.
Mitchell and Parker made their way to the hangar. They met up with the rest of his marines and then boarded a Phantom. An elite pilot flew them out of the hangar and headed to the Halo.
It was harsh out near the giant ring. There were plasma and MAC gun shots everywhere. He was surprised they had actually made it out of the hangar. They did what they could to follow the group of brute Phantoms and Banshees to the ring. They made it far, before the problems started happening.
A covenant Seraph fighter had spotted them. It locked a target on them and then started peppering them with plasma fire. The Phantom's armor was tough, it had survived most of the plasma. But it couldn't hold if it was under fire for a long time by such powerful plasma bolts. Eventually, its engine got destroyed and it started plummeting to the ground.
The Phantom fell a few kilometers before crashing on the ring. It crashed in a lush jungle full of wild live. The Phantom hit the ground with a nice loud THUD! Flames and debris flew everywhere.

Retre looked out at the view screen. They were doing well, but the brutes were doing better. While his ships took out a dozen of their ships, they took four-teen. They were heavily outnumbered, even with all the ships he had.
The ship he was on was almost about to blow. The Brutes were doing all they could to take the capital ship out. Retre had started evacuating the crew a couple of minutes ago. The bridge crew had to wait until the rest of the crew was out, or they would get trampled before they could even get to an escape pod.
"Sir, the crew has been successfully evacuated. What are our next orders?" an elite told him.
"Get to escape pods. That means you too Yukke. I'll stay here and make sure all of theship's data makes it out safely," Retre told everyone on the bridge.
They all left without question. They all knew Retre wasn't going to make it out in time. But they had to get to the escape pods before they became wasted, too.
Retre went up to a control panel, and started sending all of the data to the next command cruiser. After he was done he went up to the navigation console. He was typed in some coordinates and the ship started moving. Retre was going to crash the ship on the ring. It wouldn't destroy it, but it would damage it. He was going to make this ship go to go use. It would be a waste if it just blew up and left debris flying everywhere.

On the bridge of the Infinite Journey, a brute captain watched the warships battle on the view screen. One of his crewmen suddenly came up to him.
"Sir, the elite's capitol ship is heading straight for the Sacred Ring!" the crewman told the captain.
"Shoot them down. The prophet will not look kindly on any damage to Halo because of this battle,"

Retre suddenly looked up at the view screen and saw a plasma bolt from one of the brute ships heading towards him. He turned and ran. As he made it out, the bridge blew into flames.

Mitchell woke up inside the flaming troop compartment of the crashed Phantom. There was fire everywhere. The Phantom was apparently on its back since everything was upside down. His team was now where to been seen. The pilot, was still in the cockpit, apparently unconscious, and was surrounded by fire.
Mitchell, seeing this, crawled toward the cockpit. The alien bastard probably helped in destroying Earth, but he had to save it. When he made it to the cockpit, he reached out his hand and tried to grab the elite. The fire was burning his hands and back, his face was covered with black dirt.
He finally got a hold of the pilot and pulled him out of his chair. He then dragged the elite with him to the back compartment of the Phantom. The exit was blocked. Mitchell desperately tried to break down one of the phantoms walls. After almost a twenty tries, he finally broke the wall open a small bit.
He squeezed the elite and himself through the gap and crawled out, coughing. He looked up and saw his team looking down at him in disbelieve
"Well, what the hell are you guys looking at?" Mitchell said to them.
"Shit, we thought you were dead," McGarden said to him.
Corporal Spencer helped Mitchell up and handed him a cloth to get the dirt of his face. They handed Mitchell a magnum and a Assault Rifle.
"So what are we going to do with the elite?" Parker asked.
"Leave him here with Mc Garden and Scrapper. Me, Spencer and Parker are going to scout out, and see if we can find help," Mitchell told them.
"Alright, sir," they all said in unison.
"Alright, let's move out." Mitchell ordere.
They moved through the jungle. It was nice, peaceful, and quiet. There was wildlife everywhere. It was weird, such a peaceful environment on such a deadly ring. Before he could think anymore, he heard a noise.
Mitchell and the two marines with him crouched down and looked through a bunch of bushes. There was a small clearing, and there was a hologram of the Halo they were on in the middle of it. There were a bunch of brute minors, and a brute chieftain. He had his Gravity Hammer sitting on a rock next to him, and a Brute Spike Rifle on his belt.
"Our will attack here, here and here. This will cause a distraction for the elites so we can sneak in the Ring's control room and start the Great Journey!" the Chieftain said as he pointed at the hologram in the center of the clearing.
All of the other Brutes roared in approval. Mitchell snuck next to a rock with a bunch of spike grenades on it. He then took four, put three on his belt, and held one in his hand. He then moved into the clearing.
"Hey, jackass, Great journey my ass," Mitchell said to the Brute Cheiftan.
Mitchell then threw the spike grenade and it stuck right in the center of the Chieftain's red armor. Parker and Spencer then ran in, guns blazing.