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Zan 'Socromee Chapter 2
Posted By: Hank Williams
Date: 9 March 2007, 2:34 am

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     Zan took another step forward, continuing down the hallway, dwelling on what had just happened the previous day in the Council Chamber. He shook his head, pitying the fact that another great warrior had lost his life. As he continued to walk down the hall, he thought about Toro, and his inability to see through the Brutes. Zan could read them like pages off a book, and the Brutes really did not like the Elites. But no Brute would kill an Elite, not with the how the Prophets view the Elites. With clarity and grace, the Brutes will be weeded out of the Covenant society, and the Elites shall remain supreme over the other races, or, that is what Zan truly hoped for.

     Zan truly despised the Brutes. Toro, however, seemed to like them. Zan was usually angered by Toro's blinded sight when it came to certain subjects. It was truly a tragedy that Toro, who was a great and excellent Councilor, was so blinded. Zan took another step, and then another. Each step rung through the hallway, which was empty except for Zan. He continued down and turned the corner, to see two Brutes standing near a door. As Zan walked closer, one Brute pushed him, and growled.
      "Step back, Elite, this is a private chamber," the Brute snarled.
      "Yes, like my most persistent desire was to enter this very room that you two were standing here, guarding. Don't touch me," Zan said, his anger showing in his eyes.
      "Are you scared, Elite? Don't want me touching you?" the Brute grinned at him, his sharp teeth showing.
      "Scared? Of a smelly beast like you? Never. I'm a Councilor. I create fear in our enemies," Zan explained, ensuring his authority.
      "OUR enemies? You make it seem like we're fighting the same war," the Brute laughed.
      "What are you, stupid? Yes, our enemies. We are fighting the same war," Zan said, surprised at the Brute's stupidity.
      "War? It's more of a slaughter than anything. Neither the heretics nor the humans can stand against the might of the Brutes," the Brute said, feeling proud and pounding a fist on his chest.
      "WHAT!? Might of the Brutes? You know that there ARE other races in the covenant, right?" Zan looked at the Brute, who looked quite dumb-founded.
      "Not as far as the Prophets are concerned," The Brute grinned again.
      "What? The Prophets would not trust the Elites on such an important mission of killing the Heretics if they thought the Brutes were better, nor would we be their guards," Zan explained, staring at the Brute.
      "You didn't hear? The Prophet of Regret was killed this morning, by the Demon. The Prophet of Truth has decreed that the Elites are unable to protect them properly. The greatest Brute warriors are replacing them as we speak," The Brute said, almost laughing at Zan's lack of knowledge.
     Zan stood there, staring at the Brute. He was dumb-founded. He could not believe that the prophets would so quickly change the Royal Guard. Zan glared at the Brute, who stood there, smiling at him. Zan let out a low growl, turned, and started walking down the hallway, passing the second Brute. He would not believe the lies of the Brute. As Zan walked away, he could hear the Brutes talking.
      "Stupid Elites. They're all fools. The Brutes are the true warriors of the Covenant," said the first.
      The second let out a growl of agreement. Zan shook his head and continued walking. He would speak to the noble Prophet of Truth about this lie, and see that the Brute is stripped of his rank. What Zan didn't understand is why he was not informed sooner of Regret's demise. He had been awake for quite a while, and usually Councilors are the first to be informed, especially for something as important as that. Zan was angry, and he was going to make sure that Truth knew that.

      When Zan arrived at the entrance to the Sacred Chamber of the Hierarchs, he saw the Royal Guard, but not what he hoped to see. Brutes in Royal Guard armor, with saddened Elites giving up the armor. Many Elites were walking away, severely struck by this blow. Zan looked at one who passed him by, and he looked up at Zan, and shook his head, looking down again and walking past him. Zan sighed and continued up the walkway, past the new Royal Guards, into the Sacred Chamber. There were the Prophets of Truth and Mercy, staring out the large window, at the second Sacred Ring that they had just arrived at the night prior. When Zan entered Truth and Mercy turned around to see him.
      "Ah, Councilor 'Socromee, was there something you required?" Truth asked, looking at him.
      "Yes, Noble Hierarchs. I am curious as to know why I was not informed of the murder of the Prophet of Regret as soon as it happened," Zan questioned, rather angrily, but trying his hardest not to show it.
      "Well, times are truly changing, Councilor, and we can not completely keep pace with all the events that are going on. We are sorry that we could not inform you sooner, but we have many things to attend too, including the changing of the guard, and the assigning of the new Arbiter," Truth replied to his question.
      "That I also do not understand. We have always protected you – why do you change so suddenly? And now?" Zan asked, getting even more irritated.
      "Because it is obvious that the Elites can not protect us. Besides, change can truly be a good thing. Look at it this way, now you'll have more competent protectors," Truth smiled at him.
      Zan looked shocked at his statement. He did not see this reply coming.
      "How can you say that, Noble Hierarch? With the Demon on the loose, can we really afford such a major change? The rest of the Council will not be ok with this, as I certainly am not," Zan stated, crossing his arms and standing up straight.
      Truth looked Zan straight in the eye, striking fear into him. Zan lowered his arms and looked at Truth.
      "Councilor, we have sent the Arbiter to retrieve the Sacred Icon. We will begin the Great Journey very soon. Until then, we must ensure that no more die. With the loss of a Prophet, the Demon has struck a great blow to the Covenant. We must ensure that another does not die," Truth turned to Mercy, who had been watching this whole time.
      "The Brutes will replace the Elites until further notice, and that is our final choice," Mercy said sternly.
      "And the final stages of the Great Journey will take place very soon, and here comes Tartarus," Truth said as Tartarus came through the door.
      Zan turned around to face Tartarus, who nodded to him. Zan nodded back.
      "I have dropped the Arbiter off to pick up the Sacred Icon. Shall we… initiate the next phase?" asked Tartarus while kneeling.
      Truth thought for a moment, and then waved his hand. Zan watched, squinting his eyes. Tartarus smiled, nodded, and stood up. He turned to face Zan, nodded and walked out. Zan watched him leave, and as the door closed behind him, Tartarus grunted to the two Brutes outside the Sacred Chamber. When the door shut, it quickly opened again, as the two Brutes walked inside, carrying their Royal Guard staffs. Zan looked at Truth.
      "What is going on, Noble Hierarch?" Zan asked as he looked at the two Brutes.
      "We have finally decided to initiate the final stage of the Great Journey," Truth said, slowly backing away with Mercy.
      "And what might that be?" Zan asked, getting nervous.
      "The greatest plan ever conceived by any Prophet…" Truth said, raising his left hand, and motioning to the two Brutes who were a few feet behind Zan.
      "And that plan is?" Zan asked, angered and annoyed as well as nervous.
      Truth eyed Zan and smiled at him.
      "Taking the Elites…" he motioned once more to the Brutes. "OUT of the picture,"
      The Brutes closed in on Zan, who looked at Truth. Zan almost smiled.
      "Your plan has a flaw, Truth," he said, looking straight at him.
      "Oh? And what might that be?" Truth asked him.
      The Brutes closed in on Zan, and were about to attack him with their staffs, but Zan was faster and spun around, grabbing his Plasma Sword, turning it on and leaping forward, between the two Brutes, and swung it forward through the first Brute's torso, cutting him in half. Zan then quickly spun around to face the Prophets while cutting the Brute in half, spraying blood across the Sacred Chamber. He kneeled with his arms spread out, and looking at the Prophets. He stood up, as Truth and Mercy watched him intently, waiting for his answer to the question.
      "You forgot to factor in your deaths!" Zan said, pointing his sword at the two Prophets.