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The Fall of New Mombassa Part 1
Posted By: Havoc 101<syrtisminor@gmail.com>
Date: 28 September 2007, 7:35 pm

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Srg.Mitchell looked up at the covenant worship docked in New Mombassa. He didn't know what he would do when he would meet up with the Master Chief to take that thing down and take that thing down. The prophet was about to learn not to mess with UNSC and especially his bad ass squad.
"Sir, we've found a sewer tunnel that leads directly below a building somewhere near the city center; we're going to have to do some swimming though," Corporal Spencer said to Mitchel.
"Doesn't matter, unless you guys are afraid of the water," The seargent said to his marines,"
"Why can't we just take the bridge? That is probably the most direct route to the covenant ship," Private Parker said has he pointed to the bridge in front of them,"
"That's a stupid question marine. The covenant are using the bridge to move their vehicles and gear to New Mombassa. There has to a lot of them, and we don't have enough ammo to take them all after what we had to take on in Old Mombassa. We also need a lot more men to take on that many covenant," The seargent said to the private.
"We're going to have climb down into the water below and swim all the way to the other side. When we get to the other side we're going to have to climb a little more on that wall over there, and there should be a sewer tunnel that can get us inside the city without being noticed," the corporal said to seargent again.
"Alright marines, put up your gear and get prepared for a little swimming," Mitchell ordered his troops.

Retre Onwessy, walked through the hallways of the covenant battleship. He walked past a group engineers who ignored him like they did to the rest of the covenant's races. He walked through more hallways, passed some grunts and then walked into the gear room where his special ops team waited patiently for him. They were made up of two grunts and three elites. He was their leader for more than six years. They never questioned his orders and were loyal to him, even the ungoggy in his team.
"Has the prophet given us a mission yet?" Yukke Yaimee, his elite assistant, asked him.
"No, but be patient my brothers, they will summon us soon.
A few minutes later he got a transmission on his COM link.
"Retre, you have a new order. We have found out that the demon has found us," Regret said through the COM said.
"The demon, really," Retre said in disbelieve
"Yes, your mission his to stop him before we find the Ark," Regret said again.
"Yes holly one, may the prophets' will be done," Retre said before the COM switched off.
" Alright men, we have the prophet's blessing to kill the demon, get your equipment and then get to the gravity lift. This isn't just any mission, this is an honor," Retre said to his troops has they got ready.

"This is why I hate climbing," Private McGraden said as he struggled to put his hand on a part of the wall.
They had just finished swimming across to the other side below the bridge and now they were trying to climb into the sewer up the wall and into the sewer tunnel. It wasn't an easy trip; even the sarge was having a hard time.
"This why I tried to convince you to go into one more month of training," Srg. Mitchell said to his marines."
"The training was real bull..." Parker said as he suddenly got interupted.
"Watch your mouth Parker, that training is the only thing that's keept you alive through all of those battles," Mitchell screamed at him.
"Sir, I'm almost there...yes, I've gotten into the tunnel," the sarge heard Corporal Spencer say.
"So have I," Private Scrapper said.
Soon they were all inside the circular, 10 feet high, 7 feet wide tunnel.
"Marines, take out your weapons and turn on your helmet lights, it's dark in here." Mitchell ordered his squad.
After about 10 minutes of traveling through the tunnel, the corporal looked at the map and saw they were at there destination.
"The building should be right on top of us," he said.
"So, how do we get up there; there's no latter or door above on the ceiling," McGraden said to his teammates.
"Spencer, set a charge," the sarge ordred the corporal.

Retre loaded his carbine and charged his sword. Yukke had a carbine like him, Dion Vergima: his other elite warrior dual-wielded two needlers, and his grunt ungoggys had dual-plasma pistols. They all had 4 plasma grenades and he told Yukke to pack a fuelrod gun. This was no regular human, this was the demon. Many great warriors have fallen to his might, but not his squad. They were ready, and when they came back with the demon's bloody head, they would be the most legendary heroes of the covenant ever.
They got to the gravity lift and he ordered his grunts to go first, just in case of snipers who could snipe us when we headed down the lift. The ungoggy reported it was safe, so they went down the lift two at a time.
When they got down, he smelled the unbearable stench of humans nearby. They would head in that direction and the humans would tell them were the demon was. Theyn stepped through the ruins of the city until they spotted a crashed pelican dropship and about 12 humans.
"Warriors, engage active camouflage now. Then sneak up on the enemy. Kill has many as you want, just leave at least one alive." he ordered them.
They attacked silently, but the marines noticed that their teammates were falling.
"Open fire every where marines, the bastards must have active camo," their seargant told them.
They did as they were told and eventually they hit one of his warriors shields and his active camo broke. The marines then opened fire on him but then Retre turned his active camo of and fired opened fire. Then all his squad did and the marines fell one by one, but they saved the sarge just like they were told.
Retre then picked up the seargent and started asking him the one thing they attacked them for.
"Where is the demon?"
"The what?" the sarge said, confussed.
"The Master Chief," Retre said to make it clear to him.
"I'm not gonna tell you, bastard," the seargent spat in Retre's face.
Retre took out his sword and put it near the human's face.
"I do not have time for your negative intellect, incompetent beast. I will only ask once more, where is the demon."
"He's on his way to the ship, probably made it to the bridge already. I wouldn't go after him if I were you, he'll kick your ass," the sarge said and laughed in Retre's face.
Retre then threw the sarge on the ground and struck quickly. His teammates looked away from the corpse and waited for his next order.
"We will call in a spectre and then head for the bridge, the demon will fall," Retre said with joy.

"Almost done with setting the charge...got it. Stand back everyone," Corporal Spencer said as he set the charge.
Everyone ducked on cover as peices of cement and metal fell on them. They then got up and climbed up into the lobby of the building above them. When they all got up in the large room, they regreted coming in the city through this building. In side the room were a lot of elites, grunts, jackals, and a wraith tank all looking at them.
"Holy shit," Parker said slowly.
"Alright marines, lets cook the bastards," Mitchell ordered them.