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Vinny - A077
Posted By: HaloFanatic2040<Ensemble117Productions@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 11 September 2010, 2:06 am

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Vinny A077
The Following Content is the character of Spartan Three, Service Tag Alpha Zero Seventy Seven who is to be Featured in the Upcoming Machinima Series "Spartan Three Tyrant Team" and also Includes a Short story.
Vinny was an Alpha Company Spartan III That died During the Augmentation Process but was later revived Via the Spartan III "Invictus" Project.
Vinny Was Born on Earth and was Born in England on the Date of 7th of May 2537 and he had shown all of the natural intellect that was required for induction into the program, he was an outcast to the 'Popular' Children at his School, and he just sat and ate his lunch or constantly Kicked his Grifball against the wall, he enjoyed the aftermath of fights, and because of this reason, he confronted one of his, bullies and beat him up,
he was put in a juvenile Prison facility and this is when Colonel James Ackerson approached him and asked him if he wished to join the fighting in the far way stars, which is when he said: "What will i get to kill?" which made Ackerson Laugh, Ackerson then Quietly Responded: "Everything".

At Age 6 Vinny Arrived at the Spartan 3 Training Facility on Onyx He almost Immediately Made Friends with Ryan, As they Both Liked To Do things "Quietly" and they would become the most Bonded Of any of the Alpha Company, he was then after the Training Routines, put into the Tyrant Team, With Ryan, Oanez, Gregory, Joey, Isa and Ulriika.
Vinny was the Leader of Tyrant team and his Weapon of Choice was the MA37 Assault rifle, and he often used it during Operations and also Notably has Expertise in Using his combat knife.
He Wore Orange and Red Mjolnir Mark Five armour which was Exteremly Modified and Customized.
The Training of Tyrant Team:
Alpha 077's Story

Vinny's Story Started when he was Recruited for the Spartan III program by James Ackerson, he was Regularly Bullied at his school on Earth, but one day the Bullies pushed him too far, he just went nuts, Vinny lunged onto the Bully thrwing right fist then left fist, headbutting and kneeing him, doing everything in his strength to hurt the bully.

He Succeeded.

the bullly was on the floor, bleeding and unconcious, the Teachers pulled him off and Rushed him to the Nearby Juvinile penitentionary facility when he was told that a 'Colonel James Ackerson' wished to speak to him.
Vinny had heard of the man before, his father spoke high praise of the man while he was there with him and not fighting the covenant, which ironicly was the cause of his father's death, a Slipspace rupture fried the electronics on his Father's SOIEV Drop pod and the pod had Plunged into the water and his father drowned, Cold and in the Dark, alone.

When Vinny met Colonel Ackerson he was suprised at how young the man looked compared to his imagininh of him, had had expected an Old, But strong man who had determination like none other, he was met with a Middle aged Man, Stronger and more wise than he could comprehend he said to Vinny in a calm and collective voice, but the voice had an authority to it
"So i heard about your handywork in your school, Impressive however I believe they would be put to better use in the Far stars fighting the Covenant, not your fellow humans." he then went to Continue, but was interrupted by the Young child who said "My Father was in the Military, he was an ODST."

"Was?" Ackerson Said, fully knowing how and where the ODST Sergeant had died, he acted cool and collective, not wanting the soon to be spartan to lose his cool.
"He Died on a Drop onto some planet when a Slipspace Rupture or something happened and his pod landed in the water." Vinny Replied, He However saw the Bluff that Ackerson had held in his eyes.
"But you already knew that didn't you." He continued.

"So if you came and helped me with these missions, in the far away stars and planets, you coukd get revenge on what caused the Slipspace Rupture, The Covenant!" Ackerson Said Excitedly, he was acting almost maniacally now with Excitement.
"But What would I get to Kill?" Vinny asked Ackerson, his eyes almost gleaming, picturing himself holding an MA37 Assault rifle, just like daddy did when he came home from a mission one time.

Ackerson paused, looked around and then moved closer to the boy and whispered with a sombre cerebral tone that gave Vinny chills.


He was then Taken out of the Facility and put into a Pelican with some other children onboard, such as two boys he became good friends with, Kai and Shane, who he was seperated from when he met Ryan, Isa, Ulriika, Oanez, Joey and Gregory and they were soon taken out of Alpha Company and Put into a special training group with Mieczyslawa, Nigel, Laura, Markus, Andrew, Kristoph and Jared who were then Divided into Spartan Tyrant Teams and Saviour Teams, With Vinny Leading Tyrant team an Mieczyslawa Leading Saviour Team.