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Letter of a Corpsman: The First One
Posted By: (ENS) Rabid_Gallagher<anthony.peter.davis@gmail.com>
Date: 10 December 2009, 8:31 pm

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"Hello, and you're back on the air with Dallas Richards on UNSC XTZC's Rockin' Airways! Normally, I'd play some flip music for you belters out there, but we have a special program that I think fits much better with the somber mood here at XTZC. It's a letter from a well-known corpsman by the name of Gunny Michelle Farrior, her letter provided by her husband. We have famous holo-voice actress Paula F here reading it off for you, so, enjoy listeners."

My Dearest Randy;

Today was my first real engagement with the Covenant. You were right about them. They are nothing like us at all. I never would have expected them to cut down helpless soldiers, but my thoughts of total war have completely changed.

One minute, I'm in a dropship with soldiers who are smiling and talking to their comrades about how they will best the inferior Covenant warriors. They looked so sure of themselves, all grinning and laughing. Like a sort of bond between a family of brothers. But then next they're screaming as we're dropping into the trenches of a combat zone. There was plasma fire all around the trenches, some of them struggled to fight back, some of them fighting correctly with cover and proper discipline…some of them foolishly thinking they were invincible and acting like a holovision super hero. You can't save those men; I didn't even bother. I merely ran from one wounded soldier to the next, trying to do my duty.

It's hard, Randy, to concentrate on one singular soldier and then have to stop to try to save another. Especially when you see a teenager die. God, Randy, it's so terrible I'm fighting tears to write this to you. It's like watching raw potential being taken by something that has no such thing as a soul. It's not only depressing and sad, but anger fulfilling as well. I saw a wounded Sergeant who saw a young boy shot in the head next to him. In one moment, he went from despair to anger, shooting madly into the Covenant approaching the trench. Death seems to be the fuel for courage, at least out here in Hell.

I have a feeling this war won't end with one side standing over the other triumphant and then planting a flag and leaving. This war will only end with the total annihilation of the other race.

I don't want to talk about my experiences, though. It was scary as I was fighting for my life, it's even harder to remember them.

Randy, do me a favor. No matter what happens, when you see a letter that has be describing events that happen on my side of the Galaxy, please burn it. I don't want the memories of you and I in Kansas farm fields being overroded by my sad descriptions of war and horror out on the edges of Human space.

How are you? I got your letter, by the way. It was very sweet of you to say those wonderful things. Makes me remember how much I love you. How are you doing at your new job? I would figure the Office of Naval Intelligence is full of odd people who are nothing like the Marines you and I know too well at 31st MIG. Have you seen Melinda? I heard from the grapevine that she got a new job working as an analyst with the Army folks.

I want you to write back. I need someone who knows what's happening to me to give me comfort. And with you, it's like soul food.

Mmm, you have no idea how much I miss your touch. I still have that Hawai'i volcano charm you gave me; it's taped to my dogtags. You were wearing that silly blue Hawaiian shirt, and I was wearing the matching purple one. We were on the cliffside watching the lava empty into the ocean…I remember it really well. I wouldn't have if I wasn't with you, Randy.

I'll put in a petition for leave, but, do me another favor and don't affect it's process. I know the position you hold gives you a lot of power, but don't flex it. If the UNSC needs me here, then it needs me here.

Anyways, please write to me. I need someone to know what I'm going through.


Misses Michelle Farrior

"And there you have it, folks. Seems like love and honor still exist. After the commercial break, we'll talk to Mister Farrior, where he'll read off another letter. Then, at 1130 hours, we'll play Hot Work's new single. Until then, I'm Lance Corporal Henderson, and I'm waiting, for you."