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Zan 'Socromee
Posted By: Hank Williams
Date: 16 March 2007, 3:32 am

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       Truth smiled at Zan, as Mercy slowly hovered behind him. Zan stared at Truth as he raised a hand and pressed a single key on his seat. Zan knew immediately what he was doing, and jumped out of the way as two orange lines of heat spewed toward Zan, exiting from Truth's chair. As he jumped, the two lines moved past him and hit the wall behind him. Zan rolled and quickly jumped up to face the Prophets as Truth turned. The lines had left a very large scorch mark on the wall, and several drops of melted metal fell to the floor. Zan stared straight at Truth, who continued to smile, and squinted his eyes. Truth slowly hovered backwards, with Mercy behind him.
       "While we transcend on the pathway to the Great Journey, the Elites and all that who follow them shall not come with us, and nor will you, Councilor. You will not leave this city alive. None of you will," Truth spoke, his words traveling around the room as he hovered backwards.
       Truth and Mercy stopped in the center of the Sacred Chamber.
       "You do not know what you are setting in motion! Millions will die! Why do you curse the Holy Covenant? The humans are our enemies! Not each other!" Zan said, attempting to sway Truth.
       "You know nothing of the Great Journey, Councilor. None of you do. These days, all we're doing now is fighting the humans. We are not concentrating on what NEEDS to be done, and THAT is heading on the path to salvation!" Mercy said, hovering forward, and raising his fist.
       Zan stood there, looking at them for a second. "The Great Journey is a lie, isn't it? This was the plan all along. To tear the Covenant in two. And while the two parts were fighting, you would put your final piece into place," he said, staring at the Prophets.
       "Councilor, you do not understand. No one does. The Great Journey must continue, at any cost, and right now, that cost is the lives of the Elites. Good bye," Truth floated back another foot, with Mercy behind him. Suddenly, the floor opened and the two Prophets dropped, with two other pieces of floor folding over the hole.
       They were gone, just like that. Zan stood there, looking at the spot where the two traitors had just been. He clenched his fist and turned off his Plasma Sword, placing it back on his belt. As he turned to the door, he shook his head.
       "There they were… they were in my grasp… so close… I could smell their deaths approaching. But they escaped," Zan sighed.
       Suddenly, he turned his entire body around and slammed his fist into the wall. His knuckles cracked and the hardened metal dented under his powerful display of anger. Zan raised his head, bent his knees, opened his arms and roared loudly, his roar echoing around the very tall Sacred Chamber. Again, he shook his head and stood straight. Turning back toward the door, he looked up and stared at it for a few seconds, before slowly moving toward it. As he moved, each foot clanging and the sound echoed around the room. He grabbed his Plasma Sword, and ignited it with a flick of his wrist. When he reached the door, he placed his hand on it, dragging it slowly and softly down.
       "Locked. Truth knew what would happen the whole time," Zan said as looked up and down the large door.
       He stepped back and thought for a moment, looking down at the floor. Zan turned around to examine the room for something for him to use to get through. He had to rescue his fellow Councilors, especially Toro. Toro was all Zan had left to call a friend now. He looked down at his ignited Plasma Sword. Zan smiled, and threw his arm back, then thrust it at the door. The hot plasma cut through the door like a hot knife through butter. However, Zan really had to force it to get through the entire door, before forcing it downward to cut the door. When Zan had reached the floor, he pulled the sword out, and then brought up his leg, and kicked the door where it was cut. With no effect, he kicked it again, then again, and again until the door finally bent and made a hole large enough for Zan to crawl through, and crawl he did. He got on his knees and put his Plasma Sword away, and then crawled through the small hole at the bottom of the door. When he got through, he stood up quickly, pulling out and igniting his Plasma Sword. He has standing in the Council Chamber. To his disappointment, there were both Brute Honor Guards and Elite Councilor bodies littering the area. However, Zan happily counted a 2:1 ratio, in the Elite's favour. Zan nodded his head happily, knowing at least that the Councilors were not going out without a fight. As he stood there, admiring his fellow warriors, the door opened at the end of the chamber and in walked six Brutes, two with Carbines and the other four with Brute Plasma Rifles. They pointed their weapons at Zan, who stood in a combat stance the second they entered. As they stood in silence, suddenly one of the Brutes with a Plasma Rifle stumbled forward, having been pushed by Tartarus. Tartarus walked forward, in between Zan and the Brutes. Zan glared at Tartarus, who laughed.
       "Glaring will do you no good now, Elite," Tartarus spoke, his voice surrounding Zan.
       "If you think I'm afraid of you and your worthless warriors, then you think incorrectly," Zan said, attempting to strike fear into Tartarus, who just stood there.
       Tartarus's mouth slowly formed into a smile.
       "Fool," he turned to his Brutes, "Kill him."
       Zan looked up nervously as Tartarus turned around and was about to leave. Tartarus stopped and turned back.
       "Oh, and by the way, the rest of the Councilor's have either been killed or imprisoned. You're the only one left. Too bad for you, your death is going to be the most gruesome," Tartarus grinned and turned around and left.
       The Brute that was pushed went back into position, with the two Carbine Brutes on the ends of the line, with the other four on the inside. Zan looked around as the Brutes prepared to fire. He spotted another Plasma Sword lying on the ground. Zan smiled to himself, and as the Brutes opened fire, Zan jumped to the left, grabbing the Plasma Sword with his other hand, rolling and jumping up, the Plasma and Carbine rounds going through the place he was previously, hitting the wall behind him, and leaving scorches. Zan stood there as the Brutes turned, and ignited the other Plasma Sword. He stood there, with a Plasma Sword in both hands. Zan could tell that the Brutes were afraid as they stepped back a step, but they aimed their weapons quickly again. Zan laughed and then brought a Plasma Sword's blade in front of his face then pointed it at the Brutes, who just glared at him. Then, surprising the Brutes, Zan leaped forward, pushing with both feet off the ground. Like a bullet, he sped toward the surprised Brutes, heading for the Brute on the side, next to the Carbine Brute. None of the Brutes saw it coming as Zan sliced with his left Plasma Sword, which was in front of his face, while the other was at his side, and cut across the Brute's neck. After cutting the Brute's neck, and making him drop his Plasma Rifle, Zan spun in mid air, and brought his right Plasma Sword forward, and cut the other Brute's arm straight off, who was just turning around. As the Brute with the cut neck grabbed his neck, and the Brutes were turning to fire at Zan, including the one with the missing arm, Zan completed his spin, and lobbed the Brute with the slit throat's head off with his left Plasma Sword. The Brute with the missing arm dodged as Zan attempted to cut him again, moving to the side. Zan stood between the Brutes, with the headless Brute collapsing to the floor. While the other Brutes fired at Zan, Zan jumped up above them, the Plasma bolts and Carbine shots hit the other Brute with the Carbine, throwing him against the wall. Zan brought his Plasma Sword down, as he came down, on top of one of the other Brute, splitting his head in half. When Zan's Plasma Sword reached his neck, he pulled it out and stabbed the Brute in the stomach and picked him up, and threw him at the two other Brutes, who were thrown against the wall by the giant, hairy corpse of their fellow warrior. In the mean time, the one-armed Brute moved around Zan, without him noticing. Zan jumped up again and stabbed the last two Brutes in the stomach, killing them as they were on the floor. As Zan sat there, kneeling with his Plasma Swords in the Brutes, he sighed. Then he felt a very hot blast hit his back and he let out a roar of pain and stumbled forward, hitting his head on the metal wall, and leaving his Plasma Swords in the bodies. Zan had completely forgot to turn on his shields. He turned around, sitting on the floor to see the one-armed Brute pointing his Plasma Rifle Zan, straight at his head at point-blank.
       "Good night, Elite," The Brute spoke, grinning.