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Infiltration of the Infestation Prt4
Posted By: Halochief89<Halochief89@hotmail.com>
Date: 6 June 2008, 10:15 pm

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By: Gary Cogdill aka: Halochief89
Chapter 4: 12/2/53
Onboard UNSC Halcyon class Eagle orbiting Arctic IV
Bricks looked at the two Jenks and Darling were just eating their meal as were the others. Bricks was waiting for one or the other to start a conversation but nobody did. The ODSTs entered the dining hall as they were in a storm of conversations. Some were even wearing their helmets. Seemed they just got back from the surface of Arctic IV. Bricks got up and walked over to the leading lieutenant. The soldier saluted " As you were" Bricks said calmly. The man turn to pick up his food as he rubbed his leg with an ice pack. His face was covered in blood and yellow fluid. Bricks sat down with the ODSTs and lean forward. "So how is the battle so far?" Bricks asked as he took a bite out of his corn bread. The trooper lean back and answered "Unbelievably cold sir" Bricks already knew that for heaven's sake the damn colony's name is Arctic IV. "No I mean is it as bad as the first battle for Earth?" Bricks replied taking yet another bite of his bread. "Almost 5 times that sir" he continued "The snow storm is so bad both us and the covenant are blind we're just shooting where ever a plasma bolt flies by. As well some horrifying creature is down there eating us or something" The lieutenant said as he leaned forward. "I lost half of my regiment out there to that thing" the two then went into a dead silence other than the other ODSTs talking the two were in dead silence.
Bricks stood up and left his tray as other others grabbed for his food. He needed to get down there for himself. Also to see if Gamma 2 was still alive and in action on the surface. He went into the armory and snatched a M90 shotgun it already had a tread of slugs attached to it. Bricks entered the code to enter the bridge as crew members walked by him staring at him as he did not to them. Admiral Garrison got out of his seat and Bricks went into the saluting position. Garrison waved his hand down as Bricks lowered his left hand. "Admiral Garrison, Me and chalk company are offering ourselves to enter Arctic IV's battlefield to kick some covenant ass sir!" Bricks shouted. Vice Admiral Ustice got out of his seat and went up to Bricks. " Sergeant Major Bricks do you know what you're doing!" Ustice spat into Brick's face. "Sir yes sir a suicide mission HOMERUN!" Bricks answered back. "Well then you guys get your equipment on and then report to pelican pilot Jumper he'll get you to where you wanna go" Ustice said as he quickly saluted and returned to his post.
On the surface of Arctic IV//Sector 56
Hayab was shivering cold he scolded the brutes for sending his troops as a recon team to recover a fallen Chieftain's helmet. Hayab's troops complained and whined as they slowly walked through blazing blizzard. Armed with a needler Hayab had the best arsenal then his troops who were equipped with plasma pistols only. And only his demolitionists carried fuel rod cannons which were in effective in extreme cold conditions. As they reached the resting point of the fallen brute chieftain they noticed a silhouette it was the chieftain's but it was disfigured. Hayab ran quickly to the figure with childish breaths. His hammer lay on the ground covered in unknown liquid. One of Hayab's crew ran in a fury. "You get back here crazy coward it's only an ally." The other followed the straggler as Hayab approached the hunched brute. " Sir we came to get you back" Hayab said. But the figure did nothing. In the thick wind walls of snow echoes of grunts being slaughtered rang in Hayab's ear. "Oh no" The brute turned as the creature was one with the parasite. It clenched Hayab in it's hands and started to squeeze as it screamed the horrible blood war cry. Hayab's head exploded as methane gas stained the air. The flood had reached the surface. The loyalists held their positions as the flood sprang towards them. Hunters ripped through hordes of infected. As brutes did the same. Knowing of defeat sprang through their mind as more and more infection forms shot right into the chests of allies. One brute Gendar was a minor domo who was wielding a brute spiker as he backed up with the rest of the pack the he picked up a fallen brother's spiker and started to shoot violently at never ending river of flood. But more combat forms fell to his trigger happy finger as spikes launched into their bellies, hearts and minds like a knife through butter they were slashed to bits.
Then pure forms came as they broke through the line like a breaking ball through bricks as tank forms clashed with the Lekgolo(hunters) the loud bashes of their armor absorbed the putrid sound of the flood's flesh being pulverized like fresh meat. But the tank forms outnumbered the hunter 7 to 1 and battered the mechs to death. Gendar became worried as fellow brutes sprang back up shooting their weapons themselves. Their spikes broke his power armor as it popped off like a grunt's methane tank would. Then out of the corner of his eye tentacles lashed out at him and broke his arms and legs as they threw him over the battlefield and into a small cave in the glacier. As he whelped and swelled up in pain infection forms scurried to his position racing to their new host they pushed each other around as finally one leaped and attached itself on to his chest. A syringe like probe came out as it slammed it into his chest ripping his heart and breaking his ribs into millions of pieces. It soon dug itself into his chest as bulbous like wart grew on every in of his body. Gendar couldn't feel anything but he saw as his bottom jaw dislocated and fell to the bottom of his chest and the infection form pushed it's way into his mouth moving like a fish. He wanted to scream, cry like he did when he was an infant but it was too late Gendar watched as his body got up reached for a spiker and ran to the battle his eye sight blurred as a deep voice echoed " Sleep sleep…" what was once Gendar's body was now a reanimated corpse of the flood as it leaped into the air and hit the chieftain. Angered and unknown of who it was the chieftain swung his hammer annihilating his enemy's body not knowing it was his own brother.