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A Life on Sangheil Chapter 1: A New Life
Posted By: Erin Valtinson<ssvaltinson@msn.com>
Date: 9 June 2006, 1:13 am

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(I will put out the second chapter if you people out there like it. That means that over ten people need to tell me they like it!)

      Mika clicked her mandibles in annoyance. Her Mate, Half-Jaw, seemed to be perposely ignoring her.
      She walked up behind the chai he was sitting in and fliped his helmet down into his face.
      "Hey!" he growled.
      "You're not the only person in here, you know." Mika' hissed.
      Half-Jaw closed his book and turned to face Mika'.       She gasped. "I-I didn't know you got prothstetics," she murmured quietly.
      "It's okay, but the worst thing about getting jaw prothstetics is that they take forever to fit." he said reasuringly.
      "I guess I have to start calling you by your actual name, again." Mika' added as she sat down in a chair next to him.
      "Do you even remember it?" he inquired.
      "Xana' Prixamee. Amazing that I can remember that after three years."
      Xana' looked into Mika's deep blue eyes.
      Mika' blushed and looked away.
      "I missed you," he said suddenly.
Mika' looked back at him, suprized by his sudden use of emotion.
      "Hmmm? Oh! I missed you, too. Is it true the war is over?" she asked hopefully.
      Xana' sighed. "Yes, it is true. Now you and I are free to go back to Sangheil and raise a fammily like we had planed so long ago."
      "And what of High Charity and Truth?" questioned Mika'.
      "The Arbiter killed Truth and High Charity is nothing more than space dust." Xana' grined with glee.
      Mika' rested her head on Xana's armoured shoul-der. "Can we leave today?"
      "If you wish," he whispered.

Planet Sangheil
      "It's just as we left it," Mika' mused.
      "Yes, but soon the spare room will be occupied," added Xana'.
      Mika' giggled. "I'll have to set some time aside especially for that."
      Just as Xana' set down the crate he had been carrying down did the doors behind him slide open. "Shoa'?!" he gasped in disbeleife as he turned around.
      Shoa' Kalamee was still dressed in the Arbiter armour.
      "I thought you died when High Charity was destroyed!"
      Shoa' ripped off his helmet and tossde it to Xana'. "I guess I can't fulfill me duty as the Arbiter." chuckled Shoa'.
      "But-but how did you live?"
      "Between you and me I-Oh! And her, I found a Ranger suit."
       "Really?" inquired Mika'.
      "Of course not, I took one of the Phantoms that Tartarus left when he went to activate Halo." said Shoa'.
      "You didn't escape unscathed I see," pointed out Mika', noticing the large cut across Shoa's forehead.
      "Yeah, I won't be giving any greetinds for the next couple of days. Speaking of couples, is this your Mate, Xana'?" asked Shoa.
      "Yes," Xana' said pushing Mika' foreward.
      Shoa' bowed his head in respect. "Pleased meet your aquaintance, miss?"
      Mika' bowed her head in respect. "Reighn, as to you."
      "Well Xana' I think I'll leave you two to your-uh-'matters'"
      "What does he mean by'matters'" she ased as Shoa' left.
      "He's teasing." Xana' said as he sat down on large daybed intended for two.
      Mika' grabed a fruit and flopped down next to him.
      Xana' tried to grab the fruit from her.
      "If you want one go get one!" Mika' shoved the fruit between her mandibles as Xana' grabed her across the missection, disabling her arms.
      "Common Mika'," he urged, tiying to pry the fruit from her jaws.
      "No!" she laughed. Her eyes watered as Xana' tickled her stomach. "No don't! Stop!" she hollared. Mika' writhed in his arms and he laudged as the fruit fell to the floor and she sceamed and giggled.
      Mika' eventually rolled to the floor, her sides sore from laughing.
      Xana' scraped the fruit off the floor and began to peel off its fuzzy yellow skin.
      Mika hopped up onto his chest as he leaned back. "That wasn't cool,"
      "All is far in love and war," he cooly said.
      "Well that's not what I call a show of love,"
      "Oh well," he said flicking a tassal on her sleeve.
      Mika' grabed the fruit and hucked it out of the window, and lay down on Xana's chest.
      "I was planning on eating that,"
      "Yeah, I was before, but now all you ever think about is food, so I didn't get to eat it." Mika' said resting her 'chin' on her hands.
      "Which is what you should start thinking about more. My guess is you weigh less than half of what I do."
      "My guess is you weigh over 350 pounds, right?"
      "True, but unlike Shoa', I'm all muscle." boasted Xana'.
      'Uh-huh. Sure. Then what's this?" she mocked poking a soft spot on his stomach
      Xana' grabed her hand and bumped foreheads with her. "I love you,"