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Infiltration of the Infestation Prt2
Posted By: Halochief89<Halochief89@hotmail.com>
Date: 6 June 2008, 10:12 pm

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By: Gary Cogdill aka: Halochief89
Chapter 2: 12/1/53
Unknown Location//Sector 33//Planet Arctic IV
The team fought off the never ending force of vein like creatures as the cut and slit them. To them it seemed like an eternity of combating and they were stressed that their blades had become dull. Soon they reached a new tunnel the cavern was filled with wall forms or the UNSC terms for them poppers, pimples, and lazy carriers. They knew that if they would step on one that it would pop and release their infection forms upon the group. Realizing that he had a lighter SPARTAN-231 took it out and notified the leader of it's presence 089 nodded and told him to throw it, considering that the ails and other materials all of the room were flammable. Adam lobbed it in the room as the wall forms screamed in pain as the fire consumed them and their offspring they were caressing inside of them.
It took a good 18 to 20 minutes before the fire died out the room was stained in the smell of burnt tar and rotten eggs. The group went through the room to find a hall that hadn't been covered by the flood but was forerunner architecture. The team savored the every second within the clean passageway. Arculee prayed as they went through. The door opened as flood tendrils released the door. The next room had shown the convergence on the hall as a blend between forerunner floors against flood growing over that. Brittany took a knee and looked at the edge of the flood graphing as small legs crawled over the silver like floor. Noticing she was behind the convoy Brittany got back up and caught up behind them. New forms of flood that seemed non deadly as it slithered by the group. As a window on the side of the room showed some organisms that showed a really close resemblance to the infection forms but were 3 times smaller. As a enormous form in the back was silhouetted the creature and a moan like a whale but had skips in it's call like any other organism infected by the flood. The team shivered the thought of facing that creature. Crazy enough the continuing halls were leading the team down instead of up. The room up ahead held screams of terror from human voices. The team sprinted to the door. The door must have malfunctioned as it was opening slowly. "Alright on three we all kick the door open!" 089 said as he looked back to the group. They counted and shoved the door open. As this room seemed to be a infecting room as about 45 marines were being held to be infected. The group stood before the breeding ground for the flood's combat forms. The marines reached for the Spartans to save them but there was nothing they could do. Once a infection form penetrates your spine they're your life support and if you don't take them off the person becomes consumed and is the flood. The screams tore into Josh's mind as he turned and ran over to the nearest soldier in dire need. The infection form fought back as it whipped him with it's legs. Josh latched on to the infection form and squeezed it until it popped. The marine started to have a mal seizure as he foamed at the mouth and drowned in his own spit. Josh gently snapped his neck to end his suffering. Josh wiped the spit off his visor and looked at the rest of the marines. "We need to get out of here before they turn into enemies" Josh said as he stood up. Realizing next to the marines were weapons Arculee grunted and pointed. Gary noticed and ran over to one with a MA5C assault rifle. "There is no ammo but these will do better for physical defense grab some" as he magnetized it to his back. Arculee clenched a primitive human weapon as he checked it over and sniffed it. "The flood must have an armory room with all the ammo somewhere, somewhere close to here for the combat forms to acquire them." Linnea said as she pointed down the hallway out of the room. As they left the room the men's screams transformed into flood war cries.
The tunnels seemed barren for a long time as HUD system placed it had been 2 hours since they had awakened. The only signs of life were the heavy breathing of Arculee and the blood curdling cries from the flood. The place started to seem like a maze. Their motion sensors showed red movement all the time whether it being above or below them.
After endless halls the team took a break at a intersection between 3 pathways one of them being where they came from. They checked their equipment and HUD system and tried many times with STARCOM but only received messages of doubt…. static. "Alright which pathway should we take?" Alex asked as he placed his helmet back upon his head. They all simultaneously looked at Gary. "Gary went on one knee and started to think. "Oh he is doing that thinking thing again" Adam whispered. Gary pointed to the hall to the right of them. As they walked through the door they found another breeding room but of pure forms. The infection form latched itself on the floor and started to suck up mass into it. As other infection forms were almost the size of a car. One being the size of a car imploded on itself and after the dust settled came out to be a stalker form as it galloped out of the room. They then entered as they tried to sneak by the infection forms that were growing. Gary did hand signals that allegedly wanted the team to exit before him. They did as Gary left as well but when he turned around a human skull drooped from the ceiling in front of his face. It had tendrils holding it tight. Gary just pushed it away as he followed his team.
Yet another forerunner door was unharmed by the flood as they walked up to it. Looking inside strange unknown flood forms were placing grenades into skin pockets. The forms were like scurrying bugs as they quickly went from skin to grenade, skin to grenade. The door was jammed as usual but nothing would stop 089 from getting those grenades. As he signaled again for his friends to all help squeeze open the door. The door screeched as it went across it's slider. Arculee was the first to enter as he stepped on the little creatures. He ripped open the skin to find the grenades were being swallowed by the floor so he quickly pulled what he could as the Spartans came in to help. After opening over 20 or so flaps the team had about 15 grenades, plasma and fragmentation. "BINGO now we have some fire power!" Alex exclaimed as he pumped his arm. They left the room as they continued forward.
Once again Gary looked on his HUD to see that about 5 hours had gone by and they had only traveled three miles up. He looked back upon the team as they conversed with themselves. Gary sighed and turned his head back. He could tell the team was exhausted from trying to think themselves through the caverns. The room up ahead was different as the flood's physiology of the walls to the floor had changed. The walls were covered with what seemed to be eyes that the infection forms have. The floor was covered in tentacles that had grass formations. "This area must be colder then the previous" Sane said as he gouged one of the eyes on the wall. Well that didn't matter because Gary knew that the gravemind was toying with him and that he'd been watching them from the beginning.