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Records of a Spartan (Part I)
Posted By: Grantix<eightypercentblinding@yahoo.com>
Date: 5 November 2005, 10:52 pm

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---*** Incoming Transmission ***---
##*10.21.2552 1506hr*##
(##Transmission Source_ Covenant Battle net. Cruiser Class.##)

Message 145.344.677 of 145.344.677
Searching Databank
Message Encrypted
Incomplete Calculation
Calculation Complete
Message Readout.

:: Spart***

Error 006
Calculation Compete
Message Readout

:: Spartan 123 reporting. I am being held captive by the Covenant on a Cruiser. My destination is unknown. But I do believe that we have passed the Yoction Nebula. I have barely stayed alive. The hierarchs, as they are called, have no idea of our existence. The Elites have kept us alive feeding us scraps. I have not determined their reason, but I do believe that if we are found out, the hierarchs will kill us, and the Elites responsible. Please find me. I am sending this from the Covenant Battle net. I hope I am not found out. Over and out ::

Message Readout End
Calculation Complete
Printing Started
Message Saved
Printing Completed
Message 145.344.677 of 145.344.677
Databank End

(##Received Source_ Rain Over Heaven. Halcyon Class.##)
---***Transmission End***---

Battle Speech Transcript
Time Span 0955.09-0956.25 MT
Script Start

Private Harkins: "I… I need to get out of here!"
Spartan 045: "This way!"
Spartan 123: "I'll hold this position!"
Spartan 045: "Are you sure?"
Spartan 123: "Go!"
Private Harkins: "Come on sir!"
Spartan 045: "I'll be back for you!"
Spartan 123: "I know."

Script End

Battle Speech Transcript
Time Span 0901.56-0912.46 MT
Script Start

Lt. Spurn: "Spartans report!"
Spartan 123: "Copy, clear, over and out."
Spartan 045: "Clear."
Spartan 138: "Clear."
Lt. Spurn: "Positions?"
Spartan 045: "Alley way below the space elevator!"
Spartan 138: "Space elevator entrance. I need some help. 045, if you can get here, give me a hand!"
Lt. Spurn: "Spartan 123, report on position!"
Spartan 123: "Making… my way… to the elevator!"
Lt. Spurn: "Hurry it up!"

Script End

Journal Entry
Spartan 123
Entry Start

It's been two years. Tomorrow is our anniversary. I can't wait to see what he got me. I know we're not supposed to love each other. I think it's natural though. No matter how much they suppressed our sex drive, we still love each other. We probably would have been failed back then, if it weren't for our separation until 2 ½ years ago. We should be rejected now, they can read this when ever they want. But we haven't been, so we must do some good for them. But that doesn't matter. I can't wait to see what he got me. If he didn't, it's okay, it's hard to get each other stuff when we're like this. I wonder what it'll be like when we retire. I haven't seen his face yet! And he hasn't seen mine! Well that's just not right. It's been two years. Well, I want to see it tomorrow. I need to see it tomorrow. For now, I'm going to sleep. Good night.

Entry End

Battle Scenario Record
(Real-time Battle)
Record Date: 9.24.2552
Record Time: 0856-0920
Recorder: Lt. Garn
Comrade Informant: Lt. Spurn
Battle Scenario Marines:
Battle Enemy: Covenant
Battle setting: Atlantis Central Space Elevator

Battle Readout

Command Post E-12, in control of the A.C.S.E. (Atlantis Central Space Elevator), was ambushed at 0825 hours. Covenant rushed out of the space elevator, taking the two privates by surprise. Pvt. Walley was killed immediately, being stuck with a plasma grenade. Pvt. Harkins escaped, warning Lt. Spurn and Sgt. Marks of the ambush. Sgt. Marks and Pvt. Harkins stood guard at the command post, while Lt. Spurn went to get the three Spartans in their sleeping quarters. When he got there, only Spartans 138 and 045 were present. He took them to the ambush. Sgt. Marks was dead, plasma burns on his body. Pvt. Harkins was missing. Spartan 138 was ordered to leave the premises to find Spartan 123 and Pvt. Harkins. Spartan 045 was ordered to keep guard, as the Covenant were no where to be seen. Lt. Spurn checked to make a radio connection with Spartan 123. The connection failed. Lt Spurn left Spartan 045 to search the Space Elevator. After reaching the Space Elevator, Lt. Spurn again tried to make radio connection. This time Spartan 123 reported, as well as the other Spartans. Minutes later radio connection with Lt. Spurn was lost.

Battle Readout End
Readout Printing
Readout Finished Printing

UNSC File search
Search Date: 10.20.2552
Search Time: 1209
Search: Spartan 123
Profile Search

Profile Classified
Status Report: M.I.A.

File Closed
Search End
(Search Source_ Spartan Quarters Computer Resource Center/ Assigned Computer !Assigned Spartan: Spartan 045!)
Search Date 10.20.2552
Search time: 1209
UNSC Databank Closed
End Program

Radio Transmission Transcript
(Transmit Source_ Space Port 14/ ACSE)
Transmission Classification: Distress Call
Transmission Date: 9.24.2552 0845hr MT

Transmission Readout

We're being attacked! Ambushed! It's the Covenant! They're sending ships into the ports. Ports 1, 4, and 6 have been blown up. They're nearing this port! Send reinforcements. Send marines. Send Spartans! Anyth---

Readout End

(Receive Source_ Plains of Rye. Cargo Class)
Transcript End