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Station 3: Part III
Posted By: Grantix
Date: 30 August 2006, 6:52 pm

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"AAHHHH they're here!!! They're here!" Drake was shouting. He was running down the hall, and stopped at Jack's post again. "They're here Jack! They're here!" Then he ran away just as he said that.
"What is wrong with him Jack? Did he hit his head or something?" George asked, turning to Jack.
"No one cares. No one much cares for him. If anything, he probably got some sulfur in his suit," Jack said, focusing on the screen.
"Sulfur?" George asked, turning back to the screen.
"Yeah, the volcanoes on Io's surface spew sulfur out. That's what we clean off the windows."
"I didn't know that."
"You should have…" Jack said, watching the screen with an unseen intensity.
"What's up with you Jack?" George asked, smiling.
"Are you a dumb ass?! The Covenant are on the other side of Io you idiot."
Suddenly the screen turned red with the view of Jupiter. There sat a good sized group of white glistening Covenant ships. There were about 20 battle cruisers, and 2 assault carriers. One assault carrier, accompanied by a few battle cruisers, turned, and headed straight for the camera.
"Oh shit," Jack said, jumping up.
"What?" George asked, unaware of the situation.
"You fucking idiot. Just shut up!" Jack said, running out of the door. He moved quickly on the rotating circular floor, until he reached Dearson's office. "We're in trouble sir."
"What's that?" Dearson asked, turning to Jack.
"One of the assault carriers and a few battle cruisers turned towards our position. They're headed this way sir."
Suddenly Alice's voice broke out on the intercom again. "Slipspace ruptures, they're leaving the vicinity. Five ships entering the danger zone."
Dearson's face grew concerned. "Alice! Tell everyone to get ready for boarding craft. All men to the bays, armed to the teeth!"
"Understood sir!" Alice replied. A second later the announcement was on.
Dearson looked at Jack with intense eyes. "Get ready boy."

It was only minutes before Jack was in Bay 3 holding the sleek assault rifle aimed at the doors. A strap of grenades hung from his shoulder, and a pistol was holstered at his hip.
"You suppose we're toast?" Jean asked, holding her own assault rifle apprehensively.
"I don't know Jean…" Jack said, turning to her slightly. "Alice, progress report!"
"Boarding craft 10 seconds away."
"You know Jack, you're totally different. It's like this… is a good thing for you. A change I suppose," Jean said, with a smile.
"Yeah? Well, let's just get ready for this shit."
There they were, right on time. The boarding craft hit the station with tremendous shock, setting the station off course. The ends of the ships rammed into the glass, and proceeded to create a perfect hole in the windows, leaving no cracks.
A parade of Grunts jumped out of the ship, meeting their doom as a barrage of bullets spewed from Jack's and Drake's guns. Jean was reluctant to shoot, fearing the backfire. This wasn't what she was hired for. She was supposed to be back analyzing pointless arrays of electric data. But once the split chinned Elites arrived she began to fire, out of fear.
The Grunts had died easily enough, being foolish enough to jump out first. The Elites had come out just as Jack and Drake were reloading, and Jean was the only one shooting. Suddenly plasma bolts were flying back at them, and Drake and Jack were forced to hide. Jean was still in the open, firing away.
Jack turned from around the box, seeing a bolt flying straight for Jean. His instincts took over, and he jumped for her. He was soaring across the box, and landed on her with a thud, nearly missing the bolt. He rolled off quickly, taking a grenade from the strap and tossing it at the Elite.
It exploded, sending pieces of the alien through the air. Jack picked up Jean, and yelled to Drake quickly. "We gotta get out of here!"
He ran to the door that headed towards the rest of the ship, pulling Jean behind him. Drake was backing up towards them, still shooting. As soon as he was through the door Jack shut it, sealing off the aliens from them.
"What now?" Jean asked, staggering to her feet.
"We gotta get off the station. Come on, to the escape pods!" Jack said, turning and running down the hall.
The other's followed, and but they all came to a stop at Bay 2. Inside George lay on the ground, his body riddled with plasma scorches. Jack shut the door after he saw that, and just as he did an Elite pounded on the door.
"I told you Jack…" Drake said calmly.
"Told me what?" Jack said, turning to him.
"That Drake was dead…"
Jack's face filled with confusion, but he turned away, and headed towards the escape pods on the other side of the station. All three were running, blocking the hall completely. It was just a matter of seconds before they reached them, and they all jumped into one.
Jack sat down at the controls, Drake sealed the hatch, and Jean strapped herself in. Jack started to press a series of buttons, getting the ship ready to launch off of the station.
"Look where we're going to go!" Jean said.
Jack looked up, seeing they were facing Io. "Oh well…" and he pressed the launch button, sending them speeding from Station 3. They were cruising at a rather fast speed, and the view of Station 3 was opening. They could see all of it now, but the space behind it was blocked by the assault carrier.
"We're screwed Jack!" Jean yelled, tears starting to flow from her eyes.
"Shut up! Just shut up Jean!" Jack yelled.
Jack looked back at Io, seeing that they were coming in fast. He began to pull up on the Bumble Bee craft, so that the hull was going to hit. The thrusters switched on, and began to slow their ascent. The ground was coming closer, and Jack was staring intensely.
"We're screwed! We're screwed!" Jean yelled.
Then they hit the surface.