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Infiltration of the Infestation Prt5
Posted By: Halochief89<Halochief89@hotmail.com>
Date: 19 June 2008, 4:17 am

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By: Gary Cogdill aka: Halochief89
Chapter 5: 12/2/53
Unknown Location//Sector 33//Planet Arctic IV

089 awoke with a feeling of nausea the stench of the flood stained his visor. Realizing the past few hours we quickly lifted his battle rifle and swung it across the room to see if any enemies had entered. None as he looked at his friends sleep. Arculee was on his side with his sword by his mandibles.
Gary got up and walked to the door which they entered the room. Nothing but dust and echoes. Though very strange electronical sounds came through the flood infested walls. Proving they were still forerunner emplacement.

Gary lifted the battle rifle to check the ammo. The current clip had 36 rounds and he had 4 more mags with him. He looked at his armor it was severely damaged and burned from a giant indent in his chest plate the shape of the letter w. His visor clicked on and off for minutes as it tried to readjust the flashlights connected to it. J awoke with energy as he jumped up and walked toward Gary.

Turning around Gary began to snap his fingers but the jell layer around his skins was so liquid like it didn't snap. Turning his distress beacon on created a loud awakening for the team as they all jumped.
Arculee awoke because of their screams and grumbled. They all got in line to receive the next objective which they should have already known.

"Alright team check your equipment and lock and load because were sprinting as long as we can through this hell hole" Gary said as he swung his battle rifle to his shoulder. Everyone did as clicks of their guns received new ammo. They all gave thumbs up and they sprung out of the room running 2 km/h as they smashed through infection forms.

The gravemind was surprised and intrigued at the same time he thought the group would jog through his palace of horror and disfigurement. Gamma 2 let loose the ammo of war as their rounds broke the sound barrier and made cracks and snaps. Combat forms fell as they struggled to capture their enemies. Shreds of flood pelt filtered the air as the team laid waste to every single room they ran into.

The team was getting through the flood like there was no tomorrow as they ripped through the force. Creating tactics for every form. Tank forms, distract it and then Arculee will suprise attack with a sword into it. Stalker forms just received ammo into them until they collapsed, and ranger forms received plasma grenades and sniper rounds from Joshua. By the time they slowed down they had went through 5 rooms and killed over 128 flood forms.

Unknown Location//Sector 33//Planet Arctic IV

The gravemind laughed knowing that they had been exhausted from the combat that seemed too quick for words. The foul gargantuan turned and lifted a tentacle which was wielding the shield world's monitor. The robotic orb glowed red as it was in distress and was afraid.

He flickered rings of light on his sides and his eye was trying to look at the surroundings but couldn't. The tomb the gravemind was settled in was filled with poisonous gases and fumes enough to make a brute collapse in pain in agony. The monitor began to speak with an accent and robotic synthesizer like voice.

"Inferi Revividus why do you wish to hold me in contempt? I myself can't harm you in anyway only leave scratches and scars." Gravemind grumbled as his enormous gaping mouth moved. "Why would you want to escape? creation of my enemy for my children would likely destroy you then let you sputter? I on the other hand would keep you here from any sort of harm" It echoed.

"You are my vessel of knowledge." As the gravemind spoke infection forms crawled through his teeth which were made of skulls of humans, elites and brutes alike.

"I'am 25743 Infinite Fervor! Monitor of this installation I was never meant to contain the flood but to save my creators" Fervor said as he sparked. "Then why do you sick your soldiers of metal upon me?" Gravemind said as he pulled away from his miniature friend. "YOU! YOU KNOW!" Fervor asked with fear and awe as he sputtered.

Gravemind came closer to the monitor "I know everything that goes on this planet and soon once I commandeer one of the battleships I will consume the entire GALAXY! For like water I am, I am never ending I will consume anything within my path!" Gravemind screamed as he began to slowly chuckle.

Fervor looked around feverishly as he tried escaping the gravemind's grasp. Seeing as he collected everything from the little spark he crushed him as Fervor screamed.

On the surface of Arctic IV//Sector 56

The battle was nearly entire slaughter as what was left of Resirus's regiment was entirely consumed. Resirus sneered as he was in orbit above Arctic IV watching the battle. He walked towards the Prophet of Angst. "My lord my entire battalion was decimated by this parasite! what must I do to join them in death?" The prophet moaned as he floated over to Resirus. Instantly Resirus knelt before his prophet.

"You will go down there yourself ship master and fight the flood by yourself with YOURSELF!" The prophet declared. "As you wish Prophet, I will gladly do in honor of the Covenant and the forerunner." Resirus retreated to a drop pod in the nearest docking bay and launched himself towards the planet. Feeling guilty he clasped his detached turret as the pod finally landed with a loud thud.

Resirus slowly exited the pod grunt with every turn he took in caution. He slowly tip toed every minute to await his assailants. But minutes gone by and nothing only snow touched the tip of his nostrils as he snorted the frozen water like a fountain. In the distance the flood cried in recognition of winning the battle. Resirus howled to acknowledge the flood of his wear bouts as he charged his turret.

The shadows of the flood in the snow came closer and closer. They leaped for him with arms held high to clobber him. Resirus unloaded his plasma upon his destroyed troops. They collapsed at his feet as more and more flood rushed to him.

3 hours later...

Resirus had slaughtered the enemy exhausted, his body heat kept him warm from the freezing temperature. As he crept towards a dead brute's corpse he realized that they were his spec ops brutes invisible to the naked eye. And their bodies were only half infected. Confused he lifted the brute and looked around the body. Plasma wounds burnt the abdomen of the brute. He lifted his hammer off his back as elites came out of their camouflage. And swung out their swords they roared at Resirus, as did Resirus to them.

Then the commanding officer uncloaked as he wore a new helmet design for his forbidden foe. He was a spec ops commander as he wore a cape and dual wielded two swords. He began to speak as his vocals came out of a vent on the sides of his mask. " Resirus good friend we meet again, but this time on two different sides of the battlefield for you believe the prophets' lies."

"Lisudee it's you why did you betray the covenant and join forces with the filthy humans!" Resirus said as he shook his fist. Lisudee walked close to Resirus so close their heads meet parallel. With a long pause Lisudee rammed his sword into the stomach of the brute shipmaster and said "Because they are honorable and you are fools"