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Sation 3: Part I
Posted By: Grantix<eightypercentblinding@yahoo.com>
Date: 27 August 2006, 2:45 pm

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The blankness of space surrounded the small station. The emptiness of sound was all too clear to the suited man. He floated aimlessly around the station's hull, keeping the cleaning equipment on his back secure.
"One last stop, then I am heading back in," he said into his headset.
The station's AI responded with a gentle, female voice, "Understood Jack."
Jack reached his stop, with was the full length of the tether, and was a portside window that led into Jin Chang's room. Jack paused a second, and looked into the window to see if the female audio specialist was in. But unfortunately his peepshow was now where inside. So he continued with his job, and cleaned the window whistling to himself.
He stared into the blackness of space apprehensively, then with admiration. A lot of stars could be seen from their location, which happened to be on the dark side of Europa. As soon as he was done with the window he headed back towards the sealed bay from which he had left.
"Alice, can you open Bay 3's third door please?" Jack asked into his headset.
The AI responded with "Yes Jack," and opened the door for him quickly.
He floated into the zero atmosphere room, pressed a button, and watched as air filled the room, and jettisoned the vacuum out of there. He took off his helmet, and opened the second door after the atmosphere had filled the small compartment. He floated in, feeling the pull from the rotation, and landed on the circular surface.
Drake, his coworker, walked up with his suit on. "How's it out there Jack?"
"It's fine. All there is to worry about is getting windows clean," Jack told him, taking the tether off his suit.
"And the peepshow?" Drake asked with a smile, taking the tether from Jack.
"That sucks…" Drake said putting on his helmet. "See you when I return."
"See you then," Jack said walking off to Closet 23. It was a designated Space Walk Suit Closet. He took off the suit and revealed his skin tight "Habitat" suit that provided him with the necessary nutrition's and stuff when he is on spacewalks. He had nothing else on under the black suit, so he left it on. Besides it belonged in his quarter's closet.
He glanced down to his watch, seeing it was 13:05, "Awesome, lunch time." He walked briskly on the circular floor and made his way around the station until he was at the mess hall. He walked in, noticing it was filled with all 12 other people on the station. The only two not in was Drake, and himself, but now he was in it, so that brought the total up to 13.
One of the men within the hall stood up, and made a rather childish announcement. "Oh look, it's the window washer! Where's your bud Jack?"
Jack gave him a look of disgust as he responded. "Shut up Ricky. It's not like I don't have another job you know. All you do is go from bathroom to bathroom cleaning up shit!" Jack got his food, and sat down across the hall from Ricky, who now was embarrassed, and sat down quickly.
Jack was sitting with a small group of guys and girls, only three others. George, right next to him, was Jack's assistant for the Slipspace monitoring systems. Jean, Jack's roommate, was the only female who worked in the electrometer section. Lilly, the last of them, was Drake's roommate, and was the mess hall cook.
"So how'd the windows go?" George asked with a smile.
"They went boring. Nothing to see… I guess that's 'cause it's lunch time," Jack said looking at his food. "Beef stew again Lilly?"
"Well the Prometheus sent twelve boxes of beef to us. How else am I going to get rid of all that meat?" she asked, showing off a big questionable smile.
"I don't know, maybe for once you could cook us some steaks!" Jack told her sarcastically. He stood up, putting his bowl on George's tray. "Here you go. I'm not that hungry." He turned to Jean then, holding his empty tray in his hands. "I'm heading over to the room before work starts up again. Anything you need?"
Jean looked up slowly, and then started, "Yeah, could you get me my sweat shirt? The gray one, not the brown one. And I need my contacts, these aren't feeling right. Grab the ones marked "G". And I'd like it if you could get me a rubber band, my hair's been getting in the way too much recently.
"You got it," Jack said, turning away. He dumped his tray into the cleaning pile, and walked out, taking a glance at Jin before he left. He walked slowly to his room, which was only across the hall. He opened the door solemnly, swiping his card before the scanner.
He slowly made his way to the bathroom, where he took off his "Habitat" suit and stood there stark naked, staring at the shower before him. He climbed in, and showered quickly. Once he was done he dressed in a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt. He put on some sneakers, and grabbed everything Jean wanted.
Now it was time for work. He walked down the hall, spotting Jin squeezing into her own post. Jack stared at her breasts just before she disappeared, and then his glimmer of happiness was gone. He stopped by Jean's post, and handed her the stuff she required, and then moved along to his own post.
Nothing was there but George and a bunch of sensory equipment. He sat down quietly, and George spun around in his chair to face him.
"Nothing," George said.
"Nada," Jack repeated. "There's always nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Why'd they even set up this damn post anyways? I mean what idiot thought the Covenant would even get this far? We don't even wear our uniforms here… It's such a waste of men and space."
"Why are you always putting yourself into such a bad mood? You hate the world too much," George said with a dumb smile.
"Shut up George," Jack said silently. He stared at George's ugly, fat face. His pig nose stared back at Jack, and it disgusted him. George was always so dumb, so fool hearted. Jack had the urge to throw up in disgust of George, but he didn't. Because if he did, then he'd have to see Doctor Wayne, who would automatically put him on room arrest for being sick. Then Jean wouldn't talk, let alone notice him. And she was the only thing keeping him sane at night. Then he wouldn't be able to see Jin naked through the window. And worst of all, he wouldn't eat the steak that Lilly wasn't preparing, but instead he'd have to eat some disgusting processed smoothie that would make him throw up again, and start the whole thing over.
He shook the thought of throwing up from his head, and turned from George and faced the panels of sensors. Nothing moved, nothing read anything different. And nothing would. Nothing ever happened here at Europa. Nothing ever happened in the Sol System. All it was was ship building, and preparation at Earth.
Suddenly there was a glimmer of hope, a sensor was beeping rapidly.
"What is it?" George asked.
"Shut up dumb ass," Jack said, sitting up. Suddenly another sensor went off. An object could be seen on the Slipspace monitoring screen. It was a small mass, but it held no human shape.
"We've got Covenant whispers!" Jack shouted. "Alice, alert the station!"
Alice's voice boomed over the station wide intercom, "Alert. Covenant Slipspace whispers detected."
The whole station was thrown into pandemonium, and the start of something big was here.