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Your Friendly Neighborhood Master Chief, part I
Posted By: Halo Freak<card_master1976@yahoo.com>
Date: 21 June 2007, 8:58 pm

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John looked around at the desolated area he was walking through. Plasma marks scorched the outside of many buildings, accompanied by twice as many bullet pockmarks. He stops to listen to his surroundings. Rock music coming from a window, a couple screaming at each other almost completely drowning it out. Welcome to neighborhood detail.

His partner came up behind him and laid his four fingered hand on the Chief's shoulder, waking him from his daze. John looked at the elite behind him, nodded, and kept walking. It had been several years since the end of the Covenant-Human war. John, and his Elite partner Rtas 'Vadumee, had been present at the treaty signing between what remained of the Elite's High Council and the Human's highest ranking soldiers. Both John's and Rtas' signature were on the treaty, seeing as they were two of the most vital soldiers in the war. Once heroes both, without the need of such decorated soldiers, they had been given neighborhood detail on a shared colonial planet's neighborhood, in one of it's many cities.

Both carried sidearms, the elite a plasma pistol, the human a new M6G magnum. The particular neighborhood they were patrolling had been experiencing a minor turf war between the residing humans and ex-covenant living there. Improvised roadblocks divided claimed territory between the two groups. 'It's gonna be a long day' the Master Chief thought to himself.

Sensing movement in a nearby building, Spartan 117 stopped, drew his sidearm, signaled for Rtas to do the same, and slowly approached the doorway. They took position on each side of the doorway, nodded to each other, and the John turned, flicked off the safety, and aimed in one fluid moment. The sight surprised him. It was five elites in full body armor, with plasma rifles hanging on their hips. Two were holding a human male, while one was using him for hand to hand combat practice.

"Stand down!" Rtas said in a commanding voice to the Elites. Surprised by the interruption, the two elites holding the man loosened their grip, and he slipped away, ran past John, and out the door into the street.

"'Sonsumee, what are you doing? You are a soldier, not a petty civilian fighting over territory! The territory is everyone's anyway."

The elite that had been beating the man turned toward Rtas, drew his plasma rifle, and opened fire. His shields flaring, 'Vadumee dove behind cover. The Master Chief aimed and put a single bullet through the elites head. It went limp, falling to the floor in a puddle of its own blood. Realizing there energy shields were deactivated, he continued to put a bullet through the forehead of every other elite raching for their plasma rifles at that moment. With only two left, both laying on the ground with hands on their heads, he reloaded his weapon, holstered it, and helped Rtas to his feet.

"I don't understand it," said Rtas, "my soldiers would never do this. Especially these, who were under my direct command. 'Sonsumee was my second highest ranking officer in my squad."

One of the elites on the ground muttered something about someone getting a promotion. The Master Chief walked over, kicked him squarely in the ribs, and rolled him over.

"Why were your fellow soldiers holding and beating that man?"

The elite didn't answer, so Rtas came over and kicked him so hard that the elite went through the drywall dividing rooms. After checking, John verified he was alive, but unconcious, then came back and asked the second elite the same question.

He was more willing to talk.

"We were on patrol when a supposedly drunken Sangheili walked out of an allyway. He spotted 'Sonsumee, and came at him and the other two soldiers near him. He bit 'Sonsumee, managed to scratch the other two, and was going for me when 'Sonsumee broke his back. After crushing in the Sangheili's skull, we continued patrolling. Some time after the incedent, 'Sonsumee started acting strange, along with the other soldiers who had been scratched, and grabbed a male human walking by, dragged him in here, and started beating him. We could do nothing, as he outranked us by three full sections."

By this time, the other elite had woken up and was coughing blood. John went over, injected biofoam, and dragged him to the nearest wall, leaving him there in a sitting position. He walked to the elite who was talking, told Rtas to watch the door, and knelt down next to the elite. After asking him if he or the other elite had been injured by 'Sonsumee bad enough to draw blood, he stood up and went over to talk to 'Vadumee.

Rtas was looking into the distance and asked the Master Chief what he thought.

"Have you ever seen an intoxicated Sangheili?" John asked Rtas.

"No, and I know that no self-respecting Sangheili would intoxicate himself anyway. We are not as resiliant to your alcohol as humans are. He probably would have been to drunk to walk."

Considering this, the Master Chief went back, shot each Elite in the forehead, and told Rtas to follow him. He had something to show him.

End of Part I