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Heroic Last Stand - Team Trident
Posted By: HairyGoggles
Date: 23 January 2011, 4:12 am

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Department: ONI Section 3
Security Classification: Top Secret. For Eyes Only.
Code: CMN-135-N53-6WS-ACW
Item: Report on SPARTAN II project. Excerpt taken from Chief Colonel Mendez's report as dated below

110 = Adam ****
017 = Stewart *******
143 = Meghan ********
099 = Kaitlin ********
021 = Holly ******

October 10th, 2518: The recruits are showing vast improvements in skills and physical and tactical prowess. Certain groups have formed within the recruits as well. Most notably between 110, 017, 143, 099 and 021. 110 is proving himself to be a fine leader in combat displaying his tactical acumen and lethality with every weapon he has been given. 110 has also been a fine adviser and guide to his fellow recruits, helping them achieve their absolute potential as the soldiers we need them to be, all of these fine traits in a leader of a small squad. 017 has shown us he makes an excellent Second to help back up his comrades and support his friends throughout the hardships and can bounce back from sudden drops or obstacles in his path. He also is one of the fastest and most agile in his group and is oddly the lightest out of all the recruits, almost half of 117's weight. It can be said that 017 is the lynchpin that holds this group of five together, keeping things together and calm. 143 and 099 possess very similar attributes to each other. Both display a high level of intelligence, much like the rest of the recruits; however both of these female recruits possess ways of thinking out of the box for strategy. This can be beneficial or a bane in tactical situations, but 110, 017 and 021 help to balance it out. When the two work as a pair, often with 017 in tow they can overcome most obstacles with decisive ease. But the two can sometimes bicker over certain subjects in combat, 017, 110 and 021 all help to control them in that situation. 021 though has been an interesting recruit to study and train. She is lethal in ranged combat, almost as good as 058 with a scoped weapon, but she seems to posses grace in close combat and in movement. Not as agile or as quick as 017, but 021 makes up for it with her flowing and calm temperment in hostile situations.
I will be recommending for all five of them to be kept within their small group when they become fully fledged SPARTAN IIs, their close friendship and complimentary styles of combat simply cannot be wasted if they are separated.


Everything seemed to be dulled for a few seconds as Stewart picked up his blue and black Scout class helm, placing it over his head. A small hiss of pneumatics interrupted the white noise ringing in his ears before suddenly everything became clear again. Blinking and looking around, Spartan 017 recovered his rifle which had been blasted out of his arms, green bolts of superheated plasma hissing past him. A voice echoed in over his intercom, turning to look at the source of the noise using his motion tracker, he looked at a male purple and white coloured Spartan, the bolts of plasma and the battlefields explosions reflecting in the golden visor of the Spartan's Security class helm. Blinking, Stewart recognised him, Adam 110, the leader of his small squad, Team Trident and one of his closest friends. Adam was waving his arm towards himself, calmly shouting down the comm., "Get moving Stew! We got Covenant armoured cavalry coming in to clear this sector! Recon's picked up two Scarabs!"

Instantly, the power of movement returned again to 017's legs and he sprinted through the battlefield, killing four jackals as the bird like aliens attempted to try and destroy his shields temporarily by firing overheated plasma pistol charges at him. A warning tone bleeped in his helm as it picked up an enemy contact behind him, turning himself mid run, the Spartan found himself looking at an Elite, the armour indicating that he was an officer and a plasma repeater hummed menacingly in his hand, the elite roared out before attempting to strike 017. The self defence training he had learned since his conscription into becoming a Spartan instantly kicked in and the regal blue and black coloured Spartan brought his arm up to block the swing. But the Elite's swing only reached halfway down its arc before its body suddenly jerked back with force and its head exploded like a ripe watermelon. A female voice came in through the comm. and almost shouted, "Keep running Stewart! I've got your back!"
Stewart smiled behind his mask before replying as he continued to run and leapt over a pack of grunts, killing them with a dropped grenade, "As always you do Holly! I owe you one!" Looking up as he ran, Stewart spotted the distinctive glint of the golden visor on Holly 021's Recon helmet and her beloved S2-AM Sniper Rifle. Turning as he jumped, 017 released further shots at the Covenant who came across his sights.

Another female voice cut in over to comm. feed as the three Spartans began to fall back whilst laying down a punishing amount of fire, to stop the enemy from getting too close. Stewart instantly recognised it to be his fellow squadmate Kaitlin 099, but the black and teal armoured Spartan preferred to be called Katie. She had been tasked with final member of Team Trident, Meghan 143 to clear an LZ of Covenant to allow for a Pelican dropship to land and pull the team out. Katie's voice sounded urgent, "Commander, Meghan and I are repelling a shed load of Covvies at the LZ! We need to hurry or we'll be overrun!"
Another female voice then crackled over the comm., but it wasn't anyone from Team Trident,
"Trident Leader this is Gauntlet! I'm heading in for a final run to evac you is the LZ clear?"
The team leader brought his left hand to his security helm and replied, "We're all clear but not for long, get here as fast as you can Gauntlet!"
The radio crackled back over the entire team's comm. network, "Affirmative, burning towards you as fast as we can Trident! ETA two minutes."
Adam bit his lip whilst he effortlessly dispatched another two grunts with two shots from his DMR before calling out over the team's comm., "You heard our designated driver Trident! Two minutes until we're pulled, so let's make sure our taxi's got a place to park!"
Four green lights winked on 110's HUD as Stewart linked up with him, the pair slowly pacing backwards whilst laying down a punishing rate of fire from their respective DMRs whilst Holly killed two more Elite officers, leaving the grunts to panic and turn back, before she effortlessly slid down the side of the outcrop she had been using. Landing beside the two male Spartans in their team, the three of them continued to retreat backwards, using grenades to slow the Covenant's advance through the rocky gorge, towards the open plain where Kaitlin and Meghan continued to repel further enemies from overrunning the landing zone.

Meghan silently cursed in her head; two minutes would be too long at the sheer rate of covenant forces trying to overwhelm her and Kaitlin's position! Her HUD picked out the other three members of Team Trident falling back to the landing zone, killing copious amounts of Covenant as they did so. Loading a fresh clip into her assault rifle, the black and teal armoured Spartan destroyed the shields of an Elite Ultra before throwing a grenade at it. The white armoured Ultra disappeared in a flash of orange flame and shrapnel, his roar of defiance and rage drowned out by the explosion. A second later, all that was left was some torn limbs and shredded armour. Kaitlin smiled behind her ODST helmet before going back to back with her comrade Meghan. Meghan was laying the enemy low with her assault rifle before quickly switching to a shotgun and dispatching a charging Elite, whom was wielding a buzzing power sword.
"That was close!" the orange and black armoured soldier commented with a slight grin on her face, throwing a recovered plasma grenade at a group of grunts and jackals, proceeding to wipe them out with a blue explosion. Kaitlin replied after she'd reloaded a fresh clip of ammunition into her sidearm, killing two grunts wielding needlers, "You're getting sloppy Meghan! I would have killed it long before I'd have had to use a shotgun!"
Meghan continued to grin behind her Air Assault helm before answering in her sarcastic voice, "Of course you would have Katie! You skills are just so much better than mine!" Suddenly the grin on Meghan 143's face disappeared in an instant.
"We got a pair of hunters heading for the LZ!"
The team had seen plenty of times the sheer havoc and devastation the fuel rod toting aliens could dish out. Instantly their commander Adam formulated a plan and spoke the orders down the comm. in his usual calm voice when he gave out orders,
"017, with me, we've got some hunting to do. 021, suppress any serious Covenant threats who get too close to 099 and 143, but don't make yourself an easy target. 099, 143, don't come up with any plans to field test. I'm having you come back in one piece without one of you receiving a purple heart this time! Let's go Stew!"
Stewart nodded and proceeded to sprint off with Adam behind the cover of a long outcrop of brown rock, both of them bringing out knives and grenades. Holly nodded and found herself the ideal spot to snipe any Covvies who could be in her comrades' blind spots, aiming up; she instantly killed an Elite officer wielding a Concussion Rifle before he could even raise his weapon to aim at Meghan and Kaitlin. The female pair standing back to back with each other however protested over the comm. and demanded that Adam took back his comment on their plans, to which the team received a muted chuckle off of the two males in the team.

Team Trident may have sounded like a rabble of militia over the comm. at that point, but they were all Spartan IIs, they were a well oiled killing machine that is nigh unstoppable and within a minute, the hunters were quickly executed by Adam and Stewart, cutting the orange fleshy strands to the back of the multi worm xenos with ease before sprinting to Meghan and Kaitlin, whom were very low on ammo and the area around where they moved was full of alien bodies. An eerie silence echoed through the plains they had been fighting in for a short moment as Holly sprinted towards them, dropping a flare for the Pelican to spot. Red smoke billowed across where the team stood as the familiar roar of the Pelican became audible and a small black dot appeared on the sky ahead of them.
"Trident team this is Gauntlet, now have a visual of your location. Just in time too, three Scarabs are a click away to the South heading here."
Adam nodded his head before replying,
"Plenty of time then Gauntlet, awaiting pick up."