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The Fall of New Mombasa Part 2
Posted By: Havoc 101<syrtisminor@gmail.com>
Date: 7 October 2007, 4:15 am

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Rertre Onwessy watched as dozens of ghosts raced down the bridge. Apparently the human was wrong. The demon hadn't made it to the bridge yet, but he heard reports from other covenant command post that the demon was on its way. He had this planned out perfectly, the ghosts would tire the demon, and then the wraith would finish him off.
Retre's mandibles twisted into an alien grin as he watched the phantom come in with the wraith tank. Everything was going to be perfect. Yukke came up to him.
"Sir, one of our snipers has spotted two marines on the other side of the bridge," Yukke informed him.
"Send a few ghosts down there, we don't want them to ruin our plans," Retre ordered Yukke.
"Yes sir," Yukke said.
The two ghosts raced across the bridge. He watched as they disappeared down the other side of the bridge. He gasped as he saw two explosions on the other side. Then he roared in anger as he saw a human scorpion tank coming slowly toward the other side.
"Ahhh, Yukke, I thought you said it was just two humans," Retre said in great anger.
"I did, that's the demon," Yukke said back.
"Alright, send all of the ghosts down the bridge, tell the banshee pilots to get ready, and get the wraiths up here," Retre ordered.
"Yes, sir," Yukke said.

Srg. Mitchell fired his battle rifle multiple times, taking out a jackal, two elites, and three grunts. He and his marines were ducking behind a stack of debris, fighting for their lives.
"Sir, this is suicide," Parker yelled.
"I'm getting the hell out of here," McGarden said as he started running toward the hole they had come from.
"Don't even think about it marine. You either die fighting or die running, cause I'll shoot you myself if you retreat. All we need to do is take out that wraith, and I've go an idea. Spencer, roll a frag under the tank," the sarge ordered.
The corporal did what he was told and threw a grenade under the tank. The grenade exploded and damaged the tank's plasma cannon. An elite came out of the tank to repair it. Mitchell then threw a frag at the elite. It bounced off the alien's blue armor and right inside the tank. The wraith exploded into a cloud of blue smoke and the infantry around it started panicking.
The marines shot down all of the cowards until the room was filled with alien blood, and corpses.
"Spencer, status report," Mitchell said to the corporal.
"Everyone here is okay. Just a few minor plasma burns, but we can still fight," Spencer told him.
"That's good news. Let's get out of here before more of them come," Mitchell said.

Retre watched in disbelieve as one by one, his infantry and vehicles blew into clouds of fire. After impatiently watching the demon slaughter his army, he jumped into a ghost himself and charged at the tank. He gave one last order before he went.
"Yukke, if he gets this far call in the ambush team," he ordered and then went off.
Retre boosted all the way to the demon's tank and started burning off its wheels.

"Chief, the elite is trying to burn our wheels," Cortana said to the Master Chief.
"Hold on," the Chief said as he turned the tank toward the ghost.
The front of the tank smashed into Retre's ghost and made it go flying off the side of the bridge. He watched as the elite and his ghost flew through the air and down into the water below.
"Good job, but there's another few ghosts heading your way," Cortana informed the Chief.

Srg. Mitchell walked into the street out side the building they were just in. There were empty cars littered along the street. Bu they weren't the only ones there. A covenant ghost came right at Mitchell and almost ran him over. It would have too, if the warthog didn't come smashing in to it.
"Heard you guys could use a ride," the driver smiled at him.
"You heard right," Mitchell said back to him.
They all squeezed into the vehicle, even though it was only designed to fit three people.
"Where do ya need to go?" the driver asked.
"There," Mitchell said as he pointed at the warship floating above New Mombassa.
They drove around killing every covenant bastard that was stupid enough to get in their way. They were making good progress until they ran into the scarab. The ground started shaking and the enormous thing walked right in their way.
"A scarab," Spencer yelled out.
"Holy shit, I've never seen one this close," Parker said.
"Well today is your lucky day," Mitchell said, "We must be close to their ship."
They drove a few more blocks until a plasma grenade stuck to the bottom of the warthog.
"Shit," Spencer yelled.
"Everybody out," Mitchell ordered.
They got out just in time but they still got hit by the blast. Mitchell fell to the ground. Something then picked him up. It was a brute.
"Human," the brute said in is face.
"Get your self a breath mint you ugly bastard," Mitchell spat in his face.
The brute then raised its spike rifle to his face. It was about to pull the trigger when the ground shook. The warship then started moving with the glow of the slip space portal around its bow.
"Slip space rupture along the ship's bow," an elite said.
The ship went into slip space and all of New Mombassa got absorbed into the blinding white slip space rupture.

Retre awoke on the shore of a sewer wall on the other side of the bridge. He was covered in his own blood. He ached all over. He clutched his stomach in pain. He then saw a sparkle of gold and then a small ball with one eye appeared.
"Oracle!" Retre exclaimed.
It was another monitor. This one had a purple eye instead of a blue or red one.
"Reclaimor, we must move now, there is much work to be done," the monitor said and then they both disappeared into shimmering gold.