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Three Kings: II
Posted By: Grantix<eightypercentblinding@yahoo.com>
Date: 26 January 2006, 7:24 pm

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"Who are you" the Elite asked.
Aleksander looked up. "I am Chief Petty Officer Aleksander-025."
"What human year is it?"
"It's 2552 UNSC Standard. Look, what's going on?"
"Hmmm…" the Elite turned away to the gold Elite. "He seems to actually not know who we are. I believe he may have been in another vector at the time Earth was taken, as well as the other two. Though… I don't know how we wouldn't have picked them up. Every other Earth world is crawling with Ships. The monitoring system is unbreakable."
"I know that, I designed it myself!" the gold Elite stammered. "Bring me the incompetent who captured them!" he commanded the guards.
"Look guys! I want to know what the hell is going on! I've been sitting here for two…" Aleksander though hard. "… two cycles! Now tell me what is going on!"
The gold Elite turned, astonished. "Human, do wish me to slash you down!" he challenged, taking an Energy Sword out.
"You couldn't if you tried," Aleksander retorted.
The Elite lunged, the sword graceful in the air. Aleksander rolled to the right as the Elite passed him. The Elite was pinned to the wall, and Aleksander jumped on him. A lethal blow to the back of the head, and the Elite was down. He picked up the sword, and turned to face two new guards.
One rushed forward, the pike coming at Aleksander's head. He brought the sword up, blocking the attack. He slammed his arm the right, bringing the pike down, and the Elite closer. Aleksander's left hand came forward, tearing off two of the Elite's mandibles, as the punch sent its head backward. Aleksander heard the roar of the Elite, and took a step back, readying his self.
The pike came crashing down, barely missing Aleksander. He had jumped to the left, and was bring the sword around. One…two… the Elite's leg was lying on the floor, blood spray everywhere, and the Elite itself with a look of horror. The other guard was coming forward. Aleksander took the second to see where the doctor had went. And he saw nothing, but a closed plasma wall.
He flew back, he took too long. He hit the wall, the Energy Sword flying out of his hand. He got up quickly, grabbing the pick as it came at him. Twisting it, he threw a leg out, knocking the pike out of the Elite's hands. He stepped forward crashing the Elite's skull in on itself. The other Elite had made its way to the door, and was begging to be let free. Aleksander walked to him, and slid the pike down the Elite's throat.
The seconds ticked away, Aleksander just standing there, in the bloody heap he made. He turned around, and made his way to the Energy Sword. As he picked it up, the plasma wall opened. He spun quickly, the sword at the ready. He sighed in relief, seeing the Chief and Randy.
"God damn is it good to see you!" he said, rushing towards them.
"Yeah, Aleksander, you too," the Chief responded. "Do you realize where we are?"
"Where's that?" Aleksander asked, curious. "I thought we were in a ship."
"No, this is that planet sized thing we saw. They call it High Charity, Capital of the Sangheili Alliance."
"See now, what the hell is that?"
"What's what?"
"That Sangheili Alliance?"
"Oh… I'm not sure, the interrogator went on the rage before either of us could find out."
"Same here…" Aleksander looked around. It was a large room, with a tree in the middle. There was other stuff to the right, but he didn't care much. "So… how do we get out of here?"
"There's a ship docked outside this facility. I'm sure we'll be able to commandeer it," Chief said with a snicker.

They had been lucky. Inside the ship's bay were three captured Pelicans. One for each of them. Their chances for survival were greater if they took separate craft. They had quickly taken them, and set off for Earth's surface. They had gotten through the blockade easily, and were now in the atmosphere. German soil could be seen below. But now their luck was turning around. They weaved through the buildings of Emden, and saw something horrible ahead. A Scarab, staring straight at them.
"Pull up! Aleksander! Pull up!"
The Scarab fired. The Pelican crashed into the Scarab. Down it all went. Aleksander fell into a coma as he hit the ground. Everything was black, and quiet.

Aleksander awoke to the wind. He stammered to his feet, holding a Plasma Rifle at the ready. Nothing was around. He turned, hearing the crackle of the downed Scarab. No one was around. It was just him on an empty block of city. He walked cautiously, down a slope into a warehouse. The roof was gone, must have been the crash. He turned left, the warehouse filled with nothing but boxes. He made his way through double doors, and onto a road way. Ahead, what he saw astonished him.
A roughed up warthog, with Chief and Randy standing near it. They turned as he entered the road way. Chief stepped forward. "Good to see you're okay!"
"Where'd that 'hog come from?" Aleksander asked.
"Oh this, it was on the back of my Pelican," Randy told him.
"Well," Aleksander started. He went to the passenger seat, and picked up a sniper rifle. "Lets get going."
Chief got in the driver's seat, and Randy took the turret. Aleksander climbed in, and the warthog drove off, dust in its wake.