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Battle of Biko
Posted By: Hank Williams<hanksternator@gmail.com>
Date: 8 February 2008, 2:44 am

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      Seven Pelicans screeched across the sky of Biko, all heading toward the same point. The Pelicans themselves carried assortments of vehicles and resupply canisters. Inside the Pelicans, dozens of Marines were reading themselves for a battle they knew was going to be an extremely difficult one. Private Henry York sat at the very edge of the Pelican, gripping his MA5B Assault Rifle with a feverish intensity. He sighed, and stared down at the dirty, rainy ground beneath them. Sergeant Tyler Rowel patted Henry on the back.
      "Don't worry about it son, the Covenant don't know what the hell is coming for them," Sergeant Rowel told Henry.
      Henry nodded and smiled, but looked down at the Pelican floor. Sergeant Rowel stood up and walked to the back of the Pelican, passing the other Marines.
      "Alright Marines, we're about to hit the hottest damn drop zone some of you will ever see – and for some of you it will be your last," Sergeant Rowel looked down at the Marines in front of him. "Some of you won't go home tonight – but I know one thing is for sure, and that's that this mission is going to be one hell of a success, am I right or what?"
      The Marines didn't respond, they just checked their weapons and looked at each other and around them.
      "Never was one for public speeches and that jazz, but Marines, listen to me – you're the best damn men the UNSC has got, and every damn Covenant bastard is gonna shake in their boots!" Sergeant Rowel continued.
      "Sir..." spoke one of the Marines, "the Covenant don't have boots."
      "Marine..." replied Rowel, "shut the hell up."
      "With all do respect sir, where the hell are we going?" another Marine asked.
      "We're heading to a base camp set up a few miles from the front line – then we're going to go kick some Covenant ass!" Rowel said, trying to inspire the men again.
      "Sir, you can give up now – we know we're gonna die, nothing can change that," the Marine said again.
      Rowel shook his head and sat down again beside Henry and looked at him.
      "So much for inspiration, eh?" Rowel said, nudging Henry
      Henry looked up at him and smiled, then looking back down at the floor of the pelican.
      "Better wrap your stuff up Marines – we're about to hit the hot zone," the Lieutenant piloting the Pelican informed them over the intercom.
      "Hey, ma'am, question for ya," Rowel said, looking up at the ceiling.
      "What is it Sergeant?"
      "Just wondering – since we're all gonna die will you sleep with me?"
      "What'd I say last time Sergeant?"
      "I can't remember – you knocked me out – was it a yes?"
      Rowel heard the Lieutenant's laugh over the intercom and then spoke to him again.
      "You're a funny guy Sergeant – I'll tell ya what, if you get out of there alive then you can buy me dinner," she told Rowel.
      "Damn! You're on!" Rowel said, excitement rising in his voice.
      "Hell yeah! I got a date with the hottest chick in the UNSC! How's that for inspiration?" Rowel exclaimed, looking at the marines.

      The Pelicans headed straight for the base camp set up in a cleared area of light forest. As they approached, the pilots all entered the codes for clearing the launch pads. Various Marines and civilians scattered from the eight launch pads that scattered the base. The Pelicans swooped in for a landing and each one of them landed on a different pad, dropping their payloads of vehicles and supplies. The Marines scrambled out of the Pelicans and readied themselves, running around the base, getting ready. Within a half hour, all the Marines (numbering in the hundreds) gathered in the center of the base. Lieutenant General Nicolas Strauss stood up on a large in the midst of the large gathering of the soldiers.
      "MARINES!" he bellowed, his voice carrying all around the base. "Today is going to be a major victory for the UNSC – do you know why? Because Humanity's greatest sin isn't lust – no is it gluttony or greed – no – Humanity's GREATEST SIN is it's inability to TAKE ACTION and raise arms against those that threaten it's existence. But not today – no longer – today we take up arms against our enemies and fight for what's ours. Today... even if we don't win this battle... atleast today we've beaten our greatest sin and that is something that the Covenant can NEVER take from us – no matter how many civilians they slaughter or planets they glass. We're still human – through and through, forever and forever. In a few moments you will all form seven lines across the courtyard and will file through the gate – there you will receive weapons and ammunitions – those designated for vehicles will go there at that point. Now, men, good luck – don't just break a leg, but break seven Covenant ones while you're at it!"
      As the Lieutenant General finished, he stepped down off the rock. A Command bellowed the command to form their lines, and the marines did. In the very last line stood Henry York – aged only 22 – stood with his fellow soldiers and brothers in arms. He looked straight ahead and saw the clouds of a storm forming over the battlefield ahead. Him and every other Marine just knew that this was their last day alive.