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Infiltration of the Infestation Prt3
Posted By: Halochief89<Halochief89@hotmail.com>
Date: 6 June 2008, 10:14 pm

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By: Gary Cogdill aka: Halochief89
Chapter 3: 12/1/53
Onboard UNSC Halycon class Eagle orbiting Arctic IV
Gluttony couldn't think his frustration disabled him to do so. He appeared back on the holoprojector. He turned to the door as security cameras showed that Admiral Garrison was entering the bridge. Ustice saluted and walked over to Garrison. "Gluttony has told me that he can't recover the location of Gamma 2 only that their last location was in sector 33." Ustice implied. "They were 34 meters away from the ground battle and then suddenly their beacons went red and then disappeared." Gluttony continued as he turned to Garrison. Garrison didn't say anything he just had a dim dark look to his face as he frowned upon Arctic IV and the space battle converging around it between the UNSC, The Covenant and Arctic IV's sentinel force. As they float far away from the planet the ship shook radically. "We have slip space rupture about 300 clicks from us!" Gluttony said as he stumbled on the holoprojector. Garrison stood up sucked in air and instantly looked at Gluttony with anger. "Is it friendly or opfor!" Gluttony scrambled to get a reading. It was indeed friendly and was from the same battle group that Eagle was from. The 2 ships appeared beside Eagle it was the Raptor and the Hawk they had returned with reinforcements for the UNSC.
Unknown Location//Sector 33//Planet Arctic IV
The team looked around the cavity another time around as Sane researched the walls of the place to really see if they were eyes. More flood cries drifted through as the tunnel to exit the room almost seemed vertical. This was the first sign of hope in hours for them. The team climbed up the steep passage as infection forms traveled through. Arculee sneered as he couldn't climb with his hands. Gary and Linnea helped him as they both used their hands as a step for him to jump and climb on to a ledge. The slithering flood form appeared once again before the team as it leaned to visualize the organism in front of it. The underbelly was covered in very small tentacles like a millipede. The form flew on its way as it grumbled. Arculee kicked it as it lost grip and fell on its back and couldn't turn over. Making Arculee laugh and then get back to climbing.
After they finally reached the top of the climb they looked down to see human combat forms searching the area. Though the creatures did not look above them. The tunnel ahead was blocked by an enormous creature that was hunched over like a gorilla of some sort. But was infected as well by skin pigments and the arms being extremely large. Gary crept closer to it as it spat out infection forms. By then everyone knew it was a tank pure form. It turned around as Gary was about to lunge, swinging with tremendous force 089 flew black collapsing into the team. It stuck out its right hand and spoke words from the gravemind itself. "Heed my words sons of my enemies I do not seek to hurt you nor let you go for it is conceived that you must.." The form collapsed as a figure from behind pulled it's hand out of the beast. It was Arculee as he roared victory over it. "Why the hell did you do that!" SPARTAN-023 asked. "We already knew what the parasite was going to say that you must die" Arculee answered. They all agreed and moved on.
The team was starting to become annoyed seeing yellow squeezed flesh all around then every second. As they continued Gary heard a click as if a gun had been loaded so he suddenly stopped as did the team. The door to the right of them grotesquely opened as the walls were packed with plasma batteries to battle rifle ammo. There was one dead human combat form corpse it the room. "It must have realized it couldn't use a weapon since his arms are missing so the infection form must have launched itself out of the chest." Sane said as he ripped MA5C magazines from the wall. Gary found a BR55HB rifle in the wall also and pulled it out. Everyone was gathering ammo they needed as more pure forms rushed into the room. The team instantly aimed their loaded and deadly rifles at the creatures. One of the stalker forms instantly started to transform into a tank form as it's two legs slid up the torso and turned into arms and new legs sprouted from the abdomen. It spat out infection forms as it grumbled and slammed it's hammer like arms together. That implied to the team that it wanted to fight as Arculee pulled out an energy sword that was floating in the mucus. It flickered and then fully turned on as the bright light lit up the room. Alex pumped the M90 shotgun he wielded and charged with full force and shoved the barrel into the face of the disgusting foe. It screamed as the slug went off and blew off the head. The slime landed on the stalker form beside it as the form started to wart up and turn into the ranger form. Crystals grew out of the back as they popped one by one out of it and hit Arculee. Both Alex and his elite friend ran at the disfigured sniper. Arculee sliced the back off of the creature and Alex shot it in the face as it fell over as withered away.
The team continued to gather all the ammo and finished. Now protected Gary had time to check the HUD again. About 9 hours and 8 miles up from previous checkpoint marker. STARCOM even though on only blew static into Gary's ear. Gary signaled the team to rest as this room was the safest. Arculee sat up against the wall and punched it and closed his eyes. The Spartans lay up against each other in a circle just in case the walls would form yet again to attack them.
Major Bricks entered the lunch room of the Eagle to converse with his team. Darling would probably do his dumbass jokes again. And Jenk would always never speak but complain about the air, food, surroundings, his life before entering the UNSC. Those two stood out from the rest. Even though Bricks was ordered to know every single member of his team he could care less for the rest. Darling was his joker of the group and Jenk was the whiner or complainer. Which entertained him during mission and sort.