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The Fall of New Mombasa Part 4
Posted By: Havoc 101<syrtsiminor@gmail.com>
Date: 26 October 2007, 3:46 am

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Srg. Mitchell went into the armory of the base for more ammo. He and his team had been in the base preparing for battle for a half an hour. They did whatever they could to help everyone at the base out. The base had stone walls, a sewer system, armory, medical center and more. It had all of the things needed for combat, but the base wasn't ready for combat. It had no gates, shields, or cannons. All it had was all of its soldiers and equipment to protect it.
Sgr. Mitchell walked into a small room . Then the base shook. It then shook so much the lights went out for a minute. He turned on his COM and called one of the base's tech men.
"What just happened?" he said into the speaker.
"I don't know. A wrecked covenant battle ship crashed somewhere in Voi. It might have been the impact of the crash, Voi isn't too far from here and the ship was big. Strange though, the area most affected was the base's basement," the tech man told him.
"Mitchell, get down to the basement, find out what happened," the captain's voice suddenly appeared on the COM.
"Yes sir," Mitchell said back.
He then went down and took the stairs to the basement. It was dark there, and there weren't many people. The people that were there, though, were injured and had medics trying to give them antibiotics and shots. He walked down into one area and heard a noise.
The room was empty and didn't have many lights. Mitchell raised the shotgun he had found in the armory. He heard something move behind a cabinet. He looked around to the side of it and saw Parke there with a rat on his armor.
"Get it off, get it off!" the marine yelled.
Mitchell pulled the rat of Parker and threw it. He then decided to say a few words to Parker.
"Boy, you're really starting to piss me off! First the negative comment in the middle of battle and now a rat. It's a damn rat not some plasma grenade. If it was a plasma grenade I would let you yell "Get it off," all you want, but it's a rat," Mitchell yelled in his face.
"Sir, thank you, sir, for your nice little piece of advice. And yes, I am here for the same reason you are. Now can you be quiet, there's something in the next room," Parker said to him in a whisper.
"You've got a lot of nerve boy, now advance at the door way," Mitchell said to him.
They moved to the door and took positions on both sides of it. Mitchell gave Parker the hand signal to open the door. Parker lowered his Assault Rifle and touched the doors open and close button. The door opened and the two marines charged in there, guns raised.
There was nothing there. It was silent. The door suddenly slammed shut and locked.
"Damn!" Mitchell said as he hit the doors open button.
They were trapped. They suddenly heard a noise. It sounded like it was coming from everywhere. It was a bunch of gurgling and other weird sounds. Then a form came down from the ceiling of the large room. Then another and another. They all stepped out into the light to reveal themselves as flood combat forms.
"Holy shit!" Parker yelled.
"Stop saying that word and just fire that gun of yours," Mitchell ordered him.

Retre saw the glow of gold rings around him from the teleportation system and then he felt the familiar feeling of sickness. Good thing he only ate a light breakfast before duty. He looked around the new environment. Except when he looked around, it wasn't new.
He looked around the familiar corridors of High Charity. Except something was different. He heard battle all over the city. And it didn't sound like lead weapons vs. plasma weapons, what he heard was plasma vs. plasma.
Retre walked through a few more corridors and rooms to find himself on a large balcony outside. He could see the forerunner ship and the whole city. In the middle of the balcony was a battle between a bunch of brutes and three elites. Two of the elites were minors and the last one was a major. He joined his brothers in combat and fought until all of the brutes were on the ground dead. The major elite came up to him.
"Retre, I thought you were at Earth. Anyway, the most tragic thing happened. The brutes have betrayed us, they have killed our brothers and took our higher ranking elites," the elite told him.
"This isn't too tragic. The brutes would have attacked sooner or later, it was inevitable," Retre said to the major.
"Yes, you're right, but it was under the prophets order. And, the drones and jackals have sided with them. Some hunters and grunts are showing signs of betrayal, too," the major said back to him.
"The prophets? This cannot be," Retre said in disabelieve.
"Oh yes, they publicly announced it. Now that they have the Index, they breaking away from the covenant and using the Brutes as a distraction so we won't get to them.," the major told him.
"They were using us!" Retre said angrily, "All the prophets needed us for is to make sure they don't get killed. Major, I have seen the Oracle, or one of them. He said all of the humans are forerunner, or their ancestors. The prophets wanted them dead so they wouldn't be able use the gods creations, like sentinels, against us."
"Then we must find the rest of our brothers, and then find the humans. If this is true, then we were fighting our gods all along. They can help us defeat the brutes, and with them on our side, we will be able to use our lords creations against the prophets," the major said.
"Your right. As much as I hated the humans, they are our only hope. If the covenant is against us, we will truly fail. But with the humans, we might actually have a chance, and with them, we will be able to unleash the prophets' worst nightmare. Our gods haven't fallen to the flood, and they will not fall to these heretics," Retre exclaimed.

Sgr. Mitchell shot a nearby flood with his shotgun. Parker just panickly fired everywhere when a combat form got near him. There weren't just combat forms, but infection and carrier forms as well. When Parker was panicking, he would take out the infection and carrier forms, since Assault Rifles worked well on them. Mitchell worked on the tough combat forms, since he had a shotgun, which was known for its flood-pounding action.
They took out all of the floods that came at them, but more and more came, and they didn't have unlimited ammo. The flood were coming in from every part of the room, and they had Parker and Mitchell pinned down at one of the walls. Now that they were almost helpless, the infection forms started to come in. Right before they started to jump, there was a loud noise. It sounded like metal crushing stone. The flood stopped where they were and focused on what was happening. The ground shook, and then there was an explosion that made a hole in the wall.
A bunch of armored brutes came out of the hole with jackal at their side. The covenant troops jumped into the room and plunged into the swarm of flood. The flood took all their attention away from Mitchell and Parker and started to attack the brutes. Using this distraction as an advantage, they ran to the hole in the wall and took out the jackals that were guarding the exit.
There was a long passage way that led up, and they climbed it. The walls in the tunnel were made of dirt, making it hard to climb. It was also hot, probably because of the plasma the covenant used to make the tunnel.
When they finally got to the top, they ran far from the base. They had to get away from the base before the flood defeated the brutes. When they were half-way up the tunnel, they heard the screams brutes make when they die, which meant the flood were probably going to win and go after their lost prey.
Mitchell and Parker ran far and then stopped to catch their breath. Mitchell finally relaxed, but then he saw the translucent body of an elite with active camouflage. Mitchell grabbed his shotgun and aimed, but the elite fire its Plasma Rifle. The bolts went over his head though, to a brute who was about to crush Parker.
The Brute fell to the ground dead. The elite headed towards Mitchell and the sergeant raised his shotgun right in his face. The elite pushed it aside before he could fire.
"Easy, human, we're on the same side," the elite said to Mitchell.
"What, you elites almost killed me in New Mombasa," Mitchell said to the elite.
"You humans agreed to side with us. The brutes are our main enemy now," the elite said again.
"Parker, how long were we knocked out when that slip space rupture hit the city," Mitchell asked.
"I don't know sir, could have been days. I felt like I had a good night's sleep," Parker answered.
"The elite might be right," Mitchell said to himself, " Alright elite, if you're on our side, help us take this base from the flood,"
"Not yet, there is something more important we must attend to," the elite said.
Then Mitchell, Parker, and the elite disappeared into a series of the gold rings of a teleportation system.