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Uberlebender's Film
Posted By: Grantix<eightypercentblinding@yahoo.com>
Date: 22 August 2006, 12:29 am

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Slowly the camera flickered to life. Lines of static rolled along the screen, and then dissipated to reveal the scene before it. There was a dark presence, the screen only showed swampy land, trees riddled the landscape, and marshes were strung out nearby.
There was a sense of panic within the faces of the seen marines. There were only three on screen, but they each held a face of terror. They fumbled with equipment as they shoved their helmets back into position and stood at the ready. They each raised a rifle slowly, mouths agape.
"Have you heard anything?" the one on the left asked.
"Not since we got out of there," the middle one answered.
"How's Endormi doing?" asked the one on the right.
"He's still unconscious. What ever got him, hit 'em good," answered the middle one.
"How many did we leave behind?" the left one asked.
"Not sure… a dozen at least," the middle one answered, turning towards the screen a little. He turned just enough to reveal the Sergeant Insignia, and the name Uberlebender on his uniform. He then turned back around to the direction he was originally facing.
"How long 'til they get here?" asked the left one.
"Don't know…" Uberlebender answered.
"Shh," said the right one.
"What is it?" asked the left one.
The right one turned quickly towards the left one, revealing the name Guasto, and a rank of Private. "Shut up and listen!"
The left one turned and revealed his name, Besmet, and his rank of Private. "I can talk if I want!"
"Shut up, I hear something!" commanded Uberlebender.
Out of the trees popped a small creature. It was a tan color, and very bulbous, revealing small tentacles from underneath of it.
"What the hell's that?!" Besmet screamed.
Uberlebender opened fire, stopping the creature in its tracks. "I don't care what it is. Kill anything like it."
"Why the hell do you have that camera on all the time sir?" Guasto asked with annoyance.
"So my wife can see what it's like for me. I get some leave time as soon as we get back… It was scheduled prior to the assault on Reach," Uberlebender explained.
"Don't' you think they've rescheduled that by now?" Besmet asked.
"Oh I don't know… who cares. Let's focus on getting out of here alive."
Suddenly the roar of a vehicle could be heard in the distance. It was faint, but was growing louder by the second.
"Is that our ride?" asked Guasto.
"I suppose it is…" Uberleminder said.
Suddenly the vehicle came on screen, coming in from the top, and heading downwards. It came down on Guasto, smashing him into the ground. Blood sprayed onto the camera lens, and then it was all over. The Warthog vehicle had crushed Guasto, and then flattened the unconscious Endormi.
"What the hell?!" Besmet screamed loudly.
Uberlebender looked up quickly, and then moved to the side, pulling Besmet with him. Two dead bodies hit the ground, passing through the screen. The sound of their bones crushing could be heard loudly.
"They must have fallen off a cliff… or something," Uberlebender said quietly. He turned to the screen momentarily and wiped off the blood on the screen. "Get in the hog… we're heading out of here."
The screen went out suddenly, and then came back on in the passenger seat of the warthog. Uberlebender was in the driver's seat, which is where the camera was facing.
"You alright back there using the gun?" Uberlebender asked.
"Yeah I'm good," Besmet's voice could be heard off screen.
"Let's roll then…" Uberlebender said. As suddenly as he said that another bulbous creature appeared on screen. It knocked the camera over, and made it face Besmet on turret.
Besmet erupted in screams. Tons of bulbous creatures were on him. Suddenly gun fire could be heard, and Uberlebender's hand could be seen holding a pistol. He shot the creatures on Besmet quickly. Dead bulbous creatures seemed to be piling up on screen.
The camera shook rapidly, and Besmet fell off the back of the warthog. The background was changing quickly, trees were whizzing past. Suddenly the camera changed position as Uberlebender faced it towards him. He was driving now… and then the screen went black.

The TV turned off, sowing that this was the end of Uberlebender's film. In the room with the TV were two unmarked men, who simply wore black suits. They each sat in a chair and faced the TV. A small light was shed on them, one held a folder, and the other held a remote control.
Uberlebender walked into the room escorted by another suited man. He was placed in a chair in front of the two other men.
The man with the folder looked up, and began to speak. "Do you know how important this film is?"
Uberlebender was silent for a moment before he spoke. "No."
"Let's put it this way… You've just uncovered another alien species."
Uberlebender's face showed confusion. "What?"
"What else do you think that was?"
"Well I don't know, but consider the fact that I was on a Ringworld… I mean it could have been anything."
The man with the remote control stood up slowly, and looked towards the TV screen, then at Uberlebender. "Take him away. He's useless now, just garbage. Put him on that leave that he was looking forward," he said with a chuckle at the end.
After Uberlebender was gone, the man looked at the other one. "This matches up with MCPO Spartan John-117's report."
"Then how come Uberlebender didn't die when the Ringworld was destroyed?"
"Perhaps…" the standing man started, flipping on the TV. He fast forwarded it, and revealed a scene in which an alien space craft was the main figure. It was U shaped, and had a flow of energy from the front of it. "… he found another way off."