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A Life on Sangheil Chapter 2: Wonderful News and Danger
Posted By: Erin Valtinson<ssvaltinson@msn.com>
Date: 13 June 2006, 7:20 pm

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Note: Hi, I'm glad that some people posted nice things, so I'd like to thank you.

Prophet of Healing Medical Center
      Mika' figited as she awaited the results of her pregnancy test.
      Finally an Unggoy nurse came forward. "Good news Miss Reighn," she began, "Your pregnancy test is positive. Your Hatchling will arrive in about seven months." she finished, handing Mika' a holopad with the results and other information on it.
      Mika' bowed her head in respect."Thank you very much,"
      The Unggoy left and Mika' stood up and smiled
with joy.
Hangar Bay of the Silent Dreamer
      Xana' had been ship side for the past week and a half. He stared silently out the window of his private quarters. Suddenly the holoprojector in the corner began to beep franticly.He went over to it and pressed a button.
      He was suprized to see Mika's form when the hologram materialized in front of him.
      "Hello," she crooned.
      "H-hello, Mika'. What is it?"
      "Well do you want to know?" she teased.
      Xana' huffed "Yes, I'd like to know,"
      "Okay, Xana',I'm pregnent!"
      Xana's mouth flopped open.
      "Yep that's right! Well I've got to go. Love ya, see ya, bye!" she said quickly befor hanging up.
      Xana' stood there in a daze.
      "Special," came Shoa's voice.
      Xana' turned around to see him standing in the door-way. "How'd you get in here?!" he barked.
      "I have my ways. So yer a father now, touching." he mocked.
      "Oh, shut up, Shoa'." Xana' hissed.
      Shoa' chuckled.
Two days later
Mika's hearts raced when she saw Xana' running up the outside stairs to their home.
      The next thing she knew was that Xana' was embracing her tightly.
      "Oh, Love," he said. "Is it a boy of a girl?" he asked with an anticipating look in his green eyes.
      Xana' paused for a moment to think. "I'd prefer a daughter,"
      "Then you're a very lucky father," Mika' giggled.
      Xana' wanted to squeeze Mika' until she popped, but he dare not try with her in such fragile condition.
Three Months Later Practitioners Office
      "Mika' you're unusually large considering you're only three months pregnent." began the Practitioner.
      Mika' frowned.
      "If you want I can take an x-ray to see if every thing's alright." he suggested.
      Mika' looked to Xana' for an answer.
      He nodded.
      Mika' left with the Practitioner, leaving Xana' to wait.
      A few minutes later Mika' returned with a smile on her face.
      "Well?" Xana' inquired.
      "Wonderful news, I'm okay and we're having twins."
      Xana' practicly fainted when she said this. "Twins?!" he gasped.
      "Yes, Prixamee, twins. Both female. However, there are some things that I must caution you about." said the Practitioner.
      "Like what?" asked Mika'.
      "Oh stuff like birth defects, complications, premature arrivals, etc."
      Mika' and Xana' sat through an hour of the Practitioners lectures, warnings and other stuff like that.
      Finally they were allowed to leave.
      "That was sooooooo boring moaned Xana'.
      "Oh well. At least there are only four more months to go." said Mika'.
      "I'll be gone most of the time, you know." Xana' added.
      "Why are you always gone?" Mika' asked.
      "I have to help the fleet, or what's left of it, clean up the remains of High Charity." he grumbled.
      "Oh well, at least you will be able to see the twins occasionally." she sighed.
One Week Later
Xana had once again been shiped out on short notice and was floating somewhere in the middle of space on the Silent Dreamer. He sat in the common room playing a strategy game with Shoa'.
"This sucks," he moaned flicking one of his pieces off the borde.
      "Stop your complaining. There's nothing else to do when travling through slipspace." said Xana'
      They both jumped when they heard an alarm go off.
      "Attention all personel, we have an intruder on borde. Please report to the nearest equipping station for your instructions." came a voice over the intercom.
      "An intruder?" said Xana' in a confused tone.
      "Finally some action!" cheered Shoa'.
      As Shoa' and Xana' raced to the equippng station they stopped suddenly.
      Directly in front of them stood a whorde of Brutes and Jackals.