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Halo: A New Spartan
Posted By: George3222<fatguy_500@yahoo.com>
Date: 14 May 2010, 4:00 am

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Author's Note: I don't own anything from Halo but my OC's and trust me there are about two and one doesn't come in until a long time.

Sum: A high school student is sent to the Halo universe and try's to change the outcome of the war for the better.

Halo: A New Spartan
Prologue: The cost of Friendship

Kyle looked up from his AP Biology book to see it was three o clock in ten minutes. As the time in his class finally ended, his teacher reminded her class to finish up chapter 12 before Monday.

As Kyle grabbed his thing from his locker he saw that someone left a note taped to the inside. "Who got in here?" he thought as he read the note.

I been thinking this over for sometime and I have finally come up with your answer…yes I go to the dance with you.
Love, April

As the worlds repeated in his head, he didn't know if he should jump for joy or go and kiss her now. "Hey what's this?" A voice asked from behind him as the note was taken from his hands and into the hands of his friend Andy.

"Well George you finally asked her and to top it off she said yes,." Andy stated as he read the note.

"Hey thanks man." Kyle answered as he threw his backpack over his shoulder.

Kyle and Andy had been friends since they were three. They did everything together when they were kids, but as time past Andy became the all-star running back and one of the most popular kids in school. Kyle on the other handed was the big defensive tackle who did people would rip on when he was not around.

"You know you could have just gone with my cousin, she has been talking about you since we won State." Andy stated as the two walked through the halls to the exits.

"No…I mean she is nice and all but, she isn't my cup of tea." Kyle answered as he opened the door for Andy as the two walked to their cars.

"So you're coming over tonight right?" Andy asked as the two reached their cars.

"Ya…I guess." Kyle answered as he looked to see his Halo books in his backpack as he set it in the passenger seat.

"Alright see you at eight." Andy said as he got into his car and began the drive home.

"Ya see you later." he answered as he got in his Jeep and drove away from the high school.

As the high school Senior drove down the road he saw the one thing he didn't want to see, bullies picking on some kid. Kyle pulled over, grabbed his backpack, and ran up to the bullies.

"Leave that kid alone." he yelled as he ran up to the two small sophomores. They looked up and ran as they saw the 6'2" 234 pound Linemen running at them up..

"You ok?" he asked helping the kid up.

"Ya…thanks." the kid said as he looked up to see Kyle.

"Hey your number 50." the kid cried as he began to smile.

"Ya." Kyle answered surprised to see someone know who he was.

"I watch your games at the high school all the time." the kid said as he began to run home. "I got to tell my mom I met you," he said as he ran off.

"Wow…didn't think anyone watched the D line." Kyle stated as he scratched his head.

As he began to walk back to his car a found that on the ground three yellow rings appeared around him.

"What…are these?" he asked as his backpack disappeared.

Kyle tried to run be he soon found himself slowly disappearing as well.

Kyle awake to find himself in a hallway with two ways forward or backwards.

"Hey doc, look at this." said Deja the ships A.I.

"What's wrong Deja?" Doctor Catherine Halsey asked as she looked at the A.I.

"They was a strange radiation spike in section G sub section7." Deja answered.

"The Spartans, are they ok?" Halsey yelled.

"Yes, but from what I can tell there is someone wondering the medical wing as we speak." Deja answered.

"Get a team down there now we might have rebels." Mendez ordered as he looked at the screen to see it was a boy. "Wait he broke in?" Mendez stated puzzled.

"Well let's go find out," Halsey answered as she walk out the door followed by Mendez.