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Three Kings: III
Posted By: Grantix<eightypercentblinding@yahoo.com>
Date: 13 February 2006, 8:58 pm

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The warthog rolled along the shore side of Emden. Everything seemed eerily quiet. Aleksander spotted the area with his sniper rifle. Buildings under construction, closed off tunnels, and unfinished bridges. It was a ghost town. He peered back to Randy, who nervously glanced around, watching the rear.
Chief pulled off to the side of the road near a foot bridge. They got out, and crossed over, and walked into a building. The three of them were still quiet, they had no reason to talk. They climbed up the stairs, and positioned themselves around a door.
The hum of a Wraith could be heard. Spectres could also be heard. Aleksander stared out the door, the Covenant vehicles filled with Elites. "Have you noticed, that all we've met are Elites. No Grunts or Jackals. It's not right," Aleksander whispered.
The Elites filed out of the vehicles and marched to the building they were in. Chief jumped up, and the Randy and Aleksander followed. They went around to a window, and jumped through to the second level. They hastily ran into another building. The Elites could be heard passing by in the other building, as they made their way up the stairs. Aleksander, Randy and Chief made their way to crates, keeping crouched. The hid there, as the Elites searched the other building. Quickly Aleksander crossed a catwalk to a building under construction. Randy and Chief followed, and they slowly made their way up a ramp.
The thunder of a Wraith firing could be heard. The Elites knew their position. The three Spartans jumped onto a ledge outside of the building, and started to fire at the Wraith. The plasma collided with the building. The Spartans crossed another catwalk to a closed off tunnel. Elites were firing back with Plasma Rifles. Aleksander was picking them off with his sniper rifle.
He paused for a second, just watching the Elites. They seemed rabid, as if bitten by a dog with a virus. They moved in a strange motion, unlike normal Elites. He stopped watching, as he heard more gunfire, from human guns. He looked to his side, seeing more Spartans, these with black armor on. "What the hell?" he said startled. Quickly the ranks of Elites were cut down. Chief had already noticed, and had walked over to the group of Spartans. The gunfire had stopped, and one Spartan picked up a Rocket Launcher, and destroyed the Wraith.
"Who are you?" Chief asked one of the Spartans.
The Spartan hesitated, then spoke. "Spartan George- 234 sir!"
"Two-thirty four?! That's impossible. There's only 150 of us!" Chief exclaimed.
"Sir, are you sick? Do you need some help?" George said.
"Of course not, I'm fine."
"Sir, you should follow me to the Med Station."
Aleksander walked up behind Chief. "Sir, what's this guy talking about?"
"Chief turned an looked to him. "I'm not sure. I'm looking for a head wound, but I can't find anything."
"He's doing to same on you," Aleksander replied.
"Sir, are you sure you're alright?" George asked.
Chief turned, saying, "Of course I'm sure. Nothing's happened to my head. I mean I was captured by the Covenant, escaped in some pelicans, and crash landed because of a Scarab. But I'm fine."
"Uh… sir, what's the Covenant?"
Chief didn't say anything for some time. Aleksander was sure he had a look of shock. "Those damn aliens you just shot up. They're the Covenant!" Chief exclaimed.
"Sir, those were Sangheilis. They're part of the Sangheili Alliance."
Chief turned to Aleksander again. "Something is terribly wrong with this guy."
The group of Spartans started walking to the closed off tunnel and walked into a small door. "Come on sir, we'll get you some help," George said.
Chief followed him, and Randy and Aleksander followed Chief.

They walked along a long tunnel, wide enough for Chief, Aleksander, and Randy to stand next to each other. "Ever since we left Nassau, things have been going crazy," Randy said.
The Tunnel ended, and they had walked into a large under ground cavern. A base with a flag hanging could be seen in the distance. Warthogs and Scorpions were positioned around it. A large structure, probably for mining, was in the center of the cavern. A part of it kept pumping up and down, releasing a thunderous noise as it went down. In front of the entrance stood a Spartan, this time with the correct color armor. George walked to this Spartan, and whispered something.
This Spartan walked over, and said in a deep voice, "Welcome to the Volks Kammer."