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Infiltration of the Infestation Prt6
Posted By: Halochief89<Halochief89@hotmail.com>
Date: 26 June 2008, 11:16 pm

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By: Gary Cogdill aka: Halochief89
Chapter 6: 12/2/53

Unknown Location//Sector 33//Planet Arctic IV

Pain began to set into the groups' legs the feeling of burning in their knees was so bad that even Arculee fell to his knees to rest. Gary began a body count of the group, all were here as clear slime oozed from the ceiling. The corridor in front of them went up with stair case like figure.

"Great that's all we fricking need! more stairs!" J said as he face palmed his visor. Gary motioned to settle down as he pointed his gun towards the stairs. With every painful step he got closer and closer to the entrance. Another snake like form crawled by them and spat at Gary, drenching him in yellowish goo. Wiping it off, Gary swung the slime off his hand and continued upward.

The stairs had windows like before with the giant creature they had seen in the other room. But this time it was much closer and more visible with it's features showed a giant squidlike form mixed with a whale. The gaping mouth was starting to transform into hungry arms. The creature's previous eyes were now in the form of an infection form's sensors.

It slowly swam closer and closer to the window as Gary slowly waved the team to fall back. With another swing the creature broke the glass as tainted water filled the room the Spartans were in. The room flooded quickly as the force even knocked the Spartans off their feet.

Slamming them up against the wall and into each other. The current was not their biggest problem, the infected creature waited for the current to calm down as the room was filled to a brim. The team were swimming as the creature reached for them with its tentacles.

The Spartans tried to fight back but their rounds floated in water and didn't do anything to the creature.
The creature pulled all of them into the larger tank it was swimming in as it was full once more. As the team all grouped together in the water. Arculee had managed to escape by running up the corridor where the water hadn't reached.

The creature pushed itself through the window and into the tank with its prey. The team swam away breaking apart so the creature wouldn't grab all of them all at once. It chased Josh as he swam the fastest he could. The suits made the team constantly sink to the bottom. With the fear there could be more of the same creature below they continued to try to keep afloat. The oxygen tank was running out as Josh kept on swimming.

The creature reached and snatched him. And it threw Josh into a wall. Josh sank unconscious as the team looked in horror. Through the murky water they saw Josh was snatched by a unknown flood form as it swam deep into the abyss. The teams new primary objective wasn't leaving the tunnels but to save one of their own.

On the surface of Arctic IV//Sector 56

Lisudee walked with his troops as they told him the diagnostics of the present time, whereabouts, mission and other concerning follies of this extremely cold planet. Lisudee walked around the battlefield and looked at the corpses of brutes, jackals, grunts, drones, and hunters that were slaughtered by the flood.

For some reason the extreme cold froze the flood's hide after they were killed so they broke on impact. High in the mountains one of Lisudee's snipers turned on their channel. "Commander we have located an entrance to the installation patching the coordinates in now" The sniper's gruff voice sounded off. Lisudee turned to his men and unsheathed his energy swords.

"Men this is it, we have found the entrance to this installation where one of our own, our second in command Rysp' Arculee disappeared. We must locate and save Arculee if he's still alive." With a howl the elite ran to the new coordinates.

The hole was immense as the inside was covered in flood skin and organs. The skin was trying to spread itself onto the snow. As they looked down combat forms of humans and brutes ran by. But Lisudee ordered a riflemen to shoot at them in the chest. The carbines went off as green tracers flew into the chest of the creatures.

They let go of the ledge and tumbled down to the depth of the tunnel. Lisudee was first to jump as he ripped flood skin off the wall while sliding down. The wall screamed like it was alive. Lisudee stabbed it with annoyance. The team followed his movements and everyone was down there even the snipers.

In a delta formation the sangheili team walked towards a gaping room that traveled very far with remnants of a covenant CCS Cruiser's halls. "This must have been Respective Inquiry's hull I heard this brute cruiser was shot down by UNSC ships about a month ago." One of the elites said.

"Then this is the reason why the flood reached this planet." Lisudee said. They continued through the lobby with rotting corpses of grunts stained the room with an added bonus of their ruptured methane tanks the ghastly smell was horrible. One minor elite vomited as he could not bare the smell.

He placed his gas mask around his mandibles to handle the stench. Soon they reach the hall's entrance door from the bridge. But instead of a floor to the bridge a gaping hole lead the way to unknown horrors of the flood no human or sangheili had ever seen or lived through.

Lisudee ran through every probability through his mind most ending up in death or assimilation into the flood. He wouldn't leave a kin behind as he leaped down into the hole. The soldiers hesitated for a couple of seconds then followed with roars of combat echoes.

Within UNSC planet Artic IV's atmosphere in a drop pod

The major had a cigar in his mouth as the rough ride down was almost to a closing end. The cold surpassed the heat in the pod as snow entered through the creases in the break door. With a giant thud the drop pod landed and Bricks slammed his head into the ceiling and began to curse and mumble in anger and annoyance. "God damn piece of crap never will get used to the thing."

He brushed off snow from his armor as he took the cigar out of his teeth and stepped on it. The marines were running to his position and a few ODSTs as well. "Major Bricks sir the dropping point is about 4 clicks north sir." One of the ODSTs said. Bricks grinned and slipped on his balaclava covering his face from the cold.

He looked around as the planet's 80 days of night period had begun. But the sky was lit up from the space battle between the UNSC cruisers and Covenant Loyalist ships. He slipped the battle rifle off his back and began to jog to the location Gamma 2's signal disappeared. "You don't think they went rampant sir?" Darling asked with a shiver. "No I know these Spartans they're true to the core more then any marines or ODSTs I know for sure." Bricks said as he looked at the men.

"Sir we have elite footprints they look fresh as well" Jenks said with his accent. "Probably dead by now, by the looks of it these guys have went into this flood spore hole." Bricks said. "Yeah and by the looks of it our Spartans did as well" the ODST officer said.

The officer jumped down to the closest ledge and signaled for the rest to follow. The men were frozen stiff when a flood war cry echoed out of the hole the marines screamed and ran away. "You assholes get your asses back here!" But no use they were gone except for Jenks and Darling.

As their silhouettes disappeared into the long night fog but soon their screams of fear changed to screams of pain. "FLOOD!!!" an ODST screamed. "Not again!" the officer said in annoyance as he jumped back up.As he was climbing up a stalker form snatched him, he screamed as Bricks looked on as the 2nd in command was dragged away.