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Infiltration of the Infestation
Posted By: Halochief89<Halochief89@hotmail.com>
Date: 12 December 2007, 5:31 am

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Prologue: November 30th 2553

UNSC AI Gluttony signed on//

UNSC AI Gluttony opened file/Gamma 2

UNSC AI Gluttony searches…. File/Beacons

UNSC AI Gluttony search unsuccessful

UNSC AI Gluttony enters communications…

Gluttony 11/30/53:

Computer do you know the whereabouts for SPARTAN Team Gamma 2?

Computer 11/30/53:

Negative last known location on the surface of Arctic IV sector 33

Gluttony 11/30/53:

Do you have any hypothesis on why all 13 spartan's lost connection with STARCOM?

Computer 11/30/53:

All registered Spartans are KIA otherwise marked MIA

Gluttony 11/30/53:

I know that I'm asking you why their beacons were instantly shutdown. Out of range that is impossible on Arctic IV as the planet is fully covered by STARCOM reception.

Computer 11/30/53:

I go by my code so I 100 suspect they are KIA

Gluttony 11/30/53:


UNSC AI Gluttony signed off.

Chapter 1: 12/1/53

Unknown Location//Sector 33//Planet Arctic IV

The surroundings in the tunnels was grotesque the flood had consumed the core of the planet with tunnels reaching 430 miles in with every inch of the walls crawling with the things. Yawning within the cavern about 126 miles deep was SPARTAN Team Gamma 2. All of them were knocked out cold including some marines and an elite. 089 awoke with the taste of tar and blood inside his mouth. With pain sweltering through every inch on his body. He couldn't get up it felt like gravity was turned on high. As he could hardly lift his arm. But he did so anyways with the feeling of a thousand shards of glass speed up his arm. When he was at last on his elbows he looked around the cavity. His HUD system wasn't functioning at all some glitches and sparks nothing more. The flavor of blood in his mouth grew even more when tried to sit up. The team was unconscious like he was. He took his helmet off, trying to wipe the sweat off the heat from the room roasted his armor to the point of some extent burning his brow. He inspected the helmet and all was well except for a small number of blood spots. His eye sight became blurry and his surroundings seemed to turn green as his depth perception went beyond as a hollow sinister voice crept into his head. " I have brought all of you here to serve me to save your kind and all rest from your forefathers' creation" the voice grumbled. "For you are the only one to save this planet and it's surroundings. Like water I am I can swim through any crevice or fissure, so do not tempt to leave the catacombs of us!" His vision returned to standards as now the elite of the group awoke. He seemed to go through what 089 did as he struggled to get up. 089 remembered the elite's name was Rysp' Arculee or Arcul. Arculee saw the Spartan as they both stood up. For a while the two had a still minute to study their location. The voice's laugh could be heard but it was muffled by the walls covered in disgusting skin. 089 walked over to the other Spartans to awaken and lend a hand up. As the group slowly and painfully returned to their consciousness. SPARTAN-015 took his helmet off to spit, it came out blood. But his spit was instantly consumed and turned into flood tissue. He put his helmet back on and knocked on it a few times to see if the HUD system would appear which was no dice. Flood gurgled their war cry through the core of Arctic IV. The only thing that was actually working for the team was Thermo Nocturnal Vision. As Arculee had his own version of the device. The wall started to create tentacles everywhere as they reached for the 14 organisms. 089 swiped at them with his tactical combat knife gouging some of them. The worm like structures began to spurt out their fluid with strong force like a hose.

Gluttony appeared on the hologram terminal with frustration in his eyes. He then stared into Vice Admiral Ustice's eyes and began to explain. "The dating on the computer limited me to one option in which why SPARTAN Team Gamma 2 has gone MIA." Ustice moved closer to Gluttony "What? What is it?" Gluttony raised his hand up to his transparent temple. "That all of them are dead…. Killed in action sir." Ustice got out of his seat and pulverized his desk. "That damn thing doesn't even know what the NOVA bomb is" Ustice replied with a smirk. He picked up his coffee and began to sip to test the temperature. Gluttony moves to speak but refrains. Crew member walk to their seats for diagnostics of the UNSC Eagle. Ustice slowly walked to the main bridge window and viewed upon the war dome that was once Arctic IV. The planet was surrounded by covenant and UNSC warships but the battlefield held more forces ever in combat the UNSC had ever seen. Sooner or later the forces against the UNSC and Covenant separatists would fall and then all they would have to worry about would be the flood. Which was growing every millisecond. Although the flood was belated by 2 side orders of C7 planted bombs they are now growing again to return to the surface and take the planet and use it as it's homeworld for future invasions of other planets.