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Spectre: The Hydorian Conflicts: End of Prologue
Posted By: (ENS) Rabid_Gallagher
Date: 23 June 2006, 6:21 am

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      "Wolf?" Lukas asked, in his Germanic accent that rather was forced off his tongue. His voice procured over the radio at a mild tone, but somewhat surprised Wolf. He tapped Nova's shoulder, giving her the signal to stop in the Medical Bay, the room they were currently in, as he grabbed his radio.
      "Yeah, Lukas?" Henderson replied in a barely audible whisper, which explained him holding the radio close to his mouth. Nova slumped into a crouching position, her Covenant Carbine snug into her shoulder as she kept the watch in front of them, which happened to be the operating room.
      "Me and Lancaster here found another dead body. Brute, and it's brains are missing like the rest of them. I don't know if this is a relief, or something like a harbinger of things to come."
      "I'm not liking this either. Me and Nova are checking on the Medical Bay. What is your position?"
      "Deck twelve. Mechanical Engineering."
      "All teams, report."
      "This is Razak. Rico and Gossard are keeping watch down by the main doors; Davis is going into the Secondary Medical Bay, while Brutto and myself are in the Officer's Lounge."
      "This is Zander. Me and Holtz are coming up on the Hanger Deck…Entering the main hanger now, will report when inspection is complete."
      "Roger that, Chief." He deactivated his radio, then looked at Nova. With a simple notion with his head towards the Operating Room, Nova moved silently towards the door. With a kick of her leg, she bashed the door opened as Henderson followed suit. His own weapon was trained upon the area in front of him, but even his senses told him to stop as he viewed the scene in front of him.
      The huge beast he saw in the microfilm of the jungle run was eating upon a human body. To Luke's eyes, he was chewing with his giant vertical pincers upon the body of a dead doctor, his pale and open stare frightening the pair while they viewed the hole within his head.
      Luke, almost immediately regaining his senses, then fired upon its back. The fire erupted from his BR55's barrel into the back of the beast, which almost immediately turned around in a complete one eighty degree turn. This was when Luke met his eyes with the one, ugly and black eye that the creature had. With a roar, it then broke into a sprint as it sprained across the room.
      Nova, with one shot, fired a small round into the eye of the beast. The way she was standing was at a certain enough angle to fire one of the rounds straight into the brain of the beast. In mid-run it collapsed in front of Luke, toppling over as it slammed into a table, knocking over the chemical components that were upon it.
      The body began to melt under the volatile chemicals, but Luke was not minding that as he slumped down towards the floor, his body feeling exhausted.
      "Are you alright, Luke?" Nova asked, extending out her hand to help him up. Luke, nodding in the affirmative, grabbed the hand as she pulled up. He was back on his feet, but then clicked on his radio
      "Lancaster here. Lukas is out cold, and we fought one of those things from the video file…It takes one burst into the optical region, and it's down."
      "We found that out too. Is he okay?"
      "This is Davis, heading for your position pronto. Wolf, I suggest we prep one of the Pelican's in the launch bay."
      "Sound advice, Davis. Holtz, did you…"
      Suddenly, Holtz's voice cut through the radio static, his radio being more powerful."I did, Commander. Mister Jackson and Jonah are bringing up the Arckangel, and Chief Thompson is currently providing cover fire while I am bringing him i—
      "Damn bugs! Come get some! Come get some!"
      Wolf looked at Nova, and the shared glance of a mission completed went through their eyes. Wolf then doubled clicked his microphone, making it an all unit TAC-COM.
      "This is Commander Henderson, to all Spectre and Roughneck units. The mission is a success, and we are extracting…now! Get to Deck Two, and into the Hanger Bay. Only one entrance, and we should be able to hold them off there!" He said, turning off his communication's tab as he looked at Nova.
      The Elite was on her knees, with a medical saw as she quickly cut into the skin of the beast itself. Taking a vial, she took the dripping green blood that was slowly oozing out of the saw cut, and had the dripping blood ooze into the vial itself. She looked over to Henderson with a nodding look, as she was standing up with the vial now in one of her protective suit pockets.
      "Mission Accomplished. Let's get the hell out of here…"

      "Get down!" Lancaster yelled, while Jonah instinctually jumped to his stomach as bullets from Lancaster's Assault Rifle Mark 2 shot out into the eye of one Bug who happened to be behind Jonah. The frail pilot looked up at Lancaster, who grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him back into the large Hanger Bay. One Bug followed, which caused its death by Lancaster as bullets, again, shot out into its eye.
      "Jesus, Flyboy! You're gonna get yourself killed!" Lancaster roared, pushing him into the Troop Bay of the Arckangel, as he fired off rounds from his rifle onto the charging enemy. In the back of the Arckangel, near the cockpit itself was Davis hooking the onboard IV to Lukas. A groan escaped his lips, a large wound from his stomach bled slowly.
      "Where in God's name is Henderson?!" Lancaster bellowed, turning his head towards Razak, his rifle reading empty. Lancaster, ignoring Razak's "I don't know!" threw his Mark 2 at one of the advancing Bugs in a hooked arc, causing the butt of the rifle to slam into its eye. It reared up, falling backwards as Luke and Nova entered the Hanger Bay. They were firing widely, shooting the Bugs while the rest of the team cleared the way ahead of them.
      Nova fell to the ground, tripping over a dead Bug's corpse as she was dead-sprinting down the access-way. Wolf, seeing her fall, immediately about faced and grabbed her forearm, jerking her upwards as he pushed her into the troop bay. Grabbing onto the rail on the port side of the troop bay, he used his other hand to fire off rounds into the Bugs below.
      The Arckangel flew into an ascent pattern, as Lancaster pulled Henderson in before the bay doors closed tightly, making the hold air tight. The men sighed and relax themselves, knowing a mission completed was always a good feeling. Vladimir sat on one of the chairs, while Rico sat right next to him. Razak and the rest of the Roughnecks sat next to each other, so Wolf and Lancaster made a beeline next to Rico.
      "This is Daniel Jackson. I want to inform you on a job well done, and a possible three day pass once you arrive back at Sanctuary. Good job, boys. Let's hope we do better next time out." The voice of Daniel spoke in their communication's hub, causing a few whoops and cheers.
      For Wolf, it was just another day on the job.

      UNSC Skynet Battle Station
      Planet Sanctuary; Systech Corp Design. Number: GQ-756635
      Troop Battalions: 5
      UNSCMC/UNSCN Combined Station
      2:56 USNC-Delta Time

      The debriefing room was cold, unforgiving, and at the very least quite down right scary. At least, that's how it is always for David Lancaster. He sat in his chair, along the long and yet skinny table that lead up to Lieutenant Commander Gallagher, Lieutenant Razak, and Admiral Donovan Hugh. Hugh was a quiet and somewhat odd man, when Lancaster looked upon him, at least. His face was emotionless, yet his eyes darted across the room, looking for something to take his eyes and just place them on.
      "Mission was accomplished, thanks to Wolf and Nova on their quick thinking. We got the information that we needed, but that was the good news. Admiral?" Gallagher began the briefing, but Hugh stood up, and coughed.
      "Two days ago, we found a planet within former Covenant-held space that was, under the Office of Naval Intelligence, covered with trillions upon trillions of those beasts you found upon Hydoria. The planet is now under quarantine, and we have alerted the populace through Section II's propaganda campaigns."
      "You think it's wise to alert the populace about this super-bug?"
      "Good question, Lieutenant Harrison. And yes, we think we can. Here…" Hugh spoke, taking out his briefcase. Placing it upon the table and flipping open the switches, the briefcase snapped open. He took out a picture of a long, elegant ship in high orbit around the planet Hugh mentioned. The planet had a purple atmosphere, but huge rolling fields of black were present.
      "Sir, those black fields, are they…"
      "Arachnids. Yes. That ship is another one of those things, except for the fact that it loaded and unloaded Arachnid warriors on a few more planets near Sol. We're going to stop this threat right now, and we can't keep it a secret for long. Someone always blabs, and someone will. We're alerting the Praxium Protectorate, and we shouldn't have a trash bag of allies in this war."
      "Thank you, Admiral Hugh. Spectres, Roughnecks, get some sleep. Have fun, contact your families. I'm giving you two weeks leave to do this, then we head out for war."