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The Assassination
Posted By: HAL0 M4N<hal0man0123@yahoo.com>
Date: 11 April 2010, 9:15 pm

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      The mission was simple: land on the planet Sargasso and take out a Prophet. The sniper that was specially selected was Bryon Case. Case was a quiet soldier, which was why he was selected to be a sniper. That and the fact that he never missed his targets. He was put on the UNSC frigate No Regrets and put in a Single Occupant Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicle, or SOEIV, and dropped down on the planet. The weapons Case took with him were a M99 Stanchion Gauss Rifle, a M7S Caseless Submachine Gun, and a combat knife. Simple weapons for a simple mission, except for the Stanchion sniper rifle. The Stanchion is an extremely powerful sniper rifle that uses Guass rounds. The rounds can travel great distances without affecting their trajectories, which make the Stanchion the perfect weapon to take out a Prophet from extremely long range and give the sniper enough time to get to the evac before the Covenant scums can even figure out where the bullet came from.
      As soon as Case landed, he got out of the SOEIV and grapped his Stanchion and put it on his back. He then grapped his M7S. His combate knife was already in his right boot. Case's weapons were in a woodland camouflage and he wore a woodland ghillie suit. Sargasso was a normal planet, much like Earth, but when the Covenant showed up, the planet's cities were destroyed or abandoned. What remains are now overrunned by grass and trees, which makes the woodland camouflages the best for this environment and mission. His SOEIV was dropped in the middle of a forest, a couple miles away from the city. The time was 5:30 a.m. Military time and the Prophet, according to intel, was supposed to arrive at 8:00 a.m. Military time. So, that gave Case two and a half hours to get to the city. Not enough time in Case's opinion. If there are any Covenant on the way, it could take Case some time, so he had to get to the city and fast.
      Case was already less than a mile away from the city and the time was only 6:15 a.m. Military time. He had not met any Covies yet, which was a shocker. Usually there was a couple of Jackals in a forest. The bird-like scouts usually always loved being in forests. Guess that was their natural habitat back on their planet. As Case got closer to the city, he saw a perfect sniping location. A huge hotel building. He could get on the roof and snipe the Prophet from there. However, he saw a couple of Grunts in the way. The short, methane breathing aliens usually panic whenever they see a human and scream. So, Case would have to take out the short aliens without any noticing him or their dead comrades. He saw his oppurtunity as one went into a short store. The other two Grunts were walking away from the store, one walking a little slower than the ohter. Case grapped his combat knife, walked up to the slower one, and stabbed it in the head and it died instantly. Case then walked up to the second one and stabbed it in the head too, killing it instantly also. He then walked into the store, M7S in his hands and saw the third Grunt and shot it in the head, killing it instantly. Case then looked around and checked if any other Covies were around. As soon as the coast was clear, Case went into the hotel and saw the elevators were destroyed, so Case took the stairs.
      The time was 7:55 a.m. Miltary time and Case was on the roof, Stanchion sniper rifle ready to take out its target. As Case zoomed in to 20x, he saw a huge Covenant army full of the hunchbacked Elite Honor Guards with their tall, pointy Energy Staves. There was also a couple of Grunts walking around. A Phantom drop ship came down and released one of its hatches and two Honor Guards came out, followed by Case's target, the Prophet. As the Prophet hovered its way to a building, Case got his aim on the Prophet's head, waited for a clear shot, and pulled the trigger. There was a loud bang and the bullet went straight toward the Prophet and blew its head clear off, with red blood spewing out of its neck. Case knew it was time to get the hell out of where he was and he already had an escape plan. He had a long rope at the back edge of the hotel and he ran for it. He grabbed the rope and rappeled down. As he landed, he heard from his hear "Case, the Pelican will be at the eta in five minutes, so you better hurry. If your not there, it's leaving without you." As Case sprinted for the eta, he was shot in the back by a Plasma Rifle. As he turned around, Grunts and Elites were walking toward him. Case turned around and got back up and started to walk toward the eta. Maybe I'll make it, Case thought, but when he turned around to check how close the Covenant were, an Honor Guard was right in front of him. It struck him with its Energy Stave and raised Case into the air. "The Pelican reports that you are not there. It's taking off without you. Hopefully you at least got the mission done. For once, will you report? Case?" Case tried to speak, but the Energy Stave had went straight through one of his lungs and spine. And as Case tried to speak one more time, he failed. Case looked at the Honor Guard's evil red eyes, and then all he saw was white.