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The Stronghold
Posted By: Grantix<eightypercentblinding@yahoo.com>
Date: 23 August 2006, 11:50 pm

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"We exist in a reality of the universe. There are galaxies, constellations, solar systems. I really don't think we fit into the whole grand scheme of things really. It's all… burning helium, chunks of rock or gas, and the vacuum of space. How do we fit into it all?"
"It doesn't matter Harry. Just pay attention and stop your daydreaming."
"Well, sorry to inform you but that's my job."
"Look man, will you shut up, we're on a freaking mission."
"Hey, would you rather I wasn't here when you need an improvised way to blow up that Covie stronghold, Terra?"
The female Spartan spun around quickly, facing her companion. Her Mark-V suit was a dark brown, and was caked with mud at the feet and knees. She stared from within her helmet at Harry-080 with intense eyes. "Shut up."
She turned back on the path, shouldering her Assault Rifle with ease. The two were traveling on a dirt path in the middle of a thick lush forest. Harry's suit was a light green color, and blended in well with their surroundings.
"Hey…" Harry started after a few moments silence.
"What is it?" Terra asked with annoyance.
"I'm sorry… 'bout that."
"Well, I'm just not in the mood for it. We lost two teammates to tho-"
"Yeah I know…"
After that the silence continued. They walked cautiously, aiming their rifles to the left, and then the right. Soon they found themselves at a clearing, and they halted. Both of them ducked into the bushes and scouted out the scene.
Two jackals and a grunt could be seen walking in front of a large door way. Nothing could be seen within the door, but the two Spartans were guessing there was other Covenant.
"Take 'em out on three," Terra commanded.
"Copy that."
"Three." Their rifles erupted with fire, as bullets were spewed into the unsuspecting aliens. The alien bodies fell like rocks, hitting the ground with separate thuds.
"Split up, and flank the supports," Terra commanded quickly, getting to her feet and crouching out of sight.
Harry did the same, going in the opposite direction. They each circled around the clearing until they reached a position relatively behind the door. A large group of aliens poured out of the door.
Terra and Harry fired again, tearing through the alien bodies with a great ease. Bodies fell like flies, and both Terra and Harry jumped up from their spots and headed towards the building.
It was an odd building, with walls slanting inwards as they neared the top. It was made of a very strong metal, and bullets seemed to bounce off of it. Something inside was important to the Covenant, and the Spartans were going to find out.
They reached the door quickly, and checked equipment before entering.
"They're here."
"Alright, let's go in."
They went in side by side, watching their flank at times, but maintaining focus on the hall before them. Nothing was coming, and they seemed to be in the clear.
"Why would something so important be guarded by nothing?" Harry asked.
"Maybe we interpreted the chatter wrong."
"I don't know. That AI was supposed to be good, one of those 'smart' AI's."
Suddenly a glow formed from a doorway ahead. Suddenly a large massive alien came out of the doorway. It wore blue armor, and had a glowing arm. The glow released a loud noise as it moved towards the Spartans. They threw themselves into nearby rooms as the thing passed.
"More of those things?!" Harry shouted.
"Get out the Anti-Tank Mine!" Terra commanded quickly, tossing a grenade down the hall.
Harry moved quickly, pulling the mine from its strap on him. He crawled over to the doorway quickly, feeling the heat of a green bolt burn through the wall above him. He reached the door, and peered out, seeing the alien nearby. He armed the mine quickly, and rolled it out the door to the alien's feet.
"Fire in the hole!" he yelled, jumping a good ten feet backwards. He landed on a small outcropping that he rolled over and behind. Just as he landed the sound of the mine exploding rang out. He jumped up after it dissipated, and he ran into the hall, and jumped through it into the room that Terra was in.
"Status?!" he yelled.
"I'm fine!" she replied, standing up in a corner. She got to her feet easily, and had her rifle ready.
"That's one down," Harry said, turning back towards the hall. They walked slowly, peering out into the hall. There they saw the other was dead too, the explosion blowing shrapnel and metal into the front of it.
"Make that two down," Terra smirked. They went back into the hall, and crept forward. Suddenly Terra's radio buzzed.
"Yellow Leader, this is Command, do you copy?"
"This is Yellow Leader to Command, I hear you loud and clear," Terra said into her radio.
"Pull out Yellow team. The transmitter has been destroyed. Pull out. We'll have pelicans inbound, ETA 20 minutes."
"Watch out, there's a small force with shade turrets in Kilo Grid 5-7."
"Roger that. Over and out."
Terra turned to Harry, and motioned with her head to head back to the exit. "We're done?" he asked.
"Yeah…" she said, jogging towards the exit. Harry followed closely, thinking the whole thing over.
"I guess the mine got it…" he said looking up as they reached the clearing.
Both of them stopped dead in their tracks. There before them was a Wraith aiming straight for them.
"That… wasn't supposed to happen…" Harry managed to say.
Suddenly the Wraith fired a blue bolt that soared for them. Each of them dodged to the side, landing on the soft ground. The blot landed with a loud sizzling noise. Harry got to his feet quickly, getting his rocket launcher shouldered and ready.
The roar of the rocket blasted through the clearing, and the explosion through the forest. It knocked out part of the tank, but it still had the capacity to fire. Harry fired another and disabled the tank. He dropped the launcher and turned to Terra quickly. The face in his helmet grew with shock.
He ran over to her body quickly, as she lay there on the ground. One of her arms was blown off, and blood was pouring from her profusely. Harry removed his helmet, and hers.
She stared at him with grayish blue eyes, and she forced a weak smile. "There's damage on the inside too Harry."
"Don't talk Terra. The pelican will be here soon. Just shut up."
"Don't tell me to shut up, I'm team leader."
"Shut up Terra," Harry said with concerned eyes and a small smile.
Harry reached into the compartment on the back of her suit and got a small aid kit. He pulled out some biofoam and looked at her sadly. "This is going to sting."
She nodded, and winced as he put it into her. Suddenly she erupted into a scream as the stuff went in. Harry looked away, he couldn't take the screaming.
Once it was over he looked to her, and tears were streaming from her blue eyes. "You okay?" he asked solemnly.
She nodded slowly, and looked to him with hurt eyes. "How long?"
Harry dropped his head and then looked up again. "About 10 minutes."
She nodded again, and pulled herself close to him. "It hurts Harry."
"I know…" he said silently. He propped her up against him so that she was sitting up. "Just gotta tough it girl."
"Shut up," she kidded. She closed her eyes and breathed in slowly. "It hurts a lot. My heart feels out of place."
"It probably is. The shock probably shifted some stuff."
"Way to be positive there."
He chuckled a little, and then turned his head to her. Her breathing was heavy, and raspy.
"My lungs," she whispered.
"Terra… be quiet."
"Harry," she said, sliding onto the ground. She was facing him, and he was looking at her.
He motioned with a finger over her lips for her to be quiet. She kept talking though. "Harry… I need you Harry."
"I'm here."
"No… I really need you. Harry… I love you Harry."
Harry looked at her with shocked eyes, and an opened mouth. The pelican could be heard in the distance cruising in towards them.
He bent over and looked at her closely. "Are you serious?"
She didn't answer. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing had stopped. Harry shook her a little, but got no response. "Terra! Terra!" he yelled. She didn't awake. He shook her harder, but nothing. The pelican was over them now, and was getting ready to land. He sat there shaking her and yelling her name, with no response.