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Fall of New Mombasa Part 6
Posted By: Havoc 101<syrtisminor@gmail.com>
Date: 16 May 2008, 3:06 am

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The Chieftain blew into a smoking puddle of blood and spikes. Parker and Spencer were cleaning up the other Brutes really well; they were all down in minutes. Mitchell took out two Brutes and then went to his two marines.

"Alright men, we got more on our hands than we think. That Brute was talking to something and I don't think it was one person. So we're going to have to…..

Mitchell's COM suddenly turned on and after a moment of static, McGarden's voice went into his ear.

"We've got heavy contact, Brutes, Grunts, Jackals, the whole squad. Scrapper did went berserk and charged, and now he's down. High risk plasma burns. We can't hold out much longer. We need backup ASAP!"

"Rodger that McGarden, give the hell but leave some for us to clean up," Mitchell said.

"Alright marines, here's the scenario. Right now, our squad is getting their asses seared. So, it's our job to cool the heat, so let's go, double-time," Mitchell said to his marine comrades, " So, let's go do our job!"

"Sir, yes, sir," the marines yelled.

Retre Ownessy looked at the hologram of Halo from the bridge of the Lies and Vengeance. He had made a narrow escape from his dying ship, and made it to the battle/science ship Lies and Vengeance. He had been studying the ring for quite some time. The only light in the room came from the holograms in on the bridge and the small Halo in front of him. He wasn't alone in on the bridge, for he was accompanied by a science officer.

"What is this?" Retre asked the science officer.

Retre pointed at a circle on the bottom side of Halo. Author's Note: Retre doesn't know it yet, but these are actually closed forerunner structures featured in Halo 3. I'd make it more specific, but I don't want to put any spoilers in it. To help you out, this is the structure in the E3 trailer for Halo 3, and in the last cutscene of "The Storm" in Halo 3. The cool thing is that you can actually see these structures on the bottom of Halo in Halo: Combat Evolved, on the main menu.

The science officer looked at, but then turned back to the holographic panel in front of him, "Nobody knows what the anomalies and structures are. We had one Halo ring that would have given us tons of information, but it was destroyed by the demon," the science officer told him.

Retre made a low growl, "I was sent to kill the demon not too long ago, and I thought I was going to do it. It disgusts me that I have to be on his side. He is the last human I would help."

"Your greatest enemy, is now your greatest ally," The science officer said, "Just think of it this way, he's probably our only way to win this war,"

Sergeant Mitchell looked out of the cockpit of the pelican dropship and into the rain falling around him. He had successfully saved his fellow marines and was now on his way to another mission. Scrapper and the injured elite were on a separate dropship to a military base that was set up not long ago.

They got a replacement for Scrapper, some Private name Myers. He was new, so the team wasn't counting too much on him. They also didn't like him because he stood as a monument to Scrapper, who they might not see again.

They were now on their way to the control room. The Brutes were too close to the control room for them to stop them, so Retre had come up with another plan. The plan was to destroy the firing generators that the ring used to get power to fir, and from what Retre had told them, they didn't want it to be fired. Hopefully, the damage would stop the ring from firing until the generators could be repaired, and cause a little damage to the ring itself.

Unfortunately, the control was located in a swamp, were it was wet, and hard to see. The pelican hovered only a few meters off the ground and the marines piled out. It was like any swamp, misty, wet, foggy, and gross.

"I got water in my boots!" Myers yelled.

"You better shut it or I will shove a grenade in your boots!" Parker yelled.

"Better shut it Parker, or you won't have a boot in a few minutes," Mitchell yelled, "Now let's go marines. Stay sharp, just because the Brutes are ahead of us doesn't me we won't encounter them,"

The marines turned in the direction they were supposed to go. Mitchell though he saw something move in the corner of his eye.

Retre stood over the science officer's station, looking at the holographic display in front of him.

"What does it mean, guardians?" Retre asked.

"I don't know, the d
ata from the ring says that the guardians are heading for the control room to stop the intruders," the science officer said.

Retre had a bad feeling in his alien gut about that. He went back to his main control panel and looked at the display. It wasn't moving. The ship felt like it was moving. And not a direction he wanted to go to. Down.