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You Know My Name: Intermission: Adbridged Lies
Posted By: (ENS) Rabid_Gallagher<rabid_masterchief@hotmail.com>
Date: 24 January 2008, 3:26 pm

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764-978-128 incongruity

      "Colonel, he's getting smarter. Every time I try to get close to him it's like he knows. Hell, he called up Commodore Reinfield, who heads up the Judiciary Committee and tried to get Zero labeled Section Nine! I don't know how long we can protect Zero and his operations out in combative territory."
      "I agree, sir. The more and more that bastard pulls on him, the more and more he gains. I say we do a preemptive strike. Assassination, probably"
      "No, I don't think that's wise. Even though Ackerson is despicable, he still is human. And he's loyal to the core, even if he puts himself first sometimes. No, I got a better idea."
      "Well, what do you think? I mean, if you want to, I got one of the best human snipers in the Galaxy on one of my teams. Just say the word, and I can have her ready."
      "Commander, I agree with General Lambert here. It sounds too close for all of us if James continues to operate the way he is. As Citizens we cannot allow it. He's loyal, too loyal."
      "We created the Citizenry for a reason, gentlemen. We don't go about and assassinating people because they're a hindrance. Not even communists do that."
      "Yes they do."
      "Not the point, Victor."
      "It doesn't matter. I say that Operation BELLAPHRON continues as planned. Cerberus has reported all is well on Hades Prime."
      "Wait. I think we got breach!"
      "Internal, or external?!"
      "Security's reporting someone hacking into system exhert two three zero."
      "Two three zero…General, that's your office!"

remove all security profile files
send all communication folders to regiment

reboot system
User C disconnected


      2540, Hades Gamma, Cerberus System
      Riedel Military Headquarters
      Caricana Continent
      Deep Space Transmission and Signal Array
      Operating Room 3

      "The Office of Naval Intelligence is two different branches. One is tactical espionage, involving all manners of black operations, special operations, assassinations of key rebel and pirate personnel, and security detail on high clearance projects in conjunction with HIGHCOM. Simple stuff, you know." An officer, dressed in the Navy Working uniform, addressed a room full of enlisted and officers sitting in rows of seats. The room was nominal, a simple white briefing room, and the double suns were just setting on the horizon.
      "The other one, arguably the most important, is our job. SIGNIT, Prowler, and Surveying Intelligence and Operational Contingency, but SIOC is likely to be absorbed into SIGNIT. We're the Signal Corps, gentlemen. Your backgrounds are almost all electronic warfare or intel gathering, the stuff that our jobs are made out of." The officer spoke with a drawl, his voice smooth but crispy in places that seemed to be more of a colonial upborn than anything. The nametag bore the name of 'Dobbs'.
      "But, remember when I say this: Our leadership always depends on loyal and astute individuals. But they also depend on the blood of patriots, the blood of traitors, and most certainly the blood of enemies. During your operations here at the DSTSA you will see things and hear things that will need to be reported. Do it. Do not hesitate. Often, the fate of the Galaxy will be decided on your actions."
      "We will not, sir!" The entire room shouted, in unison, the command given by err of whisper. The officer, wearing the rank of Major, nodded and smiled at the rest of the group. The door opened, and a man pushed a cart full of laptopic computers into the room.
      "I know you won't."

      2552, Hades Gamma, Cerberus System
      Riedel Military Headquarters
      Caricana Continent
      Deep Space Transmission and Signal Array
      Operating Room 3

      "And he says, look, I got a dragon in my pants! Pulls down his pants, and then realizes that his underwear actually isn't on! Can you see the look on Colonel Dobbs' face?!" A loud-mouthed computer and signal engineer told the woman next to him, his spectacles resting on the bridge of his nose in front of his computing station. The woman next to him, her red hair in a ponytail and freckles upon her cheeks, snorted with him on his humor. The man in question, sitting behind them with his long black hair in a knot, merely shook his head and continued to compute data that was streaming in from OPA/AS-001, the operating name for Operational Presenting Area/Ark Space 001.
      The door opened, and in stepped Colonel Henry Dobbs, a modern briefcase in his right hand.
      "Alright, people, we got new information. The Elite ship Shadow of Intent has left system carrying Colonel Gallagher's Marine forces. We've yet to hear anything else. Miranda, anything else coming in on HIGHCOM's secure channels?"
      The redheaded communication expert slid her chair back over back to the computing table, her green eyes tracing over lines of communication ciphers and signals.
      "No, sir. Stuff that would take too long to decipher and I think… Wow, data spike! Translating…it's all involved in some sort of ONI Section III operation somewhere in the Cerberus system."
      "Hmm? I don't remember anything about some operation in the Cerberus system." Colonel Dobbs said out loud, the rest of the operators' attention caught as he walked over to the redheaded technician. His green uniform, which any UNSC R&D officer wears while on duty, creased along his natural movement, as if it was tailor-made to his body. His green combination cover hid his brown hair, cut low, like any normal officer. His face even appeared to look normal, once handsome but now aged.
      "All of the information is concerning some…Woah."
      "What is it, Eric?"
      "I got a shit-ton of logs, data, even vid-docs of briefings coming in!"
      "Isolating the signal…I got it. I don't know that operating code, but those identification signals are definitely ONI."
      "Definitely. That's ONI Central, alright. Looks like the Langley Branch."
      "What does the Langley Branch do?" One of the newer recruits, a blond haired woman, asked out loud.
      "Counter-terrorism and Special Deterrent Operations."
      "Special…deterrent operations?"
      "Black Ops." Colonel Dobbs answered the recruit's question as he viewed over the data.
      "Seems to be centralized. Most of it appears to mention some sort of 'Operation Bellaphron.'"
      "The ancient rider of Pegasus."
      Colonel Dobbs had a worried look on his face.
      Pegasus…Pegasus…Do they mean the Pegasus system? Or do they mean…
      "What's the matter, Colonel?"
      "I need a quick-send relay to Ackerson, now!"

      A man walked down the hallway leading out of General Erwin Lambert's office, wearing only the cleaning uniform of a plumber, before he sharply turned left and into another office. He quickly took out a brush and scrub, and acted as if he was cleaning photo-still holders and frames, a normal janitor from a distance. Behind him, as he cleaned, a few security officers and three higher ranked men ran past the door towards General Lambert's computer, as if they would try to catch the man in action.
      The man, in clean plumbing gear, smiled to himself as he ran out of the room after they entered the General's private office, sprinting down the hallway and quickly darting into another one. As he ran, he took off the overcoat to reveal a Marine BDU set, equipped with webbing on his belt and a taser, and then quickly decreased his speed to a slow jog.
      User C smiled, again, at a female worker who nodded to him as he walked past her. She reciprocated. They never would know.