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A God Among Demons: Prologue
Posted By: (ENS) Rabid <anthony.peter.davis@gmail.com>
Date: 20 August 2009, 11:06 pm

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      TIME SENT: 08/06/54 13:45
      ADD: Doctor Elizabeth Cummings, Head Scientist, GHOUL
      FRO: General Michael Doogan, Commanding Officer, GHOUL
      SUBJ: “Scratch the SS Program”

            Doctor Cummings;

From what we gathered in Force LI trials, all subjects bearing the strengthened DNA strand ‘PHOBOS’ have shown not only improved strength and agility, but startling behavioral problems that stem from the virus-like DNA intrusion. Even though the scientific community harbors a ‘test subject survival’ policy, I have to imploy the UNSC’s policy on test subjects who seem violent enough to deem the safety of the rest of the science team involved with the project at risk.

Don’t worry, Elizabeth, I’ll make sure it’s humane. We’ll even hold funerals.

I have to regretfully inform you, however, that we will have to scratch the Super Soldier program in its entirety. All of the funding for that type of project is going right into Section III’s pet project. I have no idea what, but we can’t find the funding. However, the UNSC Funding Committee has decided that our armor and training regimes are still developed enough for continued funding and testing.

The GHOUL soldier will have to be scrapped. The armor, though, is still in plan of action.

We will have to decrease a lot of the variables in the armor hydraulic system (I’m still thinking we can change it to the new nanodraulic systems that LCBNT has been developing for the past couple of years) and maybe switch over some sub-programs to work with the overall system, but I’m confident in your abilities and your staff to get it done.

To answer the question I’m certain you’ll ask; yes. We will receive test subjects for the armor once it passes safety regulations. They’re from an experimental search and rescue unit.

And I am not letting you say no on the soldier program itself. This is my decision, but the benefits for it are healthy for you as well.

Apparently, not only will funding increase, but so will your salary.

That’s my report. You know my number to get ahold of me, Doctor.

General Michael Doogan


      TIME SENT: 08/07/54 07:15
      ADD: General Michael Doogan
      FRO: Doctor Elizabeth Cummings, Head Scientist, GHOUL
      SUBJ: Concerning the Test Subjects


I protest.

I am to the point of fully invoking Article 28 on the subjects and having your hands cut fully from the process. Subjects A, B, C, and D still show full signs of humanity left from the DNA we found on Luyten 726-8 A’s second planet, codenamed ‘Ross 421’, even with seventy two hours since injection. I will still support the armor functionality software and construction program, but I will not give up on these men. It surprises me how easily you deject your own men.

But no, I will not ‘scrap’ the GHOUL program. I doubt that ONI wouldn’t support the effort if we, or I (as it seems), made a case to Colonel Ackerson about the validity of the program.

Not only that, but the work being done here with the Sanghelli is more than enough reason to keep this project a cross-species endeavor, and if we pull out on the genetic manipulation tests then the Sanghelli will have no reason to continue to work on the armor. I, for one, will not stand for this, General Doogan.

I am reminding you that the UNSC has placed us in charge of the development of the armor, and I'm not one to be bullied.

Expect the notice for the Article 28 interjection on Sunday.

Doctor Elizabeth Cummings


      TIME SENT: 08/09/54 16:23
      ADD: Doctor Elizabeth Cummings, Head Scientist, GHOUL
      FRO: Colonel James Ackerson, Commanding Officer, ONI
      SUBJ: RE: Concerning the Test Subjects

            Doctor Cummings;

I recently received not only an Article 28 notice from you on Sunday, but so did Genera; Doogan. He advised me to rule on the matter with his viewpoint of scrapping the program from the budget floor at the Force LI trials conducted with GHOUL Test Subjects A, B, C, and D. The understanding from my end, however, judging from your other tests, show a fifteen percent increase in anger control and management. Concerning the ‘nature’ of the GHOUL program, and what these test subjects are going through, I am actually inclined to allow you more budget control.

However, I have to remind you of the potential this program has to the UNSC. Not only is this a project on DNA transference but it is also one of the first Sanghelli and Human ventures. From what I gather, you have been assisting Biologist Nova Knhan fairly, with her work (to quote you) “fully supporting our interests in a way that surprises us and her own superiors in the Sanghelli scientific community”.

I will rein in on General Doogan and he will give you all of his support, but I need absolute results that will show not only us, but the Elites, that my faith in your work was well-placed.

You might receive more visitors from the Sanghelli, but don’t be alarmed by their presence.

Good luck, Doctor Cummings. I think you’ll need a lot to get this project working.

Colonel James Ackerson


      TIME SENT: 08/09/54 23:08
      ADD: Doctor Elizabeth Cummings, Head Scientist, GHOUL
      FRO: Colonel James Ackerson, Commanding Officer, ONI
      SUBJ: RE: RE: Concerning the Test Subjects


General Doogan just sent word on Subject F. If he is not found and detained I will cut this entire program. Not only is General Doogan responsible, but so are you. I stuck my neck out for you, now get him back!

Colonel James Ackerson