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ONI Field Intelligence Interview
Posted By: Grantix<eightypercentblinding@yahoo.com>
Date: 2 June 2006, 8:31 pm

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What do you call time? The fourth dimension? Well… a lot of people do. As for me, time is but a burden that can be bypassed so easily, especially when you work for ONI. Well… you want to hear the full report don't you? Man what is it with you guys, you ONI field report collectors? Jeez. Well, here, we'll start when I fled Reach in my disguised craft.

See I looked around from my cockpit staring out at the battle scene. It was going to hell, so I jumped out of there, mind you I followed Cole Protocol, and headed for some random, outward bound, vector. When my AI woke me from my cryosleep I stared out at my new surroundings, and saw nothing. Just stars out in the distance, light years away. I turned on my sensor instruments, which were telling me a planet was in front of my eyes. Well I saw nothing, as I told you. So I headed to what the sensors said was a planet, and behold, it was right. It had massive holographic system that prevented it from being visible. But as I landed on the planet, which was nothing but plains all around, I started to realize that my sensors had actually picked up the electromagnetic signal being emitted by the holographic system. Well, so I landed, as I said, and got out of the ship. As I looked around I could see the holographic generator buildings miles away, they seemed to be giants in the distance. So I got back in the ship, seeing as nothing was near where I was, and I headed for one of these megalith structur- What? Oh, how big… well at least a mile high- No, I am not messing around with you. Anyways, I got to it, and I landed outside of it, and saw a door. I got out my Assault Rifle and heade- What? Oh… well I didn't know if there were hostile people here or not… why shouldn't I take it? But as I was saying, I found a door on the place and went in via the code breaker. Well I got in, and looked around, seeing nothing, it was all black. But I could hear an odd, yet organic, noise, like the grumbling of a stomach. Suddenly the lights flickered on, and there before me was a giant, almost plantlike, creature. Tentacles spread out from it, and it seemed to have no "face". It reached out at me, but was restricted by a wall of energy. Its hand rebounded off of it. I decided to look around, since it couldn't hurt me, and saw that there were numerous electronic devices connected to it. So I assumed it was an experiment of some kind… but I had to wonder, what would do this, and how? Well… it started to talk. It, I quote, said, "I thought you were dead? You used the Halos, and killed yourselves, did you not?" When it spoke, I startled, jumped to face it. I fired my gun in shock, and it just hit the energy field. I asked him, "What are you talking about?" He respond- Yes I talked to him! What am I supposed to do, ignore the thing? It might have gotten angry. He said, "You, you used the Halos, to stop us, and killed yourselves." After hearing this I stopped and sat down to talk with him. "I don't know what you're talking about." He turned away, well I think he did, and then kept talking. "The forerunner, you, killed yourselves, so what are you doing here?" But as he spoke I heard other noises, like the chatter of mice. But as I turned to see it, I saw little bulbous forms with tentacles, which were coming towards me. I jumped up, and started to shoot, unsure of their intentions. Then the thing spoke again, "So you still remember…" After that I got out of the building, and headed back to my ship. Suddenly the holographic sky started to fade away from that building, and the creature burst through the walls. I started the ship, and headed back here, to Earth. No, I don't know what it was… or what a Forerunner is. Look man, I don't know! Whatever… believe me if you want, or send me to a psycho ward… I don't care, it's the truth. Don't act like that! What? Hey get off of me, let me go