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The Fall of New Mombassa Part 3
Posted By: Havoc 101<syrtisminor@gmail.com>
Date: 14 October 2007, 1:24 am

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Srg. Mitchell got up off a pile of debris. He looked around. Everything was destroyed and in ruins. The tower in the middle of the city had fallen and the street was torn into pieces.
"What just happened," Mitchell asked his crew.
"Like that elite said; slip space rupture from the covenant ship. They must have gotten scared and ran," Spencer answered.
"Cowards," Mitchell mumbled under his breath, "How did we survive this?" Mitchell screamed at his team.
"I don't know. I just saw white and then the next thing I knew I was laying face down on the street," Parker said.
"Are we all okay?" he asked them all again.
"Yes sir, only minor wounds," Spencer answered him.
"Good, now let's try to get out of here," Mitchell yelled.
They weren't the only ones who survived, though. A brute busted out of a pile of ruble and charged at them. It was berserking and trying to tear apart McGarden. Mitchell pulled his magnum out of its holster and aimed. He then head-shotted the ugly beast before it jumped on top of McGarden.
"Holy shit," McGarden said as he kicked the brute's corpse.
"Does anyone have a working COM?" Mitchell asked them all.
"I do," Scrapper said to the sarge.
"Good, give it to me," Mitchell ordered.
Scrapper gave Mitchell his COM unit. Mitchell tried to get a connection, and then tried to call for help. After about five minutes of trying he finally got an answer.
"This is Seargent Mitchell, does anybody read me," he said through the COM.
"Yes, we read you seargent. What do you need?" a voice answered.
"We need immediate pick up from New Mombassa. Something freaky happened and we survived. Repeat, we need immediate pickup on the double," Mitchell said through the COM.
"New Mombassa, holy shit," the voice said to itself, "Roger that. We're gonna send a few nearby Hornets. All of our Pelicans are too busy with other things," the voice said.
"Roger that," Mitchell said back.
They waited for about three minutes until they saw the hornets fly over head. There were four of them: three to pick up his team, and the other for backup, Mitchell thought. They hopped on the sides of the vehicles, and watched the real damage New Mombassa took from over head.
There was a weird noise and they looked up to see a fleet of covenant warships a distance away.
"These bastards just don't know when to quit," Parker said.
"They probably were looking for something in the city. Other wise they probably would have glassed the city," Mitchell said.
"Wasn't important enough for them not to make a slip space jump inside the city," Parker said.
'We've got enemy contact moving in: four Banshees and two Phantoms. It's gonna get rough," the pilot of the Hornet said.

Retre saw the flash of gold around him again and then saw he was in another area. He felt like he was going to throw up; but he didn't. He saw he was in a large room. It was shaped like the inside of an orange; with a hole at the bottom. He and the monitor were on a glass bridge, and in the center, was a hologram of a halo around a hologram of a planer.
Retre then recognized this room from stories he had heard. It was the control room of one of the halos, or as the covenant called it: sacred rings.
"Why have you brought me here?" he asked the monitor.
"Why we have to activate this installation, the flood is spreading." The monitor said.
"As much as it sickens me, only a human can activate the sacred rings and start the great journey," Retre said to the monitor.
"Great journey? Ah yes, it is what your kind refers to as the activation process. Well, after months of watching reclaimer after reclaimer die from the flood to reach this stage, I found Earth. There were many of the reclaimers there, but they were busy fighting your race. None of them were fit to activate this installation either. But then I found you, reclaimer. You were different from the rest of them. So now the final stage is up to you, reclaimer.
"Don't we need the activation index," Retre said to the monitor.
I have it right here. The previous reclaimer made it this far. Unfortunately, there was a small flood outbreak and he died just like the other reclaimers," the monitor.
The monitor gave Retre the index and Retre walked up to the room's control panel. He was about to put it in when the monitor said something else.
"This is so exciting! This is this installation's first real firing. I will enjoy every second!" the monitor said.
Retre then put the index in the slot on the panel. There was a bunch of hologramic rings around them. The whole place lightly shook. There was a bright blinding white light.

Mitchell watched as they did a 360 in the air and crushed into an enemy banshee. The other hornets continuously fired missiles at the two phantoms until they burst into a cloud of flame. They took out the remaining Banshees and then watched as a bunch of drones supported by more banshees came at them.
Mitchell's team fired at the drones while the pilots focused on the banshees. He took out a few drones that were getting close to him, but one survived. It landed in front of him and was trying to grab hold of him. Mitchell then smacked it with the butt of his battle rifle. It fell all the way to the ground.
"Not this time, bastard," Mitchell said as he watched the corpse float down into the city below.
The Hornets took out the Banshees and his team took out the remaining drones. They tried to avoid the warships and covenant contact and flew just below the clouds.
"There is a marine base not to far from the city. We're gonna land there. We'll get blown into pieces if we stay here any longer," the pilot said.
"Roger that," Mitchell said back.
They flew away from the city and passed Old Mombassa. It was in worse shape than the other city. They flew above a lake for a while and then above a jungle until they landed on the landing pad of the base.
They jumped off and several marines greeted them. Then they saw a captain come out of one of the base's doors and onto the roof. They all saluted.
"At ease marines. I didn't think we would be lucky enough to get a few hornets and more marines," the captain said to Mitchell and his team.
"What's a captain doing here," Mitchell asked him.
"The covenant destroyed my ship. I was lucky enough to reach a life pod before it blew,"
"Sir, the scouts have reported that there are large groups of covenant infantry have been spotted heading in this direction," a marine said as he came through the same door the captain came through.
"Alright, let's get ready for heavy infantry assault," the captain said.

After the blinding light, Retre found himself on the floor. He got up and asked the monitor what happened.
"Apparently, I was wrong about you. Your DNA seemed identical to the recalimers' DNA. It didn't work though, so I must find another who can activate this installation. How disappointing," the monitor said.
"What will happen to me?" Retre asked the monitor.
"Before I can find another reclaimer, I must first dispose of the previous one," the monitor said as five sentinels came up behind it.
"No," Retre said.
"I'm sorry, but it is in my programming. I promise it will be quick," the monitor said.
The monitor teleported somewhere and the sentinels got ready to fire. They then released their golden-orange lasers at Retre.