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Halo: a New Spartan Chapter.1
Posted By: George3222<fatguy_500@yahoo.com>
Date: 19 May 2010, 3:50 am

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"It's your choice"
Chapter 1

Kyle slowly began to move down the open hallway as his foot steps echoed. "I have to be on some kind of ship," Kyle thought as he saw a door to his left. He stopped and looked at the door wondering if he should open it. As he slowly reached for the door he heard echoes further up ahead and voices.

"Quickly what if he's a Rebel he could kill the Spartans." Mendez stated as he loaded his MA5B.

Kyle looked down the hall to hear them getting closer as he opened the door and shut it behind him. "What happen to this guy,." Kyle said to himself as he walked up to a man in a medical bed, that looked his age, hooked up to many IVs and monitors. As Kyle walked up to him he picked up his chart.

Medical Report
Subject: John-117
Status: Recovering
It appears John is one of the luck few so far who has not suffered from any disabilities
As he read the words he dropped the clip board as he finished reading it. "117….the Chief." Kyle asked himself as he looked at the man?

"Step away from him." Mendez ordered as he aimed his rifle at Kyle's chest.

"Calm down Mendez can't you see he is just a frightened child." Halsey said as she came in with a syringe filled with a sedative. "Now just calm down all we want to know is how you got here and why." Halsey continued as she walked up to Kyle face to face.

Kyle just stood there in shock as he heard the women call the man Mendez. "Well….I just…." Kyle tried to say as he saw the syringe, Kyle remembering what his father thought him for his Marine training Kyle took Halsey by the neck and put the syringe to her throat.

"You….you were going to kill me." Kyle shouted as he mistook the sedative as poison.

"Hey let her go and calm down." Mendez ordered as two more marines came into the door.

"Now just calm down and let her go." the marine on the right stated. Kyle looked at him and made his choice, he need to act. Kyle pushed Halsey into Mendez as he stabbed the Marine on his right with the sedatives, and quickly stole his sidearm and shot the other one in the knee as he ran out into the hallway.

As Kyle ran as fast as he could he heard Mendez ordering fire teams to cover all exits. As he found another door as he ducked in to find it empty, as minutes went past Kyle had managed to shut the lights off and huddle in the fetal position as he heard orders being barked and men searching for him, most likely to kill him. As he looked at a picture of his family the lights came on to reveal Halsey and Mendez.

"Look." Mendez said as he looked to find the boy under the table.

"Mendez give me a few minutes with him." Halsey ordered as Mendez nodded and left the room.

"Now I know you scared, but you have to help me, lay down on the bed." Halsey requested?

Kyle could only nod as he laid on the bed as Halsey took a sample of DNA.

As Halsey left the room she turned to Mendez. "Keep him safe, and let no one in this room…there's something he is hiding that is why he is so scared." Halsey stated.

As what seem like hours pasted Kyle opened his back pack to see his books still their, "Is this possible…did I come to Halo." Kyle asked himself as he put his books away?

"Are you feeling better." Halsey asked as she entered the room.

"A little." Kyle stated as he sat up.

"Now for something weird…who are you, you aren't on any database," Halsey asked?

"My name is Kyle George, I was born in New York, New York." Kyle stated as he looked at her. "But this is were you will not believe me." Kyle answered.

"What I need to know," Halsey asked as Mendez entered the room wanting to know who this kid who overpowered him and two guards was.

"I was born in 1992…your lives are all parts of books and games where I came form." Kyle stated hoping they would believe him.

"Do you have proof," Mendez asked?

"Here, Kyle answered as he took out his wallet and gave them his driver's licenses and student card.

"I….I still can't believe this." Halsey stated in disbelief.

"No, but I can tell you stuff….here…here is where the SPARTAN II Program is going on, your Doctor Catherine Halsey, you meet John on Eridanus II and got his attention using a quarter….wait what year is it." Kyle asked?

Mendez and Halsey just looked at him, how did he know that it was all classified. "It's 252.," Mendez answered.

"Then you just lost contact with Harvest." Kyle answered.

"But…alternate reality." Halsey stated.

"Well we can't give him over to ONI…they kill him or worse." Mendez said.

"No but I did find something…he is a match." Halsey stated.

"So we could make up some background." Mendez stated.

"It's your choice." Halsey stated as she looked at Kyle. "Become a Spartan or ONI." Halsey finished.

"I'll…I'll do it, not like I have another choice." Kyle stated.

"Alright I'll get you ready for the tests and implants…Mendez you can take care of his new Identity…today Kyle George is gone, here stands Kyle-050." Halsey stated as she left the room.

As a few days went by Kyle didn't know what he was getting himself into, as he laid down on the table he was bald and just about to go into surgery IVs were in his and the sedative was starting to take affect. "Doc just remember John is…John is…are las…" Kyle said as he slowly fell asleep.