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You Know My Name: Intermission
Posted By: (ENS) Rabid_Gallagher<rabid_masterchief@hotmail.com I swear to God, one more penis enlarger ad...>
Date: 3 January 2008, 5:28 pm

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      "Why, again, did you draw us here? To conspire? To delegate?! Why must you continue this petty discussion, Colonel? The answer is no. The follow-up is no. The recurring, recurring, answer will and always will be no. Why do you think I am here with them, instead of you? I got a few words for you, Robert. Stay. The. Fuck. Away. One more incident and it's the end for all of us."
      "You think I am afraid of you? You think I am worried about how some Special Operations commander will do to me after I have you court-marshaled and sent to some prison planet on the outer reaches of the Galaxy? I don't even need the Council's authority for this."
      "Too bad. I am in command of this mission, Colonel. Get your hands off."
      "Or what?"
      "Your family."
      A drip of silence.
      "What are you implying?"
      "I think it would be very easy for, let's say, some rogue officer that you knew comes to your house and kills your wife and your daughter. Let's also say that this officer goes underground and eventually comes back, with a clean slate. It happens in every day life, Colonel. I suggest you watch it."
      Silence drips again.
      "Fine. Have it your way. Your men are officially part of the operation. But don't ever threaten my family. Ever."
      The transmission ended.
      Colonel James Ackerson smiled as he leaned back in his chair, his fingers overlapping with simple slowness, a tiger's stalk, a vulture's eternal patience. He was definitely right, of course: He would of gotten the informal permission, whenever Operative Zero would given it to him or he would of gotten it from Zero's cold dead hands.
      It's just politics.
      "Colonel Ackerson?"
      His finger pressed hard on the intercom button.
      "Admiral Romanov is here to see you."
      "Which one?"
      "Admiral Valentina Victorivich Romanov. Sir."
      "Oh, send her in!"
      A short moment later, the door opened. Standing in the hallway was a tall woman, her hair white but her skin young. As if she had almost died of fright. Her dark irises were the most golden color that Ackerson had really seen before: video communication did her no justice. She was wearing the Service Dress uniform, her combination cover tucked under her left arm.
      "Ackerson, I'll keep this short." She spoke in a heavy, Russian accent. He smiled at how she pronounced his last name: gave a sexy feel to it.
      "No problem, Admiral."
      "Why must you behassel my men?"
      Behassel? What the fuck does that mean?
      "I never meant to behassel your men, Admi---"
      "Yes. Yes, you did. I overheard your conversation when I contacted my team's commander. One more incident, Colonel. And you're out."
      "I always find ways to get back, Admiral Romanov."
      "Not with a bullet in your head." She spat her words out, her tone very low, before she gave an about face and walked out of Ackerson's office. He mused to himself, the smile gone, his gaze at the floor. She actually threatened him, him, the Chairman of his department, and it was supposed to be funny. But then again, how did she know about Zero?
      Ackerson smiled to himself as he pulled out the master control for the recording devices, and he thumbed the tri---
      It wasn't there!
      Who the fuck took my damn…
      "Get me HIGHCOM's Chairman of Judical Operations, Melinda."
      "Right on it, sir."
      A beep.
      "This is Commodore Reinfield. How can…Ackerson! How can I help you today?"
      "I'll keep it short, Lukas. I need you to remove Colonel Robert Anthony Gallagher, callsign Zero, from any sort of legal status. I got a letter from him stating that he's gone rogue and he's forcing Commander Keyes to continue her operation."
      "Are you sure?"
      "Yes, positive."
      "It's a shame. Robert always got things done. Are you planning to host trial or kill him outright?"
      "Does it matter?"
      "I don't want to remove all of it if you're just going to arrest him. Looks too suspicious."
      "Oh. Well, remove it all then."
      "Okay. Have a nice day."
      The transmission ended.

      Commodore Lukas Reinfield smiled to himself as he looked at what he did. Next to Ackerson's name was a LSR signature, and then his name next to it written in a legible cursive. The dark haired Bavarian leaned back in his chair and looked behind him, to the television screen of a man nodding in agreement, before that fased out of existence.
      Lukas could only hope Ackerson had enough friends to keep him save.
      "You owe me one, Gallagher."