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Station 3: Part II
Posted By: Grantix<eightypercentblinding@yahoo.com>
Date: 27 August 2006, 8:28 pm

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"What's going on?!" Jean screamed, running into Jack's post.
"Listen to Alice!" Jack screamed back at her.
"I know that! I mean what do we do now?" she asked.
"Well I guess we notify Earth. Which is Dearson's problem, not ours," Jack said. "We just keep watching, and see if any more come."
The screams of Drake running down the hall could be hear very easily from Jack's post. "Ahhh! It's the end! Our hope lies on the "Lone Spartan"!" He stopped at Jacks post, and leaned on the doorway catching his breath.
"You mean that Reach survivor?" Jean asked.
"Yeah him. He'll save Earth. If he could survive Reach, he's got to be tough as nails."
"Tenchi was watching the live feed of the ceremony on one of the MAC Stations orbiting Earth. He was there, that Spartan was," Jack told them.
"I guess it's getting cut short," Jean said quietly.
Jack stood up and pushed his way through the door. He ran on the circular floor towards Dearson's post. He burst in, finding himself not the first. Incessant rambling filled his ears, and a live feed from Earth was on the TV on a file cabinet.
"Look guys, I'm trying to get through, but the live feed is interfering. I'm sure the Covie's are already there by now. It's not our problem!" Dearson yelled at the mob of people.
"What are we supposed to do, just sit back and watch?!" Jin yelled.
"There's nothing we can do!" Dearson retorted. Suddenly the feed cut off, just after Captain Keyes received an award for her father.
"They're there alright," Jack said aloud. Everyone was quiet, watching the black TV. It was silent, and nothing showed up.
"You suppose they're dead?" Lilly asked.
"No. They just had to turn the cameras off," Jack replied.
"What now?" Jean asked, walking in.
"We wait…" Dearson said.
Jack walked out, heading back to his post. Jean followed him.
"How long do we have to be on standby?" Jean asked.
"Ten hours, at least," Jack responded.
"See you after ten hours," Jean said, departing him.
"See you then," Jack told her, going back into his post. He sat there again, staring at George's ugly face, wondering whether to throw up or not, knowing he wouldn't.

Ten hours later Jack was lying in bed, staring through the darkness at the ceiling.
"Do you think it's the end Jack?" he heard Jean ask.
"No…" he said tonelessly.
"Why not?"
"It wasn't a large mass of ships… It'll be chopped liver to the MAC stations," he said with a smirk.
The rest of the night was silent, but Jack couldn't sleep a wink. It was 4:00 in what seemed to be seconds, and it was time for him to begin his window washing shift. He got out of bed silently, and headed off to the bathroom, where he put on his "Habitat" suit, and then went off to Closet 23, and then Bay 3's third door.
He went out into space, and decided to take a look in Jin's window first. She was there, and she was stark naked, staring into the mirror. Jack stared at her naked body with lust, but just couldn't have it. He needed something though, the urge was on him, and he felt like an animal. It was overriding his mind.
Suddenly he found himself back in his room with Jean, lying in bed with her. He shot up, a bewildered look on his face. He stood up, and stared at her apprehensively. She was asleep with a smile, but she was nude, and so was he. He left quickly to the bathroom, where in which he scrubbed himself almost to the point of chaffing. The wrong that he did had to be washed off, but he just couldn't get it off.
He got out quickly, dressed, and left the room all before she could wake up. He checked his watch, it was 8:00, and he hadn't washed any windows. He decided not to, and headed off to his post. George wasn't in there, which was a good thing, because if he was, Jack would have thrown up for sure. He sat there in silence, watching panels of motionless sensors.
A few noises could be heard from outside of his post. News casts about the events in New Mombassa, and people heading off to their own posts. He sat there, curled into a ball, the shock of events taking there toll. He was hoping that George wouldn't show up. For whatever reason, George just couldn't show up.
But he did, and Jack threw up after looking at his ugly little pig nose on that ugly fat face. Now Jack was on room arrest by request of Doctor Wayne, and he couldn't look at Jin naked, but Jean was talking to him, but not about what he wanted to talk about.
"Why'd you do it?" she asked him, putting the glass of disgusting smoothie next to his bed.
"I don't know Jean. It just, it just came over me, alright?" he said with irritation.
"Oh come on Jack. I mean," she said, starting to blush, "it was the best I had ever had…"
"Ohhh come on!!" Jack moaned. "I don't want to hear about your sex life Jean."
They both raised an eyebrow as screams erupted in the hallway. Drake ran in screaming at them both, "George is dead! The Covie's got 'em. They got 'em!"
"No they didn't!" Jack yelled at him.
"Yeah they did! His body has plasma scorches all over it!"
"Bull shit! You're just a madman, and have been ever since you got here!"
"It's for real Jack!" he said, running off.
Jack sighed and looked to Jean. "So what happened?"
"Oh well you just waltzed in and got straight to bus-"
"No, I mean what happened in Africa?"
"You didn't watch the news? The ship jumped out of there, in atmosphere!" she said with extreme emphasis. "Te whole city's gone to dust, and the Navy finished off the remains, but-"
Alarms went off, and Alice's voice broke in on the intercom. "Slipspace ruptures on other the other side of Io. All personnel to posts."
Jack and Jean jumped up and ran out into the hall. Drake was running back at them screaming "They're here again! They're here!!"
Jack ran, pulling Jean with him, towards his post. Hers was right next to his, so he left her there, and went into his own. He sat down immediately, seeing George was fine and healthy there too.
"How many is it?" Jack asked, watching a few monitors.
"The probes haven't confirmed, but it seems to be a small fleet. More than yesterday, but not a considerable amount. I'd say about 20 or 30," George responded.
"Why didn't they pass us by?" Jack asked, watching the screens. They showed the camera views from probes rounding the circumference of Io.
"Perhaps they wanted a look at Earth before they attacked."
"That's not they're style. Either they know we're here, or they're something they want…"