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The Sniper Hill Series Chap 1-4
Posted By: {Ekho} Alpha<ekhoalpha@yahoo.com>
Date: 3 October 2006, 6:46 pm

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The Master Chief, John-117. The most respected of all the Spartans. The rest of us: Grace-059, Maria-062, Jenna-109 and me Riley-497. We are the latest and the last of the Spartans. When doctor Hasley left for the O.N.I. the Covenant attacked. Our training was cut short in order to help fight the Covenant. Me and the rest of my Spartan sniper squadron sent to the Athens to protect Earth from attack, but when we got news that the covenant found Earth, we were sent to Falujah; The City that replaced Baghdad in 2341 after it was destroyed in 2009 by a nuclear war head ordered my George Bush. While putting my armor on Jenna shouted "Riley, get out here! It's the Chief!" She always said that when we had to get to HQ for orders. But this time she wasn't lying. I walked out of my tent strapping my chest plate to the power supply with my helmet in hand. "Jenna stops saying that because you're bored. I know he is not really her- Master Chief Sir!" I saluted the chief with but I forgot that I didn't have my helmet on and nearly knocked my own head off. "At Ease Sargeant; are you in charge here?" he said in awe realizing that we were the last living Spartans beside Linda who escaped with doctor Hasley. "Yes sir this is my team." I looked around and wondered why Grace, Maria, and Jenna weren't at attention. "No need for formality Riley. We are like family all of us Spartans. But we need your team on the Genocide ASAP. We have some new allies for our fight against the Covenant."

I strapped on my helmet and grabbed my Sniper Rifle. I saw the pelican was about to take off so I ran and jumped into the pelican bay as the landing gear went up. "Glad you could make it Riley." Jenna said in a kind of a sarcastic way. Half way to the Genocide there was a flash brighter than lighting. The pilot of the pelican screamed "Plasma Cannon!! Everyone get down and hold tight!" The pelican was hit. The plasma blew the pelican off track and the straps holding me in broke. I fell near the exit bay of the pelican and something whacked me in the back of the head. The last thing I saw there was my rifle falling out of the pelican. When I woke up I shot up off the bench and felt a sharp pain in my arm. I looked around and realized I was in a medical bay charred with blood and ash. An odd voice sounded like it was behind me suddenly announced "Welcome to the Genocide. Or at least what's left of it." I jolted my head around and saw that there was no one there. "Oh my apologies" I then saw a holographic image of doctor Hasley appear on my Heads-up Display. "Can it be? Can it really be you Dr.Hasley?" I stood in awe wondering if it is real. "Negative Riley; I am merely a holographic AI Construct built by her. My name is De'ja." I didn't know that Constructs could project their image on a HUD. "Would you happen to know where Dr.Hasley is?" I announced wondering if she was even alive. She was like a mother to us; Even though our real parents are probably dead due to the Covenant. "Negative. She erased my memory and left me in here aboard your armor. That whack in the head restarted my subroutines. So I have been dormant in your helmet for 10 years." That speech made me realize that if here memory erased, how does she know? "Where are the others?" I stood up and started walking out the medical bay doors. "In the bridge trying to get some power and weapons systems back online." De'ja announced inside my helmet a bit too loud. "Show me the ships schematics on where I am and where the bridge is and find the fastest route." NAV points popped up.

The lights inside the corridors of the ship flickered back to life with a loud humming noise. Suddenly, the ship rocked almost knocking me to my feet." De'ja! Damage assessment!" I was screaming for no apparent reason. "No damage. They got the ships systems back online. We need to get to the bridge."
For some reason the master chief announced on the comm. "Riley get to Cryo station A. get there and unseal all of the cryo tubes. Some of the crew survived." I ran to the cryo station and entered the command codes written behind a clipboard. All the cryo tube opened except for one. I ran down the catwalk and jumped onto the unopened cryo tube. I stood there in awe just staring at its lifeless body. "Chief you better get up here."

The chief broke down the doors with his armor plated fists. "What is it Riley?" too shocked for words I just pointed at the body. The Chief just walked to the cryo tube muttering something I couldn't hear. "This can't be. I thought she died." The lifeless corpse jolted out of the cryo tube and grabbed the nearest weapons she could find. The once lifeless Spartan fired a round into the chief faceplate but luckily the shields were on. The Spartan was about to fire a second round just before it realized who it was shooting at. It ran up to the chief as it dropped its weapon and suddenly hugged him. I thought I was going to vomit inside my helmet until I heard it say "John they took her. They took Dr.Hasley. There was nothing I could do." The chief hugged it back. Then I was sure I was going to barf inside my helmet. "It's alright Linda. We will get her back. All of us. This is Riley. He is the leader of the new S.S.T.'s. He is just like me. In an odd sort of way. You will have to group with them. And don't worry. You will have your own 4 mile patch of land to cover."